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30th of January, 2004, 11:25
Yes, times like this a dropout like me is starting to look good.

Ooooh yeah. :cool:

Cadogan Trahem
31st of January, 2004, 03:38
No, not really. Well maybe if you compare you to say Howard. Yea i'd vote for a Third Party.

31st of January, 2004, 09:39
Have you ever tried low-carb bread? If so, do you like it? I know I didn't. I took three bites of my pb&j and had to stop. Awful stuff that low-carb stuff.

31st of January, 2004, 10:33
Can't be as bad as low-fat American cheese. One bite of that and I had to throw it away.

31st of January, 2004, 10:47
Immitation Cheese like Products.

31st of January, 2004, 11:05
The first bite of imitation spam is ok. The second starts to naw at ya. Then the third if you dare go for the third...

Every read the label on one of these? "Partially defatted fatty tissue." What the fuck? How do you partially defat fat?
"Mechanically seperated chicken." Oh good now I have a humorous though cruel image in my head. What am I eating here?!

The Alcotroll
31st of January, 2004, 11:28
Haggis. I love the stuff. Possibly no-one else does though.

4th of February, 2004, 22:44
[Quit] - [pindy] - Reason: [QUIT: User exited]
<Sonof> Hey p
<Sonof> p
<Sonof> grr
<Sonof> .. my tab button is broken
<Sonof> jot
<Sonof> *joy
<Sonof> or not
<Sonof> that was a quit not a join
<Sonof> I'm just stupid
<Sonof> everyone type /clear

Cadogan Trahem
5th of February, 2004, 19:24
Said by myself to myself, prior to a huge gunfight in Grand Theft Auto 3

"To Quote a Shotgun, Chik-Chik!."

5th of February, 2004, 19:30
Originally posted by Cadogan Trahem
Said by myself to myself, prior to a huge gunfight in Grand Theft Auto 3

"To Quote a Shotgun, Chik-Chik!."

you're your own toughest critic

6th of February, 2004, 15:13
<shawnee> you guys are boring..
* Sonof stabs shawnee in the eye
<shawnee> ty :)
<Sonof> now rub a little salt in, and it will keep you entertained for hours ;)

Setzer Gabbiani
6th of February, 2004, 20:11
GIANT CLONED COMMUNIST SOLDIER KITTENS! (http://www.rathergood.com/laibach/)

13th of February, 2004, 20:35
Iudico fruitloop says:
my head is throbbing
Mike says:
Iudico fruitloop says:
I assume there is an army of irritated monkeys inside my skull, pounding on it in an attampt to escape

17th of February, 2004, 05:29
Gralhruk wrote on 17th of February, 2004 03:21:
On another note, I'm happy to see you post in my thread. Let's just say my threads are notorious for not attracting any attention whatsoever, and I'm quite pleased to see that I'm not the only one keeping this one alive.

It's like the constructive version of your Spotlight thread :).

itches wrote on 17th of February, 2004 03:26:
I'll thank you not to relate my spotlight thread with the concept of constructive again!

17th of February, 2004, 05:33
You just can't resist, can you?

17th of February, 2004, 05:36
Hey, you gave me an opening, what I was meant to do?

17th of February, 2004, 08:30
Word of advice.

If you ever find yourself fighting an undead creature with a shovel, and your companion has it pinned to the ground with a rake, do not just pummel the creature with the flat of the tool. Stab the damn thing!

Brought to by the coalition of people sick of incompetent undead fighters.

17th of February, 2004, 08:31
How will stabbing something that's already dead serve any better use than blungeoning it?

17th of February, 2004, 08:33
Taking off limbs make it not as deadly. While just failing only irritates the person who has it pinned, i.e me.

17th of February, 2004, 09:43
But beating at it gives takes more time and relieves more stress.

Setzer Gabbiani
17th of February, 2004, 10:08
And wanking it will put you on TV. The dead thing, that is.

I hereby call for the creation of the 99 club. All of us with member numbers of less than three digits are now better than you.

17th of February, 2004, 12:16
Let's not start this member nonesense again, yeah? It only leads to itches being better than me, and I just can't handle that.

17th of February, 2004, 18:21
Bah, like wang size I believe this is one of those situations where bigger is better.

At least that's what I keep telling myself...
... I want to be part of the club...

17th of February, 2004, 18:26
The bigger is better thing leads onto the number of posts people have, whch is another load of tripe.

17th of February, 2004, 18:54
Indeed people with low posting rates are obviously superior, futhermore posts should be short, late and incoherent.

Ceci n'est pas une pipe!

17th of February, 2004, 19:35
Originally posted by itches
The bigger is better thing leads onto the number of posts people have, whch is another load of tripe.

On an unrelated sidenote:
two of my housemates are wrestling for position of who annoys me more. Time to arrange some accidents...

18th of February, 2004, 00:42
Originally posted by itches
The bigger is better thing leads onto the number of posts people have, whch is another load of tripe.

Once more leading itches to being better than me. However, if we went on sheer volume of the posts that were made...I win.

18th of February, 2004, 01:04
Volume yes, but what about mass? How much is in each of your posts compared to itches that are not quotes? Or density, whatever the metaphor.

18th of February, 2004, 01:09
Let's just say that if words were people, Cadrius' posts are China.

18th of February, 2004, 05:26
You mean fragile?

18th of February, 2004, 05:32
They called me Mr GLASS!

18th of February, 2004, 20:33
<Sonof> back
<Sonof> eh-hem. I said 'back'
<PrOsThEtIcS> wb
<PrOsThEtIcS> im sorry
<PrOsThEtIcS> but
<PrOsThEtIcS> your very rude
<PrOsThEtIcS> eh-em
<PrOsThEtIcS> sitting in the nick list like your lady muck
<Sonof> harsh, but true
<PrOsThEtIcS> yup
<PrOsThEtIcS> i demand an apology aswell
<Sonof> I shall go kill one and present it to you stuffed then
<PrOsThEtIcS> ty

19th of February, 2004, 05:47
Captain capitalism says:
Iudico fruitloop says:
*shoots you, cleans the body, stuffs, then mounts on his mantle piece*
Captain capitalism says:
that's the best response i've had to that introduction
Iudico fruitloop says:
Captain capitalism says:
i usually just get a hi gaz

The Alcotroll
19th of February, 2004, 06:17
Most people don't dignify it with a response.

19th of February, 2004, 06:32

19th of February, 2004, 07:13

20th of February, 2004, 02:24
This thread has finally though not at all unexpectedly evolved in nothing but meaningless banter. And despite the parent forum's name meaning exactly that, we do not appreciate such threads. Locked.

This also serves as punishment for itches, who politely offered to willingly suffer it.

20th of February, 2004, 02:24
I wanna be a locksmith!

20th of February, 2004, 05:17
"As I bind, so can I loose- thus!"

20th of February, 2004, 09:10
[08:55] *** Sonof is now known as CareBear
[08:55] [Topic] - [hailie] [Wud Up Dawgz!?]
[08:57] <CareBear> that's horrible
[08:57] [Topic] - [CareBear] [What did you expect, flowers and lollypops?]
[08:58] <hailie> you're horrible
[08:58] <hailie> besides
[08:58] <hailie> its a joke you wouldn't understand
[08:59] <hailie> It was intended for someone
[08:59] <hailie> and that someone is not you
[08:59] [Topic] - [hailie] [Wud Up Dawgz!?]
[08:59] <CareBear> see, everyone can enjoy my topic
[08:59] [Deop] - [hailie] [CareBear]
[08:59] [Ban] - [hailie] [CareBear!*@*]
[08:59] [Ban] - [hailie] [*!*Raven@=yHi677-62-069-082.blktn1.nsw.optusnet.com.au]
[08:59] [Ban] - [hailie] [*!*@=yHi677-62-069-082.blktn1.nsw.optusnet.com.au]
[08:59] [Ban] - [hailie] [*!*Raven@*.blktn1.nsw.optusnet.com.au]
[08:59] [Ban] - [hailie] [*!*@*.blktn1.nsw.optusnet.com.au]
[08:59] [Ban] - [hailie] [CareBear!Raven@=yHi677-62-069-082.blktn1.nsw.optusnet.com.au]
[08:59] [Ban] - [hailie] [CareBear!*@=yHi677-62-069-082.blktn1.nsw.optusnet.com.au]
[08:59] [Ban] - [hailie] [CareBear!*Raven@*.blktn1.nsw.optusnet.com.au]
[08:59] [Ban] - [hailie] [CareBear!*@*.blktn1.nsw.optusnet.com.au]
[08:59] [Kick] - [hailie] [CareBear] at [#bah] Reason: [ [i do not like you]]
Session Close: Fri Feb 20 08:59:25 2004

Session Start: Fri Feb 20 08:59:30 2004
[08:59] [Join] - [CareBear - Raven@=yHi677-62-069-082.blktn1.nsw.optusnet.com.au]
[08:59] *** Topic is 'Wud Up Dawgz!?'
[08:59] *** Set by hailie on Fri Feb 20 08:02:11
[08:59] [Deop] - [ChanServ] [hailie]
[08:59] [Op] - [ChanServ] [CareBear]
[08:59] [Kick] - [CareBear] [hailie] at [#bah] Reason: [ I CANNAE KEEP YA IN THE CHAT CAPT'N! WE DUN HAVE THE POWER!! ( >_< ) Kick Count - 1193 People kicked! -D-a-r-k-s-i-d-e-]
[08:59] [Ban] - [CareBear] [*!*sdfunvr@*.tnt3.battle-creek.mi.da.uu.net]
09:00] [Topic] - [CareBear] [What did you expect, flowers and lollypops?]

My kick message was better :)

25th of February, 2004, 12:33
"There are many examples of this from my life. It lets me feel I'm in control. I don't often have that. Control is one of the reasons I like designing game worlds. I can create a wondrous and intricate universe, balanced and crystalline in its purity. I don't use them for gaming, because filthy gamers will ruin it. Filthy gamers ruin everything. Like the Internet ruins everything."

26th of February, 2004, 00:50
I feel so . . . dirty.

26th of February, 2004, 03:15
You know you like it.

27th of February, 2004, 20:35
[Quit] - [sassi] - Reason: [Connection Closed]
[Join] - [sassi - sowut@=plh-40-7-00-40.client.comcast.net]
<Sonof> Welcome Back
<sassi> ty Sonof :)
<sassi> wut was my quit message?
<Sonof> [Quit] - [sassi] - Reason: [I Am A Quit Message]

Cadogan Trahem
28th of February, 2004, 01:23
I was just reliving some old times in Morrowind, except with the Game of the Year version (i.e. the original plus both PC expansions in one set for one reasonable price) when I remebered how endangered level 1 characters are, a strong wind is all it takes and BOOM you're laying on the ground, grasping for breath as you cough up blood with your ONE hit point... desperately reaching for that health potion... and BOOM a Rat lays some smackdown on you!

Cadogan Trahem
28th of February, 2004, 01:25
On an unrelated note i've become Federated (points to his total posts!) and for my first act of independant rule I shall create the Blue Cadogan Policy!

*a Cookie to those who arn't Australian and get the joke*

28th of February, 2004, 03:22
Ah yes, Morrowind. Never have I played a game where you could run across a seemingly bare landscape only to be killed by a pack of monstrously deadly creatures. What the hell do they eat? As near as I can tell they couldn't support themselves in what could only be called a sparse environment.

I personally made it a point of mine to steal every single pillow in a town and mound them all up on a bed in a house I claimed for my own. My goal? To make the most comfortable bed...ever. As you might imagine the residents of the town were quite jealous.

28th of February, 2004, 04:26
Morrowind isn't good
don't spread evil lies about it being "fun"

The Alcotroll
28th of February, 2004, 05:48
Morrowind is amazing. You are tasteless. Silence is called for.

28th of February, 2004, 07:31
Morrowind looks horrid; it cannot be amazing NOR entertaining.

Any PC game should blow me away with graphics AND superb gameplay. I don't have a friggin supercomputer for nothing!!!

Cadogan Trahem
28th of February, 2004, 23:01
Actually you do, I figure that you probably have four times the Ram you need, and eight times the HDD space required. Your CPU is probably overclocked (and probably didn't need to be) and thus starts to predict your requirements before you even think of them yourself. So basically, you turn on your PC, and it loads a game and plays it for you.

Cadogan Trahem
28th of February, 2004, 23:03
Becides I will not have you defame Crackwind. I mean Morrophine, uh...

29th of February, 2004, 00:14
So you're saying 1Gbyte of DRR RAM and 4*80Gbyte HDD space is too much?? Pah!

Anyway, my processor doesn't need to be overclocked. It's top of the line already.

29th of February, 2004, 08:08
Hey it's not the size that matters...

29th of February, 2004, 10:34
Yeah itches, you keep telling yourself that. Although sometimes approriate lighting...

4th of March, 2004, 02:16
Originally posted by Gralhruk
This is the spot where itches gets credit:

------------------> .

4th of March, 2004, 02:21
you can't move the spot!

4th of March, 2004, 04:31
Maybe he didn't really MOVE it, but just show the other side of the spot. Try turning around your monitor to see if it happens to align with the side we saw first...

7th of March, 2004, 05:38
Strange, I didn't see LeeCHeSSS post in here ....

<Sonof> and i wont speak to them again if i can help it
<sassi> why not?
<sassi> oh sorry
<sassi> i thought you said
<sassi> you wont speak english to them
<sassi> my bad
<Sonof> Laugh Out Loud
<Sonof> yes I shall only speak spanish to them!
<Sonof> bwahahahaha

8th of March, 2004, 16:08
Ah cans o' compressed air for the computer. I love this stuff. Ever turn the can upside down and spray stuff with it? Do it to you hand for more than a second and it hurts.

10th of March, 2004, 01:29
<r0bert> hey
<Sonof> where?
<r0bert> you
<Sonof> me?
<r0bert> yes
<Sonof> when?
<r0bert> now
<Sonof> question?
<r0bert> sure

10th of March, 2004, 07:46
Sometimes, I actually feel like asking who it is itches is having these conversations with. Most of the time though, I'm just to scared that he might actually give me the answer.

10th of March, 2004, 08:31
irc people

they are slightly less real than the rest of you

on a different note, and one that doesn't quite warrant it's own thread, I'm up for ideas on a third predicate

10th of March, 2004, 08:32
I'm fairly certain that all of them are really itches, and that he spends vast amounts of time talking to himself.

10th of March, 2004, 08:34
nah, he spends vast amounts of time idling with himself
very little talking occurs in irc, it's largely an urban myth spread by bash.org

12th of March, 2004, 12:06
wow, that was definatly a good example of "sneaky like a ninja, piss like a race horse."

14th of March, 2004, 09:36
<Sonof[Blind]> i masterbate too much
<Twisted_x___> ..
<Twisted_x___> uhh
<Sonof[Blind]> the nick
<Sonof[Blind]> "blind"
<Sonof[Blind]> it's a joke
<Sonof[Blind]> ...
<Sonof[Blind]> laugh or i'll akick you
<Twisted_x___> ..
<Twisted_x___> LMAO
<Sonof[Blind]> there we go :)

14th of March, 2004, 12:45
I thought [blind] meant tv
I feel soiled

14th of March, 2004, 18:00
Is basically means afk and/or busy when I don't want to use an away message.

However I was trying to make a joke about it, which no one seemed to find funny :(

14th of March, 2004, 19:45
I would've thought that "blind" simply means the inability to use the sense of seeing...

14th of March, 2004, 21:20
Originally posted by LeeCHeSSS
I would've thought that "blind" simply means the inability to use the sense of seeing...

You poor innocent Dutchman

hold uo, that doesn't sound right

16th of March, 2004, 12:18
Two cannibals are eating a clown.
One says to the other: "Does this taste funny to you?"

16th of March, 2004, 12:24
Those poor innocent dutchemn make some DAMN good vodka!!!! and those pretty flowers... o o o and those totally cool wooden shooes:-)

16th of March, 2004, 20:28
Billy, what's with this recent "I love the Netherlands" fit you've been having? You aren't planning on moving to the Netherlands again, are you?

17th of March, 2004, 12:43
'Condom Mercy Mission' (http://www.ananova.com/news/story/sm_890555.html?menu=news.quirkies.sexlife)

20th of March, 2004, 20:14
<Twisted_x___> !8ball Will I be only than 18 when I die?
<Sonof> The 8ball says to Twisted_x___ : What do you call Three Camels in a Jeep? -D-a-r-k-s-i-d-e-
<Sonof> Wait a minute, that was the 8Ball command, not the joke one. Opps

<Alexis> !8ball Will at fail so miserably at school, so bad that I don't get to pass, or get to graduate, then never get to go to a good college, or find a good career, and the next thing I know I'll end up all alone all by myself on the street with nothing and no one except a pair of ugly puke green jeans?
<Sonof> The 8ball says to Alexis : Maybe -D-a-r-k-s-i-d-e-

<Alexis> !8ball Will I become a drug-addict when I grow up?
<Sonof> The 8ball says to Alexis : Sure if you want. -D-a-r-k-s-i-d-e-

<Alexis> !8ball Will I die before the age of 89
<Sonof> The 8ball says to Alexis : I Don't know. Do you? -D-a-r-k-s-i-d-e-
<Alexis> No.. That's why I asked. -_-

<Alexis> !8ball Have you got eight balls?
<Sonof> The 8ball says to Alexis : I shant answer unless you give me more Cheese -D-a-r-k-s-i-d-e-

<Alexis> !8ball Have you got -more- than eight balls?
<Sonof> The 8ball says to Alexis : Oh sure, ask the 8ball everyone says. It will know the answer. Well it isn't easy being an 8ball! Spare a thought for me. -D-a-r-k-s-i-d-e-

<Twisted_x___> !8ball .. is 9 ball good in bed?
<Sonof> The 8ball says to Twisted_x___ : Ohh YEAH BABY! -D-a-r-k-s-i-d-e-

<Alexis> !8ball Did E.T. make it home?
<Sonof> The 8ball says to Alexis : No way! -D-a-r-k-s-i-d-e-
<Alexis> O_O
* Alexis gasps.
<Alexis> But.. But..

<Alexis> !8ball Is Sonof a bad, bad man?
<Sonof> The 8ball says to Alexis : I'm sorry, the 8Ball could not be here right now. could you leave your name, and question, and It'll get back to you. -D-a-r-k-s-i-d-e-
<Sonof> The 8ball says The answer to your question is Yes. We apologise for this delay

21st of March, 2004, 20:17
I've invented a new game. I like to call it "What Will Explode First: My Speakers, or My Ear Drums?!"

21st of March, 2004, 21:01
<calimari> my friends friend committed suicide yesterday
<calimari> :|
<Sonof> so no one you knew
<calimari> no
<Sonof> i'm sure someone i don't know killed themselves today as well

21st of March, 2004, 21:29
you missed the point

one degree of seperation is still bad, as it means your friend is all de pressed and there is bugger all you can do about it

21st of March, 2004, 21:35
Yes, but when it gets to me, the degree of seperation is great enough that it doesn't effect me. And their greif is small enough where they can handle it themselves, or with the aid of an episode of the Simpsons.

Besides, it was funny.

22nd of March, 2004, 03:37
Simpsons is the magical cure for everything.

Just like lucky charms!

...or was that gold...

The Alcotroll
22nd of March, 2004, 07:17
Alcoholic insensibility, I think you'll find.

22nd of March, 2004, 09:19
I miss lucky charms they were such a cool cereal. Apart from the cereal part, the marshmallow was good tho.

22nd of March, 2004, 19:17
we all mourn the loss of lucky charms and mountain dew

23rd of March, 2004, 09:53
...how can we mourn the loss of them if I haven't lost them?

The Alcotroll
23rd of March, 2004, 11:04
So go lose them like the rest of us have, then come back and mourn with us (although how and when we lost mountain dew is beyond me.)

23rd of March, 2004, 18:08
I'd think you'd be the first to understand the lost of MD. You've found a different drink of choice that leaves no room for sissy cafiene and sugar. Except maybe some red bull...

23rd of March, 2004, 19:00
...how can we mourn the loss of them if I haven't lost them?
You can't because you haven't
We can because we have

23rd of March, 2004, 20:39
OY! Has anyone seen the new Dawn of the Dead movie? Boy that's hilarious. It's just funny to see zombies being run over by highspeed vehicles, er... Trucks. However the whole time I was watching it I was thinking Hunter:the Reckoning. You got ordinary people who have to fight the rising dead. Except they didn't get cool powers and second sight.
I think I've actually seen the original Dawn of the dead too. That was kinda funny too. Not as funny as this new one though.

24th of March, 2004, 22:14
p970167: trust me
LeeCHeSSS: I trust you, but that doesn't mean I can be curious
p970167: why one earth do you trust me?!
p970167: are you mad?
p970167: YOU'LL DOOM US ALL!

24th of March, 2004, 22:20
You fail to point out that my trust relates to me knowing you'll continue with you mad bickerings on my site for a LONG LONG time...

So in that I trust.

24th of March, 2004, 22:27
Yeah, but if I left that in people wouldn't take it out of context. What fun would that be?

24th of March, 2004, 22:38
None whatsoever, which would put it on par with the majority of your other nonsense in this thread.

And that, was indeed a low stab in the back. I still love you though.

24th of March, 2004, 22:49
It's not the first time you've stared in the Spotlight. Though to be fair to me, I wasn't just saying that thinking of posting it in here. After I said it, the thought occured.

Saint Alphonzo
25th of March, 2004, 13:26
The Passion or the Python? (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/film/3563405.stm)

25th of March, 2004, 13:32
The Passion or the Python? (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/film/3563405.stm)

Those rat bastards stole my idea.

30th of March, 2004, 01:58
I don't Speak German (http://www.livejournal.com/users/itches/116040.html)!

30th of March, 2004, 13:51
hey, can anyone tell me where this came from?

Two or three dudes are sitting around utterly bored and slowly one starts to move his arm in an arc toward the other with a clicky pen in hand. And just as his hand is about a foot away from the mid point between them they both jerk there hands within two inches of each other's and they furiously click their pens until one is somehow clearly the loser...


Cadogan Trahem
30th of March, 2004, 18:04
I think that happened on the simpsons.

30th of March, 2004, 18:06
It's a penrace.

31st of March, 2004, 01:34
No no! It was live action! it was a movie or some dumb sitcom or something but I just can't remember what movie or show! It's really gettin' to me.

31st of March, 2004, 03:11
Ghost Town (http://www.angelfire.com/extreme4/kiddofspeed/)

Seriously guys, read this one.

31st of March, 2004, 03:59
I got bored
If there was some clever joke at the end let me know and I'll have another stab

31st of March, 2004, 07:08
<MisterBlueSky> pindy i d/l that album extractor and tryed to open it and a box came up saying " for this app to work proparly you must first extract all files " whats that mean ?
*** m-a is now known as mule
<Sonof[Blind]> MisterBlueSky, what os do you use?
<MisterBlueSky> M.E
<Sonof[Blind]> okay, i could your problem
<mule> M.E. is heathen
<Sonof[Blind]> *found

31st of March, 2004, 07:13
[18:48:40] <Sonof> what colour am i thinking?
[18:48:41] <Salami> Yes huh.
[18:48:47] <Salami> green
[18:48:48] <Sonof> no 86
[18:48:54] <Salami> That's not a color!
[18:48:54] <Twisted_x___> lmfao
[18:48:58] <Sonof> i know
[18:49:07] <Sonof> if you were psycic you would have known too

31st of March, 2004, 07:13
God, i have the misfortune of actually having my O.S. actualling being ME. I hate it with a passion, it won't let me play any of my old MS-DOS games like TIE Fighter. The bastards...

31st of March, 2004, 07:14
[21:45:56] <Sonof> woo
[21:46:00] <Sonof> now i am king!
[21:46:03] <Sonof> =D
[21:46:04] <tiny_kitty> Heh.
[21:46:08] <tiny_kitty> A king with no power whatsoever.
[21:46:40] <Sonof> so just like a normal one these days ;)

31st of March, 2004, 10:18
Hey, there's one thing I find nice about having ME as apposed to 2k... And that is that it runs on the 9x kernal and damnit I have some cool games (albeit old) I want to play that won't run the NT kernal. *grumble* *grumble*

1st of April, 2004, 09:04
Um... is it just me or did everything flip from left to right? Even my scrollers on the left now. Everything is... all weird... What the hell is going on here?!

1st of April, 2004, 09:07
I find it amusing that you asked this in my thread, rather then the forum set aside for asking these things.

April 1st, internation "people do stupid things and annoy others day"1

1st of April, 2004, 16:30
Hey, this thread equals weird stuff. I'd say scrolling on the left side is pretty weird.

2nd of April, 2004, 05:29
Well, he's never puked ON me (the kids have, though), but I've had to clean up some ungodly vomit off the floor. Imagine, if you will, deer intestines, cat shit, decomposing pieces of bone, putrefied deer shit, and some chocolate syrup all stewed with some hydrogen peroxide and you have an idea of what the dog is like. That is an ACTUAL list of one such upchuck.

Ironically, he also really enjoys eating soap. Which he later barfs up.

2nd of April, 2004, 05:33
And yes, I do try and identify what the vomit is comprised of - partly to see if he's eaten anything that I should take him to the vet for, and partly out of morbid curiousity.

2nd of April, 2004, 08:54
I'm glad you can tell the difference between cat scat and deer after it's been stewing in a dogs stomach, and where did your dog get a hold of hydrogen peroxide? And if the dog got a hold of it, have you no worries about small children?

2nd of April, 2004, 23:34
Nah, I'm not worried: he's very good around the children :).

The cat shit still had litter stuck to it. The deer shit was rather green and mucousy looking. The hydorgen peroxide was administered to induce the vomiting, as he had eaten chocolate syrup.

2nd of April, 2004, 23:41
Hydrogen Peroxide : is there nothing it can't do?

2nd of April, 2004, 23:47
I was a bit surprised myself.

Me: So, what can we use to make him vomit?

Vet: 2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide.

Me: Hydrogen peroxide?

Vet: Yep, hydrogen peroxide.

Me: You mean that fizzy stuff you put on cuts?

Vet: That's what I mean.

Me: Hydrogen peroxide?

Vet: Yep.

Me: Okay. I guess.

3rd of April, 2004, 07:45
Hydrogen Peroxide : is there nothing it can't do?

I don't think it can turn lead into gold nor keep away the labour party

3rd of April, 2004, 07:48
You're just not using enough of it.

3rd of April, 2004, 09:15
[09:09:38] [Quit] - [Kittenly] - Reason: [Ping Timeout]
[09:14:56] [Join] - [Kittenly - snuggles@=LLhjq-kj-496pouxgmU4045.dialsprint.net]
[09:14:57] [Op] - [ChanServ] [Kittenly]
[09:17:34] <Sonof> Welcome Back
[09:17:40] <Sonof> we missed you
[09:17:48] <Sonof> we had a party, but it just wasn't the same
[09:18:01] <Sonof> "where's Kittenly?" everyone asked
[09:18:07] <Sonof> but no one knew the answer

3rd of April, 2004, 13:40
For some reason I found that funny. Lord help me.

3rd of April, 2004, 17:29
That sounds like what people tell me when I don't attend a social gathering ;)

3rd of April, 2004, 22:55
For some reason I found that funny. Lord help me.
Why? Tell me why you found that funny!

4th of April, 2004, 07:47
originally posted by bigredrod
That sounds like what people tell me when I don't attend a social gathering

Seconded there are no "crazy" coctails and too few midnight walks where we increase the traffic cone collection :(

5th of April, 2004, 06:00
[05:59:59] <r0bert> what's wrong with my generation?
[06:00:43] <Sonof> mineral water
[06:01:12] <r0bert> i like the "mineral water" answer the best out of all of them.
[06:02:15] <Sonof> what else did you get?
[06:02:47] <r0bert> people said i was fat and slow
[06:02:55] <r0bert> and because i'm in it
[06:02:59] <Sonof> so they just insulted you?
[06:03:13] <Sonof> i see why you perfered my answer
[06:03:18] <r0bert> yeah

5th of April, 2004, 10:29
<Sonof> i need coke
<Sonof> or a bear
<Sonof> but i don't drink bear
<Sonof> *beer
<Shawnee> beer?
<Shawnee> hahaha
<Shawnee> yeah
* Sonof stabs his keyboard
<Sonof> no bear
<Sonof> i'm an extreem drinker
<Sonof> you go out and catch one, drink it live
<Shawnee> ..i dont like drinkers
<Shawnee> ..i give my b/f hell when he drinks wine with dinner
<Shawnee> =\
<Sonof> i feel like a beer, but i ditest the taste of it
<Sonof> the only thing i will drink is whiskey, and only then in social situations
<Sonof> it makes me relax
<Sonof> stop worrying about how is going to pull a weapon and try to kill me
<Shawnee> how..who?
<Sonof> yes
<Shawnee> meh
<Sonof> my keyobard is defective
<Shawnee> k
<Sonof> damnit!

5th of April, 2004, 12:58
Yes, I face this keyboard problem a lot. Then again, very few people don't...

6th of April, 2004, 12:11
The Platypus does not have apparent external nipples, but excretes the milk through small openings in the skin.

6th of April, 2004, 17:39
* Sonof coughs
<Twisted_x___> ?
<Sonof> it was a cough
<Sonof> there is no great truth to be found
<Twisted_x___> ..
<Twisted_x___> lol

6th of April, 2004, 18:56
Yes, I face this keyboard problem a lot. Then again, very few people don't...
Interesting, it's the people who cannot type who always put the blame on their keyboard.

6th of April, 2004, 19:21
I just can't type
When I do blame the keyboard it's usually because I'm using an evil laptop

6th of April, 2004, 19:44
Pfft, nowt wrong with a laptop-keyboard. My desktop computer has a Logitech diNovo; it has the same kind of keys as laptop-keyboards have. And I love it.

7th of April, 2004, 05:05
UltramanJimBill: I need to pick like two more songs for this cd
p970167: Bif Naked
UltramanJimBill: any input despite our vastly differing tastes?
p970167: see above
UltramanJimBill: I see
UltramanJimBill: I'll go through my stuff
p970167: Bif Naked is the most mainstream band i listen to
UltramanJimBill: I think that possibly makes you harcore/underground
UltramanJimBill: I think you might be bale to apply for a goth-badge for that
UltramanJimBill: something to look into :)
p970167: I'm fairly certine i have one around here already
UltramanJimBill: ah, it's good to know you weren't being sold out
p970167: if i wear it when i go to goth club meetings, i get a free cookie :)
UltramanJimBill: hehe

8th of April, 2004, 16:33
<calimari> so you two are old acquaintances?
<Prophetess> ...hmm
<Prophetess> You could put it like that.
<Sonof> i tried to kill her once
<Sonof> sent armies of ninja
<Sonof> never worked :(
<Prophetess> I feel so loved
<Sonof> ninja love is a beautiful thing

9th of April, 2004, 03:20
ninja love is a beautiful thing
Possibly a whole new area for a certain niche of film makers

9th of April, 2004, 05:41
Ah... but do you love ninjas with all of your body? (Including your pee pee)

9th of April, 2004, 05:42
Congratulations! You've brought this thread to a new low.

9th of April, 2004, 05:45
And possibly the entire forum

9th of April, 2004, 05:49
And not in a good way.

9th of April, 2004, 07:03
"I'm a tolerant person. Except for people who aren't tolerant, I can't tolerate them."

9th of April, 2004, 15:28
Bah! I am ashamed, for those who do not reconize are not well versed in ninja. Go find the official ninja webpage. Then buy the book or a shirt so you can get hooked up with free fries. Though that film would be rather odd, if you can't see the ninja, how do you see the love?

12th of April, 2004, 16:37
* Sonof does the "happy monkeys playing chess" dance
<The_Grey_Ghost> your strange
<Sonof> hmm, most people just scream and hit me with a broom when i do that :)
<The_Grey_Ghost> lol
<mule> was thinking more along the lines of a shovel or crowbar

14th of April, 2004, 01:00
Let me share my frustration with you:

[16:56] <LeeCHeSSS> laa laa laaaaa, getting more and more annoyed with these support dodo's
[16:58] <LeeCHeSSS> "Hello Danny, Please go to this url for non-US/Canada purchases"
[16:58] <LeeCHeSSS> Ohh thank you, were it not for the fact that I have told you five times already that it does NOT sell the multi-user license that I need.
[16:58] <LeeCHeSSS> "Oh, then go to this url"
[16:58] <LeeCHeSSS> Ah yes, great. IF that url would let me ship to the Netherlands!
[16:58] <LeeCHeSSS> repeat 6 times...
[16:59] <LeeCHeSSS> I have this urge to use a bludgeoning object on certain hemispheric objects...

Cadogan Trahem
15th of April, 2004, 00:10
I had a similar incident.

Week 1:
"I need to apply for an examption for this particular module to my course."
"Oh sure thing, take your piece of paper to X teacher."
"My.. piece of paper?"
"You do have your piece of paper right?"

Week 2:
"How do I obtain this so called piece of paper?"
"Go to X teacher he might have a copy."
"Hello X."
"Hello Richard."
"I need my piece of paper."
"Hmm I don't have it, go to Y location and ask Z person."
"Hello Y Location, can I speak to Z person."
"Z speaking."
"I need my piece of paper."
"Oh X teacher should have that."
"But he doesn't, and told me to talk to you."

Week 3:
"Shut the fuck up and give me my piece of paper!"
"I don't have it."

Week 4:
"I found my piece of paper."
"Can I get my exemption now?"
"Oh no, I don't do that."
"Hey normal teacher X said he doesn't do the exemption thing."
"He's a damn dirty liar."
"Hey X i'm told you're a damn dirty liar."
"I am not!"
"He says he isn't, Normal."
"Hmm, ask him more indepth about it."
"Hey X where would I get an exemption for this?"
"Oh take your piece of paper to C in H room of N Block."

Week 5:
"Hey Normal, he told me to take this piece of paper to C in H Room of N Block."
"Screw this, i'll take you there now to get it sorted out."
*7 minutes pass*
"C in H Room of N Block seems to be away but we'll get in contact with her."

Week 6:
"C in H Room of N Block."
"I need an exemption, here's my piece of paper."
"Oh, doesn't X do that?"
"He told me you do it."
"We'll I'll take a copy and get it sorted out." *C in H Room of N Block recieved Copy of piece of paper*

Week 7:
"I'll get your exemption sorted out once we enroll this entire class into the course."
"But we're in Week 7, we enrolled 7 weeks ago."
"Correction, None of you enrolled at all! Its funny because we almost fucked everyone over. If it wasn't for you the entire class would have gotten no certificates for completing The Big Bad IT Course."


15th of April, 2004, 00:14
Week 3:
"Shut the fuck up and give me my piece of paper!"
"I don't have it."

Maybe I should try that aproach with Centrelink.

15th of April, 2004, 00:33
I find it easier to skip all that crap and just ask people right out, usually I stick them on to one another

Like when I was canging course. My good friend Pete did it the hard way "by the book". I chose another course at Random, emailed some guy, sent him my tutors details. And told them to sort it out, only asking me todo something if only I could.
After waiting for period X, I phoned one back and shouted at him for a bit until he basically said "Fuck it, welcome to physics"

fun times
except fo the stress

20th of April, 2004, 00:35
x lustful barbie: *chases with an axe*
p970167: i've faught axes before
p970167: what type?
x lustful barbie: ...it was a joke.
x lustful barbie: :-(
p970167: i wasn't joking
x lustful barbie: oh
x lustful barbie: ;[

Cadogan Trahem
20th of April, 2004, 08:29
the painful-to-be-hit-with type

22nd of April, 2004, 23:20
<Sonof> #twow Will Self-Destruct in 5 Seconds
<Sonof> 4
<Aesop> sex always gets my attention
<Sonof> ah fuck
<Sonof> 3
<Sonof> 2
<Sonof> everyone ignore this
<Sonof> 1
<Aesop> bye Sonof+
<Kittenly> i think it was prick
<Sonof> Have a nice day =)
-=DS=- Notice From ChanServ - Access denied to that function for #TWOW.
-=DS=- Notice From ChanServ - You need AOp or higher access.
<BigFatUglyBertha> bye Sonof
<Kittenly> cya sonof
<Aesop> lol
<Aesop> i think he pushed the wrong button
[Join] - [Ardee - HTML@212.50.186.kR7=]
<Sonof> the mouse rebelled, and during the struggle for control someone dropped the bomb
<Aesop> welcome Ardee
<Aesop> lol Sonof... nice analogy
<Sonof> or i clicked the wrong button, whichever version you prefer

23rd of April, 2004, 18:24
mdiym42: note to self
mdiym42: make sure your cat is not sleeping in the bass drum before you start playing them

24th of April, 2004, 05:08
<fruitcake> do you ever run into religious people
<fruitcake> or people who say they are religious
<Sonof> i used to be very religious
<fruitcake> as in.. maybe a Jehovah's witness or something
<fruitcake> and then you find this totally different side of them
<fruitcake> and find them to be a complete hypocrite?
<Sonof> probobally
<Sonof> none spring to mind, as i don't get along with people who are more extreem in their belifs.
<Sonof> there tends to be shouting
<Sonof> yelling
<Sonof> stabbing
<Sonof> then i have to hide the body
<Sonof> no one wins
<Hidin> lol
<fruitcake> lol

24th of April, 2004, 05:54
<Isajeep> in fotr when gandalf first goes to see that other gay wizard what does he first say to him?
<NickBlasta> stfu noob
<Setzer> stfu noob
<CRC> he says: "sup dawg, i r g4nd4lf da gr3y!"
<CRC> we should get the script to LOTR and make it l33t
<DC4ever> CRC - and then add subtitles to the avi of it, and rename it "L0rd of teh r1ngz0rs!"
<CRC> legolas: chex0r this out! *stabs orc in eye with arrow* LOL! di3 f00l! *shoots another orc with arrow* pwned!
<[H]Slacker> divx?
<CRC> (when pippin/merry/whichever the fuck knocks the armor down the well) Gandalf: omg, noob!

24th of April, 2004, 06:15
Please tell me that isn't just bash.

24th of April, 2004, 06:21


The Alcotroll
24th of April, 2004, 10:46
You computer geek types need to learn to spell.

Cadogan Trahem
24th of April, 2004, 18:55
i've been making a petition to have this thread closed, deleted and the imprisonment of itches underway, but it seems its not a crime to be annoying.

24th of April, 2004, 19:04
you are making a petition to give yourself actual work to do?

you crazy fool!

26th of April, 2004, 03:08
[03:00:16] [Join] - [natas23 - drake_5@=h2mlycaj-355.39.194.203.acc02-stge-pth.comindico.com.au
[03:05:31] -=DS=- Performing a whois on:natas23
[03:05:31] -=DS=- Address: drake_5@=h2mlycaj-355.39.194.203.acc02-stge-pth.comindico.com.au
[03:05:31] -=DS=- Real Name:phil
[03:05:31] -=DS=- natas23 is a registered nick.
[03:05:31] -=DS=- Channels: #dudz +#cybersex
[03:05:31] -=DS=- Idle:305 seconds
[03:05:31] -=DS=- End of whois on:natas23 {-[ 03:05:31 ]-}

Session Start: Mon Apr 26 03:05:38 2004
[03:05:38] Session Ident: natas23 (drake_5@=h2mlycaj-355.39.194.203.acc02-stge-pth.comindico.com.au)
[03:05:38] <natas23> Hi

[03:06:17] <Sonof> right, we're the only fucking 2 people in this channel. What made you decide that PMing me was the best plan of action?
[03:06:40] <natas23> cause your in 3 other rooms
[03:06:43] <natas23> :)
[03:07:03] <natas23> how are you?
[03:07:24] <Sonof> wow, I'm in 3 other rooms?
[03:07:26] -=DS=- Performing a whois on:Sonof
[03:07:26] -=DS=- Address: Raven@=Mkd666-73-498-934.blktn1.nsw.optusnet.com.au
[03:07:26] -=DS=- Real Name:Shadow
[03:07:26] -=DS=- Sonof is a registered nick.
[03:07:26] -=DS=- Channels: @#L0ve +#dudz +#twow @#naughtyfreaks @#gothic @#ichat @#Rob-FM @#bah @#TheDark
[03:07:26] -=DS=- Idle:2 seconds
[03:07:26] -=DS=- End of whois on:Sonof {-[ 03:07:26 ]-}
[03:07:45] <natas23> that i can see yeah
[03:08:01] <Sonof> your existence is a burden on my soul

26th of April, 2004, 06:49
Just so the newer people know. I have a severe dislike for the non-language insult people tend to call thirteenhundredthirtyseven...

It is NOT a language, nor does it convey ANY meaning. So if I see anyone using it here, I will publicly make a fool out of you. And again. And again. And again.

26th of April, 2004, 06:51
Oh and mayhaps again.

26th of April, 2004, 06:58
Just so the newer people know. I have a severe dislike for the non-language insult people tend to call thirteenhundredthirtyseven...

It is NOT a language, nor does it convey ANY meaning. So if I see anyone using it here, I will publicly make a fool out of you. And again. And again. And again.

Call me a stupid newbie, if you like, but I didn't get your point. What is this non-language insult you're talking about? Please tell me, lest I'm doing something wrong without knowing it. Please.

26th of April, 2004, 09:09
l33t, you stupid newbie. :)

26th of April, 2004, 09:24
We hates it! We hates it!

26th of April, 2004, 10:38
|]00|], j00 411 5|_|><><0|2!!!!!1111 1337 83 73|-| 9|2347357!!!!111 !7 |20><><0|25 511 0|= j00!!!!111 |=|_|><><0|2!|\|9 |\|0085!!!!111

26th of April, 2004, 10:59
See, this is why Danny should make me an Admin ;)

26th of April, 2004, 11:04
|=|_|><><0|2 j00!!!!!111 ! 5|-|0|_|1|] 83 4|\| 4|]|\/|!|\|, j00 |\|008!!!!111 j00 5|_|><><0|2!!!!111

26th of April, 2004, 11:11
And on that note, to stop my thread from being soiled any further *lock*

26th of April, 2004, 16:40

Cadogan Trahem
26th of April, 2004, 17:03
Now only us Admins can post here.

26th of April, 2004, 21:30
I was under the impression that I wasn't an admin.

27th of April, 2004, 04:15
Someone shoot me, I just broke my coke glass.

27th of April, 2004, 04:16
Was it half-empty or half-full?

27th of April, 2004, 05:06
It was completly empty luckily. While the loss of the glass is a great blow, all of that coke would have been a greater one.

27th of April, 2004, 05:08
Now only us Admins can post here.

Hee - Hee :cool:

27th of April, 2004, 05:13
a green one or a red one?

27th of April, 2004, 05:19
Green. It was cool, and could hold an entire bottle of coke if I wanted it too. And you could add ice, and it would be even cooler!

The Alcotroll
27th of April, 2004, 05:20
Coke tarnishes the soul.

27th of April, 2004, 05:21
Not with it's pH rating, it removes the tarnish ;)

27th of April, 2004, 05:21
I mourn your loss

A green glass of that size should never be destroyed

27th of April, 2004, 05:24
It's been dropped hundreds of times, but never suffered a scratch. I supose it's time was up. =\

I can still see it falling in slow motions when I shut my eyes, :depry:

27th of April, 2004, 05:28
At least it wasn't a Palm or Hertog-Jan glass.
Or heaven forbid a Kwak glass.

27th of April, 2004, 05:32
Or my big Hoegaarden glass!
Heads would roll if it ever broke

3rd of May, 2004, 16:02
Cadogan says:
also in terms of art there is no really better
Cadogan says:
just one style over another
Iudico says:
stick figures!
Cadogan says:
you can only measure skill and technique for people who use the same style
Iudico says:
Iudico says:
i was actually arguing with someone about this the other day
Cadogan says:
realists are easy to measure
Iudico says:
I came to the conclusion that I was wrong
Iudico says:
so i shot them

3rd of May, 2004, 17:04
You can't measure art, you can study technique you can like or dislike a piece but there is no intrinsic value scale with which to judge. If you get caught up in the technique of Chagal or the colour of Rothko you've really missed the point.

3rd of May, 2004, 19:20
<Sonof> let's see if there is anything worth staying up for
* Sonof goes searching
<Sonof> while i'm searching for that, I shall also search for the answer to "why the fuck am I typing this in here?"
<exn> 5 dollah me keep you up all night long baby
<Tasha> lol
<exn> o_0
<exn> ^_~
<Sonof> hmm, I should have posted
<Sonof> I'm too tired to do that tonight, so tommorow
<exn> your always tired
<exn> how come you dont wanna make love anymore
<Sonof> I'm having an afair
<Sonof> with a house plant
* exn gets weedbegon and kills the plant
<exn> +e
<Sonof> it's plastic
<Tasha> lol
<exn> yes but when you lick it you will die!
<Sonof> actualy i don't think that stuff is potent enough
<Sonof> would make me rather sick, but not killme
<exn> ok so u will be sick
<exn> and cant stop shitting for a few hours
<exn> better?
<Sonof> I suspect it will be more in the line of puking, fevors, dizzyness, and such
<Sonof> but don't quote me on that
<exn> you always have to have the last word dont you, you bastard
<Sonof> not always
<exn> and you wonder why we are getting a divorce
<Sonof> it's because of my plant fetish isn't it?

4th of May, 2004, 02:58
I think it explains itself really

4th of May, 2004, 03:47
Too bad your finger won't fit into her ear canal. Then you could kill three birds with one stone.

The Alcotroll
4th of May, 2004, 04:09
Wow. I always knew you philosophy types were a bit wierd.

4th of May, 2004, 07:56
Why does the hand writing style change?

The Alcotroll
4th of May, 2004, 08:23
The writer is obviously in the throes of carnal desire; too far gone to be able to write coherently. That or the recipient is the victim of a piss-poor stitch-up.

4th of May, 2004, 16:27
Asking questions removes the humour
it's much more funny if we all just assume that it's a real note

Cadogan Trahem
4th of May, 2004, 17:32
a real note written by BRR to himself. Yes thats right BRR wants to fill himself up... with Milk Shakes!

4th of May, 2004, 17:47
Afterall, my milkshake brings all the girls to the *word I can't remember*
And they're like "It's better than yours"

When my international milkshake chain takes off, you'll all be sorry!

4th of May, 2004, 17:56
p970167: i need to post in 7ds don't i?
UltramanJimBill: it went towards several types of meat :)

4th of May, 2004, 17:59
the beauty of that quote is that to the untrained eye, no one would know who was who

4th of May, 2004, 18:25
Well each of the names is in a distinctive style.

5th of May, 2004, 00:55
May the 4th be with you

5th of May, 2004, 00:58
The Dark Side of the 4th is strong with you ;)

6th of May, 2004, 09:20
<Sonof> right, I think I'll go do my part to improve the earth
* Sonof is away - Reason: ( Looking for some Arabian Monkeys to draw my bath water. I might be gone a while. ) - left at: 09:08:17. -D-a-r-k-s-i-d-e-
<MisterBlueSky> strange one that Sonof some times
<pindy> lol yep
<MisterBlueSky> Arabian Monkeys like ? what do they got in common with bath water ?
<pindy> gawd knows
<pindy> i wouldn't like to be in Sonof's head
<MisterBlueSky> i wud nt like to be in his bath

8th of May, 2004, 12:25
Iudico says:
you think i don't know
Iudico says:
you think that I don't have a clue
Iudico says:
you would be right
Rose Continues the Countdown: 19 days says:
Iudico says:
I don't know

10th of May, 2004, 03:04
Why's May 4th Star Wars Day?

10th of May, 2004, 03:07
Why's May 4th Star Wars Day?
The Day that George Lucas (and incidently his Father) were born. As such it is celebrated the world over the man who created the original star wars trilogy

14th of May, 2004, 19:13
<calimari> i had a barbie with grey hair
<calimari> i cut it off so it was really short
<calimari> then i used her as the male
<calimari> for other barbies to date
<Kracker> lol cruelty to dolls?
<calimari> nah just a bad hairdresser

19th of May, 2004, 00:56
<Sonof> I used to think that singers who perform music that they don't right, were doing something bad
<Sonof> I since came to the conclusion that they were really just helping out the less fortunate
<Sonof> the song writers who couldn't sing, and were ugly

19th of May, 2004, 03:19
I was going to post this in my procrastinatrix thread, then I realised that it could possibly lead to a war between rival useless crap threads. And really we need only one

so anyhow, I saw this and couldn't stop laughing

19th of May, 2004, 03:22
I was going to post this in my procrastinatrix thread, then I realised that it could possibly lead to a war between rival useless crap threads. And really we need only one

And you would lose. LOSE!

19th of May, 2004, 04:16
Iudico Blunt, Sharp, Hot, Cold, Loud says:
you busy?
Kahluah says:
dunno yet
Iudico Blunt, Sharp, Hot, Cold, Loud says:
i'll take that in the 'non-sex' way

20th of May, 2004, 12:23
<paul> i jus sneezed all over my hand
<paul> :(
* Sonof takes notes
<Sonof> " paul ... sneezed .. hand"
<Sonof> got it
<PrOsThEtIcS> lol

20th of May, 2004, 21:23
BRR's picture further proves my theory that:

A)Obese cats are funny

B)A new race of uber fat cat's is emerging to take to the high seas like a tiny fat furry walrus (without the tusks) with their protective layers of blubber

C)Old ladies should stop trying to cure world poverty by working in oxfam stores and just send their plump juicey cats. :yum:

Setzer Gabbiani
21st of May, 2004, 03:12

21st of May, 2004, 03:28
Love that shirt. If it wasn't for the fact that I can't stand having pictures and writing on my clothing, I would definatly get one.

The Alcotroll
21st of May, 2004, 03:53
Better is the one that goes;

"Nobody knows I'm a lesbian."

21st of May, 2004, 04:28
there are many better shirts
I will own them all!

22nd of May, 2004, 04:32
It's good. You can trust me. :)

Setzer Gabbiani
22nd of May, 2004, 12:03

22nd of May, 2004, 17:34
-> -calimari- how much to i have to bribe you to kick ThisDyingSoul ?
-=DS=- Notice From calimari - he hasnt done anything
-> -calimari- preemptive strike =p
-=DS=- Notice From calimari - your disdain is so noted
-> -calimari- damn uncorruptable ops =p

23rd of May, 2004, 21:57
You Are Always A Winner When You Play With Yourself

I'm pondering that as a third predicate

The Alcotroll
23rd of May, 2004, 22:07
It's good. Never do Today what Tomorrow you can put off for a Week, is my personal favourite.

24th of May, 2004, 05:29
And when you can't put it off anymore just fake your own death and start again!

30th of May, 2004, 15:36
<calimari> she might not want you to
<TwisTed_x___> Why not?
<Sonof> she wants to maintain some sense of independence
<calimari> it implies that she cant take care of herself?
<Sonof> what she said
<calimari> what he said
<TwisTed_x___> lol
<Sonof> i used bigger words ;)
<TwisTed_x___> Her mom buys her minutes usually, though
<TwisTed_x___> And I always use them
<TwisTed_x___> thus, me wanting to buy her more.
<Sonof> just talk to her about it
<calimari> ok well talk with her about it
<calimari> lol
<TwisTed_x___> lol

1st of June, 2004, 20:33
[20:30:48] <Sonof> so, someone i like was having an issue with her relationship. And I don't take advantage of it.
[20:30:51] <Sonof> paint me stupid
[20:32:29] <calimari> huh who
[20:32:38] * Sonof paints you

1st of June, 2004, 20:36
Kahluah says:
my little sister's bf is over for dinner - that's the 2nd time in as many days
Kahluah says:
you think it's serious?
Kahluah says:
Iudico says:
could be
Iudico says:
maybe you should buy him some food
Iudico says:
or lend him someone who can cook

2nd of June, 2004, 12:18
l _||_|57 907 1337! i 50 |2|_|13 7|-|l5 057! \/\/00! 1337534|<! (http://www.megatokyo.com/index.php?strip_id=9)

2nd of June, 2004, 17:54
heh, that's quite a good one actually


but you used l33t (gah, it even hurts to type it) and now you pay the price :)

3rd of June, 2004, 04:37
Sorry, I couldn't resist as I saw myself closing in on post #1337. Call it the Biran influence if you want. I think it was Brian that was way into 1337 for a while.

3rd of June, 2004, 04:39
You know, defiantly considering the fact that I'm still around, I don't think LeeCHeSSS' banning method it too effective ;)

3rd of June, 2004, 05:46
*** Sonof[Blind] is now known as Sonof
<Sonof> thought i was gone, didn't you!
<Sonof> thought it was safe to talk
<Sonof> "oh look, Sonof is gone, we can talk now" you said
<Sonof> well you were right!
<TLM> mines a beagle
<Kittenly> lol
<Sonof> only i came Back
<Kittenly> hey Sonof :o)
<Sonof> Hey Kittenly

5th of June, 2004, 00:00
[Join] - [smarts - Gir@]
<Sonof> <Kristy`> if simon comes on (aka smarts), can you tell him i want him to write me a letter
<Kristy`> lol
[Voice] - [Kristy`] [smarts]
<Sonof> i always become alarmed when I see myself saying something I don't remember typing
<smarts> so i'm stuck with sending you snail mail?
<Kristy`> yes
* smarts hugs Kristy`
<smarts> fine ;P
* Kristy` hugs simon
<smarts> pm me your address
<Sonof> no, you can say it in main
<Sonof> we're all trustworthy
<Kristy`> lol
<smarts> heh

5th of June, 2004, 04:20
If you can't afford the monkeys, this (http://user.tninet.se/~ecf599g/aardasnails/java/Monkey/webpages/index.html) helps

5th of June, 2004, 05:56
I have no idea what it is trying to do or prove, but I'm convinced it's a hoax.

5th of June, 2004, 06:07
Infinite monkey theorem. See here (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Infinite_monkey_theorem) for details.

Basically, testing to see if you can randomly generate Shakespeare (http://www.shakespeare.com/). It's not expected to work, but it is amusing to try, so I doubt that it's a hoax.

Personally, the best I got was 14 letters.

5th of June, 2004, 16:20
You sure as hell won't form any Shakespeare opening lines with random keystrokes. That's statistically impossible.

5th of June, 2004, 16:31
Umm I got 15 letters....

5th of June, 2004, 18:31
You sure as hell won't form any Shakespeare opening lines with random keystrokes. That's statistically impossible.
which is the point of the experiment

6th of June, 2004, 02:29
You sure as hell won't form any Shakespeare opening lines with random keystrokes. That's statistically impossible.
Not impossible. Just Highly, Highly improbobaly

6th of June, 2004, 11:44
* Sonof has a coughing fit
<Shawnee> aww
<Shawnee> rossy...
* Shawnee makes you some tea
<Sonof> Hey Sonof
<Sonof> how have you been?
<Shawnee> ...
<Shawnee> wtf
<Shawnee> hahaha
<Sonof> oh fuck
* Sonof sets fire to his tab key
<Shawnee> s tab huh?
<Shawnee> lm,fao

7th of June, 2004, 11:46
<calimari> i miss stuff all the time, drives Sonof crazy
<TheSnake> lol
* Sonof gets his shotgun
<Sonof> I'M NOT CRAZY!
<calimari> heh
* calimari backs off
* TheSnake runsssss
[Part] - [TheSnake - ~Cobra@=GBu263-wkzf-779.keyway.net]

7th of June, 2004, 12:51
<Sonof> i'm bored
<Sonof> you people bore me
<Sonof> i'm going to watch band of brothers
<calimari> you bore me
<calimari> :P
<Sonof> with all the sex?!
<calimari> yes
<Sonof> you told me i was big enough!
<calimari> even with all the sex
* Sonof weeps
<calimari> i lied
<Sonof> my heart has been shattered
<calimari> go tell that to your mistress
<Sonof> okay
* calimari smacks you on the cheek
<Sonof> calimari, my heart has been shattered
<calimari> LOL
<calimari> <calimari> tell him to say that to my face
<calimari> i told her!
<calimari> i didnt think that you had the courage
<Sonof> what i lack in penis size, i make up for in courage ;)
<calimari> bah!

7th of June, 2004, 15:09
<Supher> whats with aussie's obsession with rap
<Sonof> "aussie's" ?
<Supher> @_@?
<Sonof> weren't expecting anyone to speak?
<Supher> nope
<fugitive> who's the aussie obcessed with rap?
<Supher> Sonof
<Supher> :o
<Sonof> Supher, i will eat your soul
<Supher> Wall is too
<Supher> he just wont admit it
<Supher> :)
<fugitive> aussie's are freaks.. i tell ya

7th of June, 2004, 17:44
This thread seems to be turning into an even worse bash
Worse because I can't click little a little x to try and kill a lame quote :)

The Alcotroll
8th of June, 2004, 00:07
Yeah. S'right. I'll have another pint please barman. Yeah.

8th of June, 2004, 04:12
I beat you by 5 whole days

The Alcotroll
8th of June, 2004, 05:03
Even with a head start I out-drank you!

8th of June, 2004, 05:07
quality, not quantity :)
And you always outdrink me, you're a beer guzzling little dwarf

8th of June, 2004, 05:38
mmmmm...pints. I still want to try a beer flavored milkshake. http://forums.bfnation.net/images/smiles/icon_cheers.gif

8th of June, 2004, 05:39
Mixing alcohol with anything that comes from a cow (except beef) is one way of ensuring you go straight to hell. I'd be careful

The Alcotroll
8th of June, 2004, 10:05
Wine and Cheese.

8th of June, 2004, 16:12
I have to agree with Tim. This quoting of silly irc chats is getting very very boring.

8th of June, 2004, 16:18
Generally you quote the funny moments. It's like recalling an amusing coversation. Ofcourse, not everyone finds the same things funny as I do.

8th of June, 2004, 16:21
Things which annoy itches

That's right, there are things so vile in this world, that irritate even I. I'm going to share some of these with you today. The issue is 'People who sign up, PM me, and then never return to read my reply'. I give you two examples.

The first is taken from 5th of January, 2004.

you where looking for vampire players


Evilpuppie (http://online-roleplaying.com/forums/member.php?username=Evilpuppie) never returned to read my rather eloquent reply to their PM. Now that I think of the matter, maybe it wasn't a question lacking a question mark. Maybe it was a statement. The user happened across Orp, and felt compelled to tell me that I was looking for vampire players. A good thing they did too, because I had no recollection of such. Thanks for the reminder Evilpuppie!

The second comes from 18th of April, 2004
hi I am new here and I am trying to find a group to play Vampire I was wondering if you could help me out it would be great

And you decided to PM me, today is my lucky day. :)

Well, by the looks of things you're doing fine by yourself so far, so I don't know what I could do.

Dark_Vampress (http://online-roleplaying.com/forums/member.php?username=Dark_Vampress) had already posted in a couple of recruitment threads, so I felt no great need to rush to their aid. However, considering the failure of my reply to the previous PM, I attempted to use a broader spectrum of words this time. Alas, despite such attempts the message remained unread, and Dark_Vampress passed out of my life forever. I'll always remember the time we had together.