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7th of March, 2010, 20:31
God-kings of War

In a wicked age...

...the arrival of a hundred fearsome warships on an unprepared, prosperous, peaceful coast.
...an old, proud fortress on an important mountain pass.
...the human servant of a mighty and unspeakable demiurge.
...a soldier's plain shortsword, gradually developing a taste for the blood of women.

Sample Characters (Feel free to take one of these or make up your own)

Admiral of the armada
Sailor on one of the ships
Marine aboard one of the ships
Slave or slavemaster aboard one of the ships
Kurigalzu, Lord of the fortress
Soldier of the fortress
Visitor to the fortress (Herald, Courier, etc)
The demiurge
The human servant (Dipaa'ni) of the demiurge
The soldier carrying the shortsword
The spirit or demon (if one exists) afflicting the shortsword
Family member of a woman killed by the shortsword
Spirit of a woman killed by the shortsword
A sage specializing in hunting down sentient objects

If you pick one of the above characters, I'll take it off the list of NPCs. Characters left on the list once you've all created your character will be made into NPCs or struck from the list. If you take a named character, please negotiate with the namer if you wish to change the name.

7th of March, 2010, 23:35
Iraj, a soldier in the retinue of Kurigalzu, the lord of the fortress

Covertly: d4
Directly: d6
For myself: d6
For others: d10
With love: d8
With violence: d12

Yes? Good?

I started picking my forms, mostly as it doesn't effect the choices of others.

A strength:

Name: a short sword

Description: a short sword, plain and serviceable with a worn hilt, even more of a veteran than Iraj
It requires that Iraj have the sword on his person and the opportunity to use it.

Form: With violence, action

Significance: 1
Consequential: directly, self-protection

Explosive Cheese
8th of March, 2010, 00:17
Sawrina, a novice mage who seeks tutelage under Enheduana, servant of the demiurge. Managed to talk Deemethreesu into granting her a place on one of his vessels.

With Love: d12
For Myself: d10
Covertly: d8
For Others: d6
Directly: d6
With Violence: d4

Particular Strength: Sheld Family Amulet
Description: A small golden amulet with a brilliant emerald at its center.
It grants the wearer increased understanding of the workings of spells, if they have some innate magical sensitivity. Whenever they are analyzing instructions for casting a spell, the emerald flashes brightly for a moment, and gives them a flash of insight into the workings of the spell.
Form: It has to be used For Myself. For NPCs it's good for Action.
Significance 1: It's unique.
Die: Its die is a d8.

The amulet has been passed down from mother to daughter in Sawrina's family for generations, as a simple family heirloom. The emerald seems to glow with a dull mystic light as it rests on Sawrina's chest, though this light ceases whenever the amulet is not being worn, or is being worn by someone insensitive to magic.

8th of March, 2010, 06:39
Lovely, lovely! Cheese, if you want to assign your forms you're welcome to. You get a d12, a d10, a d8, 2d6's, and a d4 to assign to your forms. The forms are pretty self-explanatory, but feel free to ask any questions. Tag, you're up sir.

8th of March, 2010, 22:31
Layhiri, entertainer and freelance spy, they've yet to determine where her loyalties lie.

Covertly: d12
for Others: d10
for myself: d8
Directly: d6
with Love: d6
with violence: d4

Particular Strength:Perfect Memory

Description: Since a young age Layhiri has been able to recall events and literature with perfect recollection. She's used this talent not only to impress various people as an entertainer, but to avoid some of the uglier paper trails that her more covert work would normally entail.

It takes Layhiri a few seconds of uninterrupted concentration to "find" a particular memory among the myriad of memories she's naturally built up over the years. Alternatively she can "prep" a memory in advance (say in preparation for a recital).

Form: For Others, NPC:action

Significance: 1, Broad: For Myself.

Die: D8

10th of March, 2010, 06:07
Best Interest Round Robin

Deemethreesu, Admiral of the armada

Conquer the coastline and take the ancient fortress, so that I may control the mountain pass.

Adar, sailor of the armada

Kurigalzu, Lord of the fortress

Crush the spy tainting my ranks, no matter who they claim to work for. The only good spy is a dead spy.

Jesper, soldier of the fortress

Find Layhiri the entertainer, and make her my wife!

Enheduana, human servant of the demiurge

Escape on one of the ships of the approaching armada, before anyone can find out who I truly am!

Raziel, the soldier carrying the cursed shortsword

Murder the servant of the demiurge, before it's too late!
Hide the evidence of my deeds and kill anyone in a position to uncover me!

Akihiqar, a sage specializing in hunting down magical objects

Seek out the one who bears the magic amulet, and do whatever it takes to get it into my possession.

10th of March, 2010, 06:49
Discover the killer of Leili, a cook in the fortress and one of the first victims of Raziel and his sword

Explosive Cheese
10th of March, 2010, 06:50
It's in Sawrina's best interest to find Enheduana, and become apprenticed to her.

10th of March, 2010, 08:03
Depose Lord Kurigaizu and put his son Karathas (who is much more reasonable about the trade of information) in power.

10th of March, 2010, 10:11
I realize that I had been working under the assumption that the servant of the Demiurge was female. Is it okay if I change her to be female? Otherwise I have to fix my cursed sword NPC.

EDIT: Also, two more interests have been added to the NPC list. You guys are up again!

Explosive Cheese
10th of March, 2010, 11:09
It's in Sawrina's best interests to keep her amulet hidden from all, so that knowledge of it does not reach Akihiqar.

Also, I'm fine with the Demiurge being female. There was a potential interest I was considering that revolved around the servant being male, but this interest is better. And if I really wanted to add that subplot, it could still work with a female servant.

10th of March, 2010, 11:12
It is in Iraj's best interest to protect Lord Kurigaizu from his enemies.

10th of March, 2010, 11:22
Aid her childhood friend Enheduana in escaping.

11th of March, 2010, 05:23
Okay, we're done here. Stay tuned for the next step -- finishing your character sheets and getting the game started!

15th of April, 2010, 10:14
For Karathas:

A strength: Command

A natural born leader, Karathas' words and gestures motivate others into obeying his orders, so long as they are within reason.

It must be used Directly. For NPCs it's good for Action.
Significance 1. It's Broad. It can be used For Others.
Its die is a d8.

Edit: I changed the form to Broad. It works better that way.

29th of April, 2010, 08:22
Oops! I forgot to add your strength to the list. Doing so now.