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30th of January, 2010, 19:54
Temple of The Mind of Death Sublime (Abyssal Aspected)
Level 3 Creation Manse

The manses' original designer created it as an invitation and a trap for the unwary. It resides on the outskirts of a swamp with a faint haze of mist hanging over it, concealing its' Abyssal trappings from those who do not know what to look for. Warm lights glow through the mist at all times inviting people to come inside and seek shelter and refuge.

Once inside however the manses' aspect is revealed, each room is inlaid with bone and ebony and the faint oils used to preserve the dead can be scented. Trained warrior-monks corrupted and preserved by the buildings' design tend to the manse, to any guests and to the prayer services for the Dead.

Shard of Terrors' Truth
This hearthstone is a black, oily hexagonal piece of basalt with sharp edges that could cut the unwary. The shard is the focus of the worship of death and aids in swaying peoples' opinions to that affect. It adds 3 dice (not dots) to any Charisma or Manipulation roll involving fear, intimidation or corruption.

Maintenance – 2pt
Once a year the Manse demands a sacrifice to be made in the lowest chamber of its’ sprawling complex.

On the stroke of midnight during the heart of Calibration a heroic mortal must willingly drain his blood over the central dais of the hearthstone chamber praising the end of all things. Without the offering of blood, soul and potential the hearthstone, wherever it is located, immediately becomes inert and offers no benefits to the wearer.

Necrotic essence build up continues until the end of Calibration whence the Temple suffers Power Failure.

Guardian (3pt)
Head priest and chief disciple of the End of All, the manse has bound to it a nephwrack that first felt the splinters of Oblivion in its' soul during the end of the Shogun era.

Servant Force (3pt)
All mortals who come to the Temple seek its’ solace and and wisdom. Warrior-monks of the living are bound to the ediface of the manse, maintain it and preach the wisdom of the Whispers of the End to all comers.

Dangerous Tricks & Traps (2pts)