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Explosive Cheese
2nd of May, 2010, 11:48
This thread will track experience awards, granted after every encounter, and whenever a post is exceptional.

This post in particular will serve to keep a running total:

Danwit, played by Theresa, played by Ergonomic Cat: 150/1000; Level 1.
Rawg, played by Jim, played by Merbak: 150/1000; Level 1.
Alton, played by Peter, played by Shoelip: 150/1000; Level 1.
Altarick, played by Alex, played by Dabocim: 150/1000; Level 1.

Explosive Cheese
11th of June, 2010, 09:53
Kudos on some very great introductory posts guys, you all get 50 bonus XP for some real great roleplaying. I feel like you guys all made the players really come to life. Well done.

Explosive Cheese
1st of September, 2010, 07:48
I seem to have forgotten this at the end of combat: 100 xp to each of you for defeating the Air Elemental.