View Full Version : Full Contact Capture the Flag (10th level)

8th of November, 2002, 10:56
Would there be interest in a game of this format:

Like Battle Royal, 4-player teams.
10th level, normal starting gold.
32 point buy.
Each team recieves 100,000gp which must be spent on a stronghold (requires Stronghold Builder's Guide). The stronghold can be augmented with money from the normal starting gold, but the 100,000gp must be spent on stonghold stuff. Each stronghold can be built however the player wants, but must contain half of a 50ft-wide open space (which will adjoin the other player's space). Each team is given a gem to act as their "flag," which they can place anywhere in their stronghold.

No holds barred. First team to bring the other team's gem across to their side wins.

8th of November, 2002, 12:45
hahahaha - actually, that sounds really kewl!

Unfortunately I don't have the Stronghold Builder's Guide... any way we could work something out?

8th of November, 2002, 21:54
Neither do I but I would be interested......maybe post some info for our sake :)

9th of November, 2002, 08:06
I've got the book, and would like to play. Will the stuff from the stronghold-themed issue of Dragon be allowed?

9th of November, 2002, 19:22
As long as I can have it in front of me, it's legal. I don't subscribe to Dragon, so email me anything useful.

This really requires the Stronghold Builder's Guide, as there are massive amounts of rules stuff involved (everything from cost and relative strength of walls to 1001 pieces of Wondrous Architecture whose pricing scheme I haven't worked out). You won't be able to build a stronghold without it, and I'd have to drastically violate the OGC to put up even a fraction of what's neccesary.

If there's enough interest, I'll create a NPC stronghold and team. Ideally, draw the stronghold maps up in schematic form in a computer drawing program and e-mail them to me.

Odds and Ends:
One, and only one, member of your team must have the Landlord feat, and the 100,000gp replaces the 50,000gp you'd get from that feat.

Skill Focus grants +3, Combat Casting +5. Soldarin's ECL calculator is used for ECL races and templates (any monster from the MM, MotW, or PsiHB is allowed).

HP: Max 1st level, 1/2 every level after that.
Wealth: Normal for 10th-level characters. If you want extra stronghold money, you can spend this on your stronghold.

Death: If a character dies, he/she is reduced to half HP (or half current HP, if slain by a nondamaging effect) and put in "jail," which is a specially-designated stronghold space obeying the same rules as the flag room. A teammate who makes it into "jail" alive releases the prisoners, who teleport back to their team's side of the joint 50ft-wide space. If everyone on a team dies, the other team obviously will have an easier time of it. If both teams all die, everyone is freed as normal.

If you want to take a PrC, let me know. Most splatbook PrCs, especially those from DotF and T+B, have been nerfed in some way (usually by loss of +1 caster level at 1st and possibly other levels, if applicable, since that's simplest).

In general, anything is negotiable, as long as you're polite and I have the relevant game mechanics info in front of me.