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7th of December, 2009, 13:48
Mission Caliber: III
Mission Bundle: five caliber III cover identities

Scene I Objectives

#1: Interview surviving crewmembers of Florence Nightingale (complete)
#2: Search ship for clues (complete)

Scene II Objectives (ONGOING)

#1: Capture Hans Greff
#2: Capture Wo Triad assassin (target of opportunity)

Main Mission Objective: Recover immunization shipment (CRITICAL)

13th of September, 2014, 11:15 PM (UTC)

Victoria Harbour (Tactical)

Sung chafed at the necessity of driving such an ungainly vehicle at the start of this unit's first mission, but it would have looked odd if a CMC investigation team arrived in a pack of racing bikes and exotic sports cars. So it was that he found himself at the wheel of a boxy, black van with military markings on the side, pulling into a parking spot fifty feet from the break in the tall, barbed wire-topped chain link fence that surrounded Victoria Harbour. The security checkpoint was fairly unassuming - a single booth bathed in yellow light from a series of flood lamps. Two guards...hopefully the credentials they had been given would check out. He could see the massive outlines of ships in the distance. Such a long way to walk on foot.

Siu-Juen's eyes were already scanning the nearest warehouse walls - of course there would be cameras. Well, this is what he got for agreeing to a plan that involved walking through the front door. Well, at this distance they would probably have difficulty getting a positive ID, just a profile shot...

Samuel checked over his bland, gray outfit one more time. He was surprised that his new employers had had the foresight to tailor one of these suits for a man his size, but they did seem to be a step ahead of the game - for the most part - so far. He took a deep, cleansing breath as he watched the others fidget. No one in this crew had more to worry about than him - despite the assurances of the ID73 blokes who had shown up with the suits and phones and briefcases that many non-Chinese were employed in CMC, particularly a melting pot like Hong Kong, he couldn't help but think that there weren't many people in this city who looked much like him. Still, he couldn't quite summon up the fear of exposure that the others seemed to be feeling right now. His cool was...intact.

[You've arrived at Victoria Harbour. You are all dressed as members of a Chinese Military Commission investigative team, which is due to arrive shortly anyway. Emily insisted before you left Ma Tseng's that she had means to delay the real team, but it did sound like time was still a factor. Feel free to come up with names (or not) for your cover identities. I'm not going to generate details like that most of the time, unless it is somehow pertinent to the plot. Also, if you have any special prep that your characters might have done before arriving in the van, go ahead and let me know.]

7th of December, 2009, 14:26
Mission Caliber: III
Mission Bundle: five caliber III cover identities

Scene I Objectives

#1: Set up base of operations (complete)

Scene II Objectives (ONGOING)

#1: Assist Tactical

Main Mission Objective: Recover immunization shipment (CRITICAL)

13th of September, 2014, 11:15 PM (UTC)

Ma Tseng's (Ops)

Case watched Doyle check his watch for the third time since Tac had left. He didn't need to check - he always had a pretty accurate internal clock running, and if a quarter of the Korean's boasting was true, the team was probably at the Harbour by now. It was strange not really knowing - he had watched all the spy movies and TV shows. People at HQ were always in constant communication with the team on the ground, with satellite uplinks and helmet cameras and everything letting them know exactly what was going on. He supposed that when they were actually set up at a permanent location they would have some of this, perhaps all of it. Right now, he felt like he was getting paid to sit around and bullshit while other people took risks, which wasn't too bad of a gig if he thought about it for a second.

Alicia sighed as the man calling himself Brent sat his briefcase down on one of the larger tables in the middle of the room and began rifling through it for papers.

"Mr. Dylan," he began, addressing Ewan. It had not taken her aback at all when they learned that these men from so-called ID73 had been given a false name for Ewan and no names at all for anyone else, though others had poorly concealed their surprise. Of course their real names wouldn't be given to the labor force. It was just good practice to keep things anonymous; this Asian's name was almost certainly not 'Brent'.

"I have here a list of locations that Miss Emily can secure as permanent headquarters for your Operations unit. We can move you immediately and begin bringing in equipment within the hour. She mentioned that you might already have a location in mind, but here they are for your perusal."

He stepped away, leaving the papers but not the briefcase on the table.

"I will be right outside if you need me."

Ewan walked over to the table and picked up the papers, scanning them quickly.

"The three top floors of a high-rise...a private harbor...and a warehouse in Kowloon City. Hmmph."

The others gathered around the aging pointman. Tian's options and Emily's were all laid out, and the decision was probably fairly important, but the sooner they picked one the better. It was foolish to sit around a tea house while a mission was ongoing.

[Discuss a location, pick one, get back to me. 'Brent' is nearby if you have any questions for him, and Emily is a phone call away. Ultimately, we can make any of these locations work, it's just a matter of style/aesthetics/etc.]

7th of December, 2009, 17:56
No one left the van immediately, instead reviewing their gear, and their identities.

"Humberto Ho Hao-Tao," Siu-Juen said. "Is that a real name? Humberto? I don't know if I can say that seriously. Maybe Katsuri can be in charge, pass for Chinese." He unbuckled his seatbelt and leaned forward, poking his head into the next row of seats to get a better look at her. After trading stares for a moment, Siu-Juen withdrew silently.

"...And what am I going to say about the bandages? 'Sorry, cooking noodles yesterday, burned my face'." Siu-Juen slid open the door of the van, and took a deep breath of the dense, humid air rushing inside.

"Somebody else do the talking, I don't get it. Not one bit."

7th of December, 2009, 18:12
"Interesting locations, though as you've seen, my own options match them," said Tian. "Though, I have a yacht we could use to increase the usable space in the harbour. That could allow us to make much of our headquarters mobile—presuming that we can bypass quarantine restrictions."

7th of December, 2009, 22:57
"The only problem I have with the yacht is the possibility of disrupted computer access. I suspect that the impact on my abilities would be almost negligible, but on the off chance that the the others need my help to shut off an alarm or something and I can't, it could be deadly.

7th of December, 2009, 23:11
"Let the lady talk. Not much for conversation here."

Preston double-checked his weapon placements, assuring himself that if the shit hit the fan, he'd be ready to respond in time. Not that he was hoping for blood. It made things easier if there was less mess to clean up. Literally.

The gunman reviewed his cover name, hoping he'd remember to respond to it correctly. Assassins didn't do the cover stuff much, and what he had in the way of Private Investigator experience was focused mainly on interrogation, intimidation, and violence, not fake IDs and sweet-talking. A good bullet to a knee cap wasn't deadly, but it got people talking PDQ. But back to the ID thing, they couldn't come up with a better name than Jack? At least they hadn't come up with the last name Hoff to really set it up.

7th of December, 2009, 23:28
Kate frowned, looking them over.
"My stuff's going to take up a lot of space... I'd rather not go with the yacht, a little bit too... unstable."
After a few moments, "The high rise? Would have other people going in and out, wouldn't look like an abandoned building. Plenty of room, good access to power and a network."

8th of December, 2009, 00:33
"Cao? Really? They decided to name me Cao?" Sung shook his head in abject dissapointment.

"Yeah, yeah, let doll face do the talking. That's just fine with me," he muttered as he got out of the van. He could think of at least ten things it was more suited to than actually driving.

8th of December, 2009, 00:48
"I don't like ID73 having the prints all over a place," Ewan replied. "I don't know them well enough to trust all of their motives, so I would prefer to go with one of Tian's locations. The apartment building should satisfy all of our requirements, and there has been enough evacuation of Hon Kong due to Contagion that a partially empty apartment building shouldn't attract too much attention."

8th of December, 2009, 02:14
Kat let out a deep irritated sigh as she arranged her features to reflect the self importance and business like manner that one in the CMC might wear.
What makes them think I want to do all the talking? It amused Kat greatly that they had to turn to her to get the job done but she really hated being a front man. People pissed her off and having to have too much direct contact with them usually ended in someone's death.

Stepping out of the van Kat walked directly to the guard post, looking every bit as if she belonged there. In fact, the slight look of disgust she had on her face lent itself more to the illusion that she was in charge and less to the repugnance she felt having to take the lead.

"I am Jin-Kia Tou and this is the rest of my investigating unit, we are here to look it to the disappearance of the immunizations so please step aside and let us do our job."

8th of December, 2009, 03:56
Katsuri's confident-seeming advance was briefly blocked by one of the security guards, who stepped in front of them with a bored look on his face, one hand holding a clipboard and the other casually resting on the service pistol at his hip.

The bored look was replaced with one of poorly concealed terror when he saw the gray uniforms and the somewhat murderous look on Katsuri's face.

He stepped aside quickly, muttering hasty apologies.

"Miss, uhh, Jin-Kia..." he stammered without really looking at her, "...the survivors are in building #78, foreman's office upstairs. Take first stairs up to catwalk. Tanker is docked nearby. You can't miss it, only one bearing U.S. markings in port right now. Blessings on you and good day."

Without another glance, he retreated to the outpost. Samuel could hear him chattering in a high-pitched voice to the other guard about his close encounter with 'genuine law', or at least that was how the Cantonese expression for badass motherfuckers from CMC would have come out in English.

Siu-Juen was just happy that their cover identities were the sort that made people reluctant to look him full in the face.

They walked purposefully in the direction of building #78. The harbor wasn't terribly busy, but the few dockworkers in their path were just as eager to get out of the way as the security guard had been. It was a long walk, but without further obstruction it was a quick one.

Building #78 was a warehouse, as expected. The way upstairs was not guarded. They could see a little prefabricated office with brightly lit windows along the catwalk almost directly above them. The warehouse itself was not quite empty - a few scattered forklifts and pallets of wooden crates, but no workers or really anyone at all in sight. Preston marveled at the poor security; if whoever had attacked the Florence Nightingale decided to send assassins to finish off witnesses, they would have an easy time of it.

[Katsuri's Bluff (Deception) check - 21, success. Samuel's Notice check to hear frantic security guard chatter - 28, success.]

8th of December, 2009, 03:57
"Excellent. I will show you the apartment first." Tian produced an expensive-looking black PDA from her purse, and quickly set it to play an image slideshow of the building, for each member of the team to watch; when the PDA reached his hands, Case couldn't help but notice that the PDA was a cheap copy of a Blackberry 8800.

8th of December, 2009, 14:44
Hobb noted the guard's chatter. The mission was still on, no point in bringing it up.
He continued, bringing up the rear, eyes slowly scanning the harbor.

He maintained a passive, calm face, notable in its complete lack of emotion. The others could handle the talking.

8th of December, 2009, 14:56
"Huuuh. Ok."

She watched the slideshow for a bit, then broke away, fishing for a cellphone in the pockets of her jacket.
After a few rings, "Heeeyy Andy. Yeah, set. Uhhuh. No, I'll come around, maybe tomorrow, get some stuff. Yeah. No, they got money, might as well leave the junk at the shack. Yeah, keep Stepland off my back. Yeah. Haha, noooo, silly, I mean clothes. Haha, talk to you later. Bye!"

She walked back, looking at Ewan, smiling. "'k, my equipment is pretty low priority for now. Assuming I won't have much to do until we get ahold of samples, right? I've got enough backlogs of printouts that I could still be productive for a week, so I'd rather you take the time to get better quality stuff. Andy'll hold down the fort, keep my other investors content."

9th of December, 2009, 00:44
Sung hung back in the crowd, not really wanting to be at the foreground. Searching scenes and asking polite questions wasn't really what he was into, and if he had to get back in that box on wheels for any length of time... he gave a small shudder.

9th of December, 2009, 04:41
"Maybe there's an office in here?" said Siu-Juen, confused. "Thought it'd be busier. Maybe the witnesses have been gathered in one place."

9th of December, 2009, 14:03
They continued up the stairs onto the catwalk that wrapped around the interior wall, boots clicking ominously as they approached the foreman's office, which took up an entire corner of the catwalk level.

They were all professionals (to varying degrees, depending on one's definition of 'professional'), so they did not slow their pace when they could see into the office. Five shaken-looking American sailors were visible through the windows, being talked to by a pair of officers from HKPD. One of the officers - an older Chinese man with sharp eyes - turned and stared in the Tactical team's direction. He took in the gray uniforms and visibly sighed.

9th of December, 2009, 16:46
Siu-Juen was feeling exposed and nervous as he entered, a state he resolved to hide by feigning ridiculous self-confidence. Staring the officer in the eye with a wordless, exaggerated simper, he made his way to the side of the room, and let the others speak first.

10th of December, 2009, 01:18
Offering a lop-sided grin, Sung moved to the opposite side from Siu-Juen. He leaned agaisnt the wall and stuck his hands in his pockets, figuring that what they wanted hear was a gentle touch instead of direct intimidation.

10th of December, 2009, 02:08
Everyone's silence was grating to say the least. She thought she would only have to get them in not lead the whole god damned thing. What a bunch of chicken shits this team was turning out to be.
Knowing what she had to do, Kat scanned the room quickly and assumed that the elderly man was in charge. She gave him a withering look as if to ask why he was still here hindering their process. If he knew what was good for him he should have cleared the room as soon as he saw CMC coming down the catwalk.
We will take this from here, leave now.

10th of December, 2009, 02:16
Digging in her purse Alicia pulled out a yogurt and plastic spoon. She didn't care where they were staying as long as they picked somewhere soon, she was tired.

10th of December, 2009, 04:18
Preston was amused at Kat's entrance, thinking that he would have handled it about the same. Except a few choice curse words thrown in there for good measure. If the HKPD hated the CMC, there was no reason to try to play it cool or assuage hard feelings. Fuck em both, he thought as he went about trying to usher the HKPD out. He was vaguely conciliatory in motion, trying to just barely cover a sense of complete disdain for the uniformed police officers, attempting to play on the intense feelings between the two organizations without setting off a firestorm.

10th of December, 2009, 04:28
The younger of the two had finally noticed them just before Kat entered the room, and he looked inclined to jump out a window as soon as mess with them. The older merely straightened to his full height so he could meet Katsuri's eyes directly.

"I am Inspector Jen, and I am not going anywhere until I see some credentials."

10th of December, 2009, 11:12
The inspector took a few steps closer to Kat, past Siu-Juen, who took the opportunity to screw around. Siu-Juen leaned forward and gave the younger officer a thumbs-up, with an expression no less asinine than before.

10th of December, 2009, 11:59
Samuel immediately locked eyes with the older inspector, managing to be remarkably intimidating while giving no overt evidence of threats.
He moved to one of the open corners of the room, saying nothing. Things were going well. Well-ish.

10th of December, 2009, 14:24
Kat gave an irritated sigh. She just wanted these two jokers to leave and the fact that they weren't pissed her off. Reaching into her overcoat pocket she retrieved a small black wallet and pulled out her identification card.

"I am sure you will find everything to be in order, so now you can leave."

10th of December, 2009, 14:57
Inspector Jen said nothing as he grabbed the card, fishing a scanner/reader out of a hip holster at the same time. He flipped the card over without reading it and scanned the microchip on the back.

Everyone in Tac maintained their cool outwardly, but hands were inching for weapons all the same. One chime meant they were clear, two meant they had to kill these two officers and execute plan B, which at this point meant making shit up as they went along, probably with a lot of additional shooting/decapitation/killing with bare hands.

The scanner chimed once, and Jen handed the card back to Kat with a rather sour look on his face. He seemed to believe in following the rules, though; he handed her a cheap, throw-away PDA as he reholstered the scanner and began speaking in rapid Cantonese.

"Here are the notes we have so far. Three of them know nothing, they hid in a dormant boiler as soon as they heard gunfire. The other two-" he indicated a lanky boy no older than nineteen, and a leather-faced man with some missing teeth "-might be able to tell you more. We were just about to interview them when you showed up. Try not to fuck this up too horribly."

He motioned with one hand to the other, who was still staring at Siu-Juen with a bewildered look on his youthful face. They squeezed between the others on their way out; the old man shoulder-checked Preston with surprising strength as he passed, and then they were walking down the stairs and out of sight.

[You can all take part in the interviews. Two people primarily, and you can try to drill the other three for anything the police missed]

10th of December, 2009, 23:08
I'll remember that if I ever see you again, you old coot.

11th of December, 2009, 14:19
Kat waited until the two HKPD were out of sight. She then turned to the five survivors and tried to ascertain from them the following information.

Do they remember any details of the assailants?
Can they explain the order of events?
Did they over hear any of the assailants talking to each other? If so did they hear any information such as names or places?

As soon as they were done answering one question Kat fired the next in quick succession. The survivors gathered from her demeanor that she didn't care if they had any heroic tales or if they were scared shitless. She wasn't there to molly coddle she just wanted her fucking answers so she could get on with finding the missing immunizations.

11th of December, 2009, 15:12
As Inspector Jen had said, three of the survivors knew little more than one can learn while staring at the inside of a dormant boiler, waiting for rescue.

The younger sailor was the first to face Katsuri's tempest of questions. He had a drawl that she found irritating; of course, Kat found most things irritating.

"Well, ma'am...I'm a mechanic, an' I was workin' on a ventilator in the air ducts above the cargo bay when everything went to hell in a handbasket. I heard some shootin', and I don't know nothin' about fightin', so I...so I stayed where I was."

He ducked shamefully as he said this, continuing only after some verbal prodding.

"I thought maybe pirates or somethin', and our captain had taken precautions, said we had somethin' that people might want to steal. The Nightingale runs medical supplies all the time, but nothing real valuable on this side of the world. Anyway, the Cap had a security detail for this trip, an' I was sure the fightin' would be over quick-like. An' I was right, but wasn't five minutes after the guns started going off that I saw everyone bein' led into the bay. Lots of Asians with guns an' swords-" he glanced nervously at the katana strapped to Katsuri's back, "-most of 'em were suited up in fatigues an' such. I don't know a goddamn word of Chinese so I couldn't tell you what they were sayin', but they were smilin' and stuff so I thought maybe they were jus' gonna ransom our ship like they do over off Somalia."

He shuddered then, seeming unwilling to finish the story, though everyone in Tac knew what happened next.

"Then they started shootin'. I didn't watch, but I heard...all sorts of things. Some of them Asians were layin' about with swords, an'...those were my friends, ma'am."

The older man wasn't very talkative at first. Katsuri recognized a hint of Jersey in his brisk voice as he started his own account, but it was hard to tell for sure.

"I'm what passes for tech support on the Nightingale. I was cleaning a virus off the captain's personal computer and talking to the chief of security - good man, Carl was - when we saw four black speedboats, slickest things you ever saw, come out of the dark waters from the west like ghosts. We had almost no warning, but Carl was able to alert some of his team at least as they jumped on board. Half of 'em were dead within the first minute, anyway, but I think Carl must have put up a good fight, because ours weren't the only ones sprawled on the deck when all was said and done. I locked myself in the comm tower and tried to radio for help, but one of those boats must have been housing some jamming equipment. No luck. I had a terminal in the room and I was able to watch things from the ship's surveillance cameras until those filthy Triads found where the media server was hidden and put a bunch of bullet holes in it. They tried to get into the comm room a couple times, but gave up pretty easily. Guess they figured their shitty bomb would finish me off. Lazy pricks."

At the mention of Triads, Siu-Juen perked up involuntarily. Katsuri pressed him on that point, and the man continued, nodding grimly.

"Triads for sure - I've been to Hong Kong more times than I can count, years and years before the British handed it off. I recognized them for Triads immediately. Don't know if it'll help you much, but I saw tattoos on a few of 'em - praying mantis clutching a crescent moon."

This was more than enough information for Siu-Juen - the crescent moon marked the assailants as members of the dominant Triad in Hong Kong - the Wo Group. He'd had occasion to dust a member of the Wo Group more than once, since they were the main rivals of 14K. He'd have to do some research on the praying mantis bit - some offshoot of the Wo Group, probably (there were many).

Katsuri then asked about the bomb.

"Yeah, they planted a bomb in the cargo bay after they did their dirty deeds. But the thing didn't go off. Ha! Stupid motherfuckers."

[Siu-Juen Knowledge check with synergy from Streetwise + interests = 18, success. You can spend action points to boost this and possibly recall what the praying mantis indicates. Otherwise, that will involve an Investigation (Research) check once you all get to home base. If anyone has other questions for the crew, please post them before tomorrow night, when I will move the narrative on to 'investigating the ship for clues'.]

11th of December, 2009, 18:39
"Wo Group isn't stupid," said Siu-Juen, joining the interrogation. "Isn't smart, but isn't stupid."

The next question was obvious, and worse, a better one for the officers. "How long until the police found you? You see them take the bomb out?"

Fortunate to add [roll0] to Siu-Juen's Knowledge check (2/3 per session left). You get a d4 to use against us later.]

11th of December, 2009, 23:42
Abruptly, Siu-Juen recalled hearing some of his 'associates' speaking of an encounter with some Wo punks involved in piracy. He had first suspected they were speaking of media piracy or bootlegging, a lucrative (if mundane) source of revenue for both 14K and the Wo Group. As the conversation had gone on, he had realized that they were talking about 'old school' piracy. Laughable, until the associate had gone on to explain their brutally effective M.O.

Wo Pao - he was almost certain they were dealing with members of the Wo Pao splinter. Praying mantis clutching a crescent moon...that had thrown him at first. It was a kraken, not an insect.

The older man answered his question.

"I kept trying the comm; I suppose it was about thirty minutes after the attack that I finally got through, which means they probably left around then. Shore patrol arrived right after that, maybe fifteen minutes later. They helped us ferry the Nightingale to harbor. As far as I know, the bomb is still on the ship."

18th of December, 2009, 08:33
Siu-Juen and Katsuri concluded the interviews just fifteen minutes after arriving. The others lurked near the door to the office, saying little. Preston noticed a few minutes into the interview that the two police officers were now standing just outside the warehouse door below, clutching styrofoam cups of what he assumed was coffee or tea, judging from the steam. The older one kept peering up at the office - his face was shadowed, but the gunslinger had long since mastered the art of reading body language. A potential foe often revealed too much just by standing a certain way.

The old cop was obviously getting impatient.

Katsuri wrapped things up abruptly when she was sure the Americans had little else to offer. She turned and walked out of the room without even a gesture of farewell for the survivors, and the others fell in behind her. Inspector Jen's face was expressionless as he sipped his tea and watched them leave the building. Their next destination was the Nightingale.

They found it quickly - it was docked in an artificial bay just southeast of building #78. Sung, ever concerned with keeping his bearings in case he had to execute 'plan B', noted that he could probably draw a straight line from the guard post to building #78 to the ship.

The Florence Nightingale was newer and sleeker in design than anyone in Tactical expected when it had been referred to as a 'tanker'. Ideal for outrunning pirates on the open sea, but it probably would have been moving pretty slowly once it entered Hong Kong waters. One loading ramp was extended from the concrete edge of the bay right up to the deck of the ship. There were a few more security guards here, but they quickly got out of the team's way.

[What areas of the ship do you want to search for clues, and in what order?]

18th of December, 2009, 08:41
They all crowded around Tian and her PDA, commenting occasionally on the location's features or shortcomings. After the informal presentation was concluded, there was little serious objection to the apartment building as a base of operations. As long as Emily's seemingly long fingers also reached the Hong Kong Health Advisory Commission, they would have little trouble getting the building classified as a quarantine zone.

Brent returned shortly after.

"Mr. Dylan, have you made a decision? If so, I am sure you are anxious to get your team in place and begin moving in equipment."

18th of December, 2009, 09:02
"Somebody come with me, check the bomb," said Siu-Juen. "It's safe, probably, but let's play with it until we're certain."

18th of December, 2009, 21:07
"Yes Brent, I do believe we have."

He showed Brent the PDA with the address of the apartment building. "This location seems to have everything that we need and more. If you could be so good as to talk to your superiors and see if they can have the location declared a quarantine zone, that would be most helpful."

18th of December, 2009, 21:11
"Maybe go check out that security footage," Sung offers. "The head's going to probably want to see that footage."

18th of December, 2009, 22:02
"Security footage, bomb," Preston began, "but the really important thing is still the vaccinations. Looking at where they were contained, how they were taken, the route they were removed through, and where the ship was boarded and left from are probably the best places to find information about where the vaccines are headed."

19th of December, 2009, 09:48
"I will head down with you Siu-J and we can look over the bomb situation." Kat said as she headed up the ramp.

19th of December, 2009, 10:14
Siu-Juen stifled a laugh at the name. "Suddenly Hao-Tao sounds serious."

The team's footsteps clanked heavily as they reached the end of the steel ramp, stepping on the deck. It was largely open, allowing a clear view of the hazy black ocean, but much of it was dotted with unrecognizable machinery--and corpses that had not yet been removed from the scene.

"Wǒ ko." Siu-Juen strode towards the cargo bay, but paused with distaste as his boots stuck slightly in a pool of brains and blood. "...Let's do this quickly."

19th of December, 2009, 10:46

Hobb accompanied Preston, first checking the hold, then slowly retracing the likely steps the terrorists had taken out. He mostly followed Preston's lead. This wasn't his usual sort of activity; most of the time, investigation was done by others, and his skills didn't seem like they would be needed for this.
Although he did remain thoroughly unimpressed by the scattered bodies.

20th of December, 2009, 06:57
'Siu-J' and Kat walked briskly to the center of the ship, picking their way over corpses - the security team assigned to the Nightingale had mostly perished out in the open; the lack of shell casings around some of them indicated that some had gone down without firing a shot, while others had obviously tried to take a few of the assailants with them.

After a moment, they noticed that Preston and Samuel were right behind them. The survivors had said the bomb was in the cargo bay, which was also most likely where the immunizations had been stored.

The giant loading door directly over the cargo bay was wide open, and a metal stairway wrapping around the edge of the bay seemed to be the only way down. The four of them made their way down to the grisly scene below. Bodies of three or four dozen American sailors were sprawled around the floor or slumped against freight containers. Most had been executed - a single bullet in the back of the head, unless the head had been completely severed beforehand. Blood was everywhere.

While Preston and Samuel made their way to a suspiciously empty space in the bay, Katsuri and Siu-Juen approached a waist-high metal cylinder sitting right in the middle of the carnage.

Meanwhile, Sung had already found the bridge, and from there it wasn't hard to locate the camera system's now-bullet-riddled media server in a cramped, windowless compartment adjoining the large command room (here too, there were bodies, though not nearly as many as in the cargo bay). It was beyond him why the pirates hadn't just extracted the hard drives, as he was about to attempt to do. They would certainly be damaged, but someone from Ops might be able to recover something useful from them.

[The American security team was carrying various shotguns, submachine guns and pistols of caliber I-II quality. I won't bother listing what models unless someone wants to try to salvage them. Keep in mind that such weapons are more likely to be traced, and they must be discarded at the end of the mission.

Here are your base results for some incoming rolls. Feel free to modify with action dice, etc.

Katsuri, Siu-Juen, Preston and Samuel all made Notice checks (results secret; however, I am obligated to ask Mercutio if you'd like to activate Preston's critical threat with 1 action die).

Katsuri's Knowledge check to discern information about the bomb (synergies from explosives proficiency, Streetwise) - [roll0]

Siu-Juen's Knowledge check to discern information about the bomb (synergies from explosives proficiency, Streetwise) - [roll1]

Preston's Search check to find clues - [roll2]

Samuel's Search check to find clues - [roll3]

Sung Hwang's Electronics [repair] check to extract hard drives - [roll4]]

20th of December, 2009, 07:11
[Becca asked me to add a Search check and a Security (disable check) for Katsuri:

Katsuri's Search check to find clues - [roll0]

Katsuri's Security (disable) check vs. bomb - [roll1]]

20th of December, 2009, 07:20
[Kat adds an action die to knowledge check - [roll0] ]

21st of December, 2009, 01:48
[Sung adds an action die to his Electronics check [roll0] ]

21st of December, 2009, 02:49
Preston took one glance at the empty space before them - Samuel had just come to a stop behind him when the gunslinger abruptly turned around and strode to the mechanized lift on one side of the bay. He didn't fancy himself an investigator, and this job was starting to seem not his cup of hard liquor at all, but some things were just obvious.

Three palettes at most, dragged over to this lift by a dozen strong hands...why didn't they use the palette jack?...up the lift...

He took the stairs up at a run and reached the trail once more.

All the way to port...

He bent over, picking up loose packing plastic wrap that no one else had seen. The conclusion was easy - the Triad assailants had dragged three palettes full of immunization crates to the edge of the ship, broken the palettes down and moved however many crates were on the palettes (thirty-three or thirty-four, in his estimation) onto their own boats. They'd probably tossed the empty palettes into the sea right before leaving.

Meanwhile, Kat and Siu-Juen stooped over the smooth-surfaced cylinder apprehensively. It looked to be made of some sort of lightweight alloy, but they weren't sure why it hadn't gone off in the first place, so trying to move it was a risky prospect. Siu-Juen pointed to a hinged panel on one side, and Katsuri nodded before straightening up and walking away. She returned a few moments later with a toolbox in one gloved hand, salvaged from a nearby maintenance closet.

She set it down by the bomb and delicately pried the panel open, revealing a compartment full of wires, but no timer. She leaned in and wrinkled her nose.

"Not on a timer - it is set to go off by remote signal, and didn't for whatever reason...still primed though."

Siu-Juen handed her some wire cutters from the kit; she didn't hesitate, flashing one hand forward into the compartment and snipping a gray wire.

Nothing happened.

"That must have been the correct one," she said wryly.

Sung was oblivious to all of this as he contemplated the damaged media server. He didn't know terribly much about computers, but removing hard drives from an array server was easy - they were mounted right on the front with handles and release triggers. The trick was making sure they didn't take further damage on their way out. Luckily, at the last moment he remembered to unplug the server from the wall - no telling what would have happened if he had tried to remove them with electricity coursing through the machine. That nerdy American could probably tell him if he asked. He shuddered as he placed four damaged drives in a satchel and left the room to find the others.

They were all in the cargo bay, watching Katsuri and Siu-Juen examine the disarmed bomb's core.

"German in make," she concluded while the criminal nodded sagely. "Probably best to take it back to HQ for a real work-over."

The two of them carefully placed it in a padded duffel bag while Preston explained what he had learned about the missing immunizations.

There was little left to do here, and they had probably only been in the Harbour for an hour at most.

[Katsuri's modified Knowledge check to know things about the bomb - 21; Security [disable] check to disable bomb so that it can be removed - 30, success.

Preston gets a threat (natural 20) with Notice check and activates it. For the next minute, he can use his Notice result of 31 to trace the missing palette of immunizations. Other Search checks never occur as they are unnecessary.

Sung Hwang's modified Electronics [repair] check to remove drives - 20, success (good thing you use an action die).

Modifying Unit Status to account for used AD. Also, you have complete both objectives in this scene.]

21st of December, 2009, 03:19
Ops didn't have anything to pack up, so it wasn't three minutes later that Ewan was turning off the few lights in Ma Tseng's that he had turned on and walking down the stairs to lock up.

He made sure everyone had the correct address - they had taken separate vehicles here, so that was how they would be traveling to the apartment building that Tian had suggested.

Before Brent left, he had taken equipment requests from everyone.

"Most of this we will have in inventory right here in the city - Miss Emily has been building up a stock for...a while, now. I am confident we can get 85% of this to you tonight, and the rest within 72 hours. We will see you in an hour."

The drive was uneventful. Ewan had one hand on the black cell phone that was currently his only link to Tactical. He wondered how they were doing.

The apartment building was drab; it had only been empty for a month, but it had a look of disuse and neglect about it that made the eye want to skip right past to one of the adjacent buildings on this block.


He pulled into the private, adjoining parkade, followed almost immediately by Case, and then Alicia. Kate arrived a few minutes later, and finally Tian Au and her bodyguard in a nondescript (yet still luxurious) sedan.

Tian led them inside. There was a community center of sorts taking up much of the third floor, and for the moment it would do for a command center.

Exactly one hour after they had left Ma Tseng's, Brent arrived with friends. Two black vans full of boxes marked with a one, two, three, four or five were unloaded and brought up the elevator to the makeshift HQ.

He smiled apologetically as his men dragged an assortment of folding tables and chairs inside and arranged them for the team.

"We will of course bring more permanent furniture this week. Also," he turned to Case and Alicia, or 'Three' and 'Five' (respectively) as Brent had designated them to avoid needing names, "I will have someone install hard lines to HK's network as quickly as possible. For now you will have to make do with satellite. Many apologies."

He turned to 'Mr. Dylan' again. "You have my number. Call me if you need anything."

No sooner than he had left, Ewan's phone buzzed. He had it to his ear after the first ring. It wasn't anyone from Tactical though. It was Emily.

"Mr. Doyle, I hope your team is done at the Harbour, because I have run out of resources to delay the real CMC team. Get them out of there as soon as you can."

[You all have boxes full of equipment, per your requests in the OOC thread. These also have many of the things that you would expect a small Ops Center to have. We can work out details on anything important later, but office supplies, low PR desktop computers for everyone, a satellite link that Case and Alicia will need to share, etc. are all here.

It is currently the same time at HQ as it is at the Harbour.]

21st of December, 2009, 05:48
"Good. Bags?" He indicated the bags, artfully conveying through slight gestures his intention to carry them.

Samuel was feeling... fairly useless at this point.
Of course, most people could carry a bomb and some fragile electronics without disturbing them, but if a fight broke out... yeah. Fine. Next time.

21st of December, 2009, 07:00
"And now we're leaving." Siu-Juen tapped a decapitated American with his boot. "Feels like we've barely looked around. Still..."

Although sceptical about the certainty of Preston's conclusions, Siu-Juen was certain about a few conclusions of his own. "I figure this job is Wo Pao," he said, as the team left the cargo bay. "It wasn't 14K--there's the tattoos, and that this isn't a PLA bomb--so Wo Group is my next choice. They're strong, good pirates and drug dealers, and they still have some honour and tradition. I could see them stealing immunizations for resale."

21st of December, 2009, 08:39
Ewan sighed and nodded. He hated feeling as out of control of a mission as this, but he reconciled with himself that it was a one off, they weren't set up at all yet.

He dialed the number assigned to Katsuri. "This is Doyle. You need to have left five minutes ago. The real deal is inbound, and you can't be there when they arrive. Make sure you ditch the van." He then gave the address of the apartment complex where they were setting up their permanent operations.

21st of December, 2009, 09:25
Katsuri had just caught the tail end of what Siu-Juen was saying as she snapped her phone closed and slid it back into her pocket.

"It's time to blow this popsicle stand." Kat said picking up the pace.

"We are to get rid of the van mid way. I am assuming that Sung has some sort of vehicle we can use once that is done."

21st of December, 2009, 13:52
Sung didn't have a chance to answer, for they had already reached the base of the ramp and were within earshot once more of the nervous Harbour security guards milling around the Nightingale.

It was difficult for Katsuri not to set a running pace for the team as they began walking back to the security checkpoint. She was pretty sure impersonating law enforcement officials and mucking up a high profile crime scene was something you could get shot for, but they ought to have at least a few minutes to get clear of the Harbour before the real CMC team arrived.

Samuel had slipped into the lead, just ahead of Katsuri, as they reached building #78, the halfway point to their escape. The steady grinding and whirring of nearby machinery made it very difficult to hear anything, so the martial artist didn't notice the staccato report of a pistol echoing from within the building until he was passing the open doorway.

His head swiveled to the right, and his eyes widened slightly at the scene inside.

The younger police officer, whose name they had never learned, was sprawled at the bottom of the stairway up to the catwalk in a pool of his own blood. Two styrofoam cups lay beside him, their contents beginning to mix with his life fluid.

Inspector Jen, meanwhile, had taken cover in the middle of some boxes near the center of the warehouse, and was firing wildly at the catwalks above him with a Beretta clutched in both hands. Samuel could make out several shadowy figures above - all covered from head to toe in loose-fitting black cloth and armed with submachine guns. He could make out the handles of swords peeking over their shoulders as well.

One of the assailants vaulted gracefully off the catwalk, pulling the sword from their sheath in the same motion.


[Samuel's Notice check - 21. Others below that.

The ninjas are armed with MP7A1 submachine guns and katanas.

Round I - to the tune of Muse's 'Assassin' (http://containmentsc.blogspot.com/).

Samuel's action.

Initiative Order

Samuel - 23
Katsuri - 21
Preston - 14
Sung - 12
Siu-Juen - 11
Motherfucking Ninjas - 11
Inspector Jen - 10]

21st of December, 2009, 15:27
Samuel moved alarmingly quickly, running straight towards one of the ninjas on the catwalk. He used one of the boxes for purchase, leaping through the air and landing right in front of the ninja. He shifted his weight slightly; the ninja would only have a second to respond before things got ugly.
The duffels were left at the doorway; the gunslinger could pick them up if the fight moved elsewhere.

[Double move to H3 (can't figure any way to get in range and attack within a round)]

21st of December, 2009, 17:34
"Gh--Diu!" Siu-Juen immediately dove against the wall for cover, and fiddled with the strap holding his Winchester on his back. "Damn! I forgot my goddamn Cool-Z again."

While the rest of the team raced into the warehouse, the criminal took a moment to steel himself, gripping the shotgun with white knuckles. Once the others were in, he took a deep breath, and spun around the corner.

Half action to move to L9 and draw winchester (loaded with shot) incidentally.

Free action to use Black Cat to increase the error ranges of all four ninjas by 2.

Half action to make a standard attack against the ninja in H3--or possibly another ninja that isn't in melee. Attack [roll0] (includes -2 range), Damage [roll1]. If the ninja has a dodge bonus to AC, halve it. If it hits, he needs to make a DC 11 Fortitude save (21 if the attack wounds) or be sprawled.

21st of December, 2009, 21:17
Sung didn't waste any time. Sure, he knew that the smart thing to do was just get in the car and go, but this was serious business. "Ninjas!? Motherfucking ninjas!?" he howled as he drew the massive revolver in one fluid motion, took it in both hands and shot at one the pyjama-wearing, sword wielding assholes that decided to ruin what was otherwise a very smooth operation.

[half action to move to M11; draw revolver as a free action; fire a shot at ninja at F16; using two hands on revolver to eliminate recoil penalty: -2 to initiative count for next round, -2 to hit from range increment. [roll0] Damage: [roll1]
If shot hits, ninja needs to make a Fort save of 12; if wounded 22 or be sprawled]

22nd of December, 2009, 02:38
Preston moved into the area and took a quick look around. As he stopped, he drew his pistols as fast as he could, which must have appeared frighteningly fast, even to those garbed in ninja gear. Before he even really knew what he was doing, he heard the sharp report and felt the recoil from his right hand. An equal report from his left and then another from his right followed in quick succession.

Half action to move to J11. Free Action x2 to draw both pistols. Half Action to attack ninja in J16.

Attack 1 [roll0] (includes -4 for Two Weapon Mastery, +1 for CQB Basics), Damage [roll1]

Attack 2 [roll2] (includes -4 for Two Weapon Mastery, +1 for CQB Basics), Damage [roll3]

Attack 3 [roll4] (includes -4 for Two Weapon Mastery, +1 for CQB Basics), Damage [roll5]

Increase initiative count by one for each successful hit.

22nd of December, 2009, 03:19
Katsuri hastened into the warehouse. Running directly for the ninja that had just descended from the catwalk, she drew her sword in one swift motion, and it sang as it cut through the air. Kat slashed at the ninja in front of her, trying to sever him in two.

[Use Surge of Speed + half action to move 60 feet to E8, drawing katana during move. Attack ninja in D7 once - [roll0] - damage [roll1]. Initiative count increases by 2 next round.]

22nd of December, 2009, 04:05
[spending an action die to activate that threat, bitches]

22nd of December, 2009, 06:34
[Samuel double-moves to I3.

Katsuri uses Surge of Speed and half action to get to get to E8, draws sword on the way, then half action to attack ninja in D7. Hits and threatens, spends action die to confirm, killing ninja instantly. Will save to stave off bloodlust (Subplot) - [roll0] vs. DC 18. +2 initiative next round from readying weapon.

Preston moves to J11, quick draws both guns, and fires three times at ninja in J16 - hits once for 10 damage, forcing DC 15 damage save (ninja succeeds). Misses once, hits again for 4 damage, forcing DC 17 damage save (ninja succeeds).

Sung moves to M11, drawing revolver on the way, and fires two-handed once at ninja in F16 - hits for 12 damage, forcing DC 16 damage save (ninja fails, dies). -2 initiative next round from firing weapon with both hands.

Siu-Juen moves to L9, drawing shotgun on the way. Uses free action to increase error ranges of all ninjas by 2. Fires once at ninja in J16 - hits for 11 damage, forcing DC 22 damage save (ninja fails, dies).

Ninja in H3 levels submachine gun at Sam and fires two three-round bursts at him - misses entirely once (no error), hits with one bullet on second burst, for [roll1] damage (I accounted for your DR in my roll).

Ninja previously hidden in office steps out of western door, moving to C9. Fires one three round burst at Katsuri - hits with one bullet for [roll2] damage.

Inspector Jen reloads pistol, fires once at ninja in C9 (misses).

Round II begins.

Katsuri's action.

Initiative Order

Katsuri - 23
Samuel - 23
Preston - 14
Siu-Juen - 11
Motherfucking Ninjas - 11
Sung - 10
Inspector Jen - 10

Please review and make sure there is nothing reactionary that you want to do before I write up the flavor text and update the map this evening.]

22nd of December, 2009, 07:07
[Spirit Basics to reduce damage by 6 (BAB), to 1 point (minimum)]

22nd of December, 2009, 11:41
With positively unnatural speed, Samuel and Katsuri rushed into the building. Sam veered left, pushing down on one of the boxes as he passed and vaulting onto the catwalk in front of one of the stunned ninjas. Katsuri leaped right over Inspector Jen's head, her katana singing as it left the sheath at her back. As she landed, she brought the sword with both hands straight down the middle of the masked man's skull, cleaving it in two and briefly embedding the blade in his sternum as fountains of blood and brain matter spurted out in every direction.

The other three had stepped methodically through the doorway nearly simultaneously, fluidly drawing shotguns or pistols from holsters and leveling them at the rightmost catwalk, where two of the ninjas were just noticing the new arrivals. The assailants raised their guns to fire, but perished under a withering hail of bullets and buckshot before they could squeeze a trigger.

A fifth ninja rolled out of the open western doorway from the office, firing a burst from his machine gun at Katsuri below, but she easily dodged the volley. Samuel's opponent, meanwhile, was putting as much lead into the air as possible, but with almost supernatural agility the martial artist danced around the barrage.


[Samuel double-moves to I3.

Katsuri uses Surge of Speed and half action to get to get to E8, draws sword on the way, then half action to attack ninja in D7. Hits and threatens, spends action die to confirm, killing ninja instantly. Will save to stave off bloodlust (Subplot) - 15 vs. DC 18. +2 initiative next round from readying weapon. Katsuri affected by bloodlust for 3 rounds.

Preston moves to J11, quick draws both guns, and fires three times at ninja in J16 - hits once for 10 damage, forcing DC 15 damage save (ninja succeeds). Misses once, hits again for 4 damage, forcing DC 17 damage save (ninja succeeds).

Sung moves to M11, drawing revolver on the way, and fires two-handed once at ninja in F16 - hits for 12 damage, forcing DC 16 damage save (ninja fails, dies). -2 initiative next round from firing weapon with both hands.

Siu-Juen moves to L9, drawing shotgun on the way. Uses free action to increase error ranges of all ninjas by 2. Fires once at ninja in J16 - hits for 11 damage, forcing DC 22 damage save (ninja fails, dies).

Ninja in H3 levels submachine gun at Sam and fires two three-round bursts at him - misses entirely once (no error), hits with one bullet on second burst, for 5 damage (I accounted for your DR in my roll). Samuel uses Spirit Basics to reduce this amount to 1.

Ninja previously hidden in office steps out of western door, moving to C9. Fires one three round burst at Katsuri - hits with one bullet for 4 damage.

Inspector Jen reloads pistol, fires once at ninja in C9 (misses).

Round II begins.

Katsuri's action.

Initiative Order

Katsuri - 23
Samuel - 23
Preston - 14
Siu-Juen - 11
Motherfucking Ninjas - 11
Sung - 10
Inspector Jen - 10]

22nd of December, 2009, 12:02
[not describing till I see how the rolls come out.

5ft NW, 15ft up, final attack from mobile offense, [roll0], [roll1] damage. Spending action die to activate threat, continue movement to C5. Surge of speed to G3.]

22nd of December, 2009, 12:07
[Standard attack on ninja in H3, [roll0], [roll1]

Conditionally spending an action die if attack roll is less than 18 [roll2], also spending bonus action die from favored gear for damage roll (not conditional) [roll3] ]

22nd of December, 2009, 12:09
[action die for damage exploded, here's extra's [roll0] [roll1] [roll2] ]

As Katsuri pulled the blade from the dead man's torso she felt the sudden rush of blood pulsating in her ears. Her eyes dilated and her vision narrowed as the world melted away around her. Kat took a giant step forward and propelled herself almost vertically in the air towards the ninja above. Pirouetting in the air she severed the head from the dark-clad assaliant. She barely heard it make a sickening crunch as it fell from the catwalk onto the floor below. A fountain of blood spurted from the neck of the deceased man, covering her in a shroud of red. Before you could scarely blink Kat was standing behind the last ninja. She attempted to skewer the assassin on her blade.

22nd of December, 2009, 12:10
With the situation well in hand, Siu-Juen ran towards the inspector's cover. "How the hell did this happen?"

Move to H7. I won't know what else I do until I see what everyone else does.

22nd of December, 2009, 12:36
It was a measure of Samuel's calm that he did not blink when the tip of Katsuri's bloody katana stopped just centimeters from his face after being driven up the assassin's spine and out his neck. He gazed at the scene of crimson devastation on their side of the catwalk and sighed.

So much for taking prisoners.

Inspector Jen had just finished watching the spectacle above them, holstering his pistol and turning to regard Siu-Juen with an expression that was both appalled and impressed.

"Li had gone to get some more tea - with your lot here, I figured there was a perimeter around the Harbour by now. He got back at the same time they did...poor kid was on his first day, I don't think he even touched his holster before they got him. I ducked behind these boxes and did my best..."

Siu-Juen noticed then the extraordinary amount of bullet holes riddling the crates around them. The old man had endured.

"The Americans..." he gasped suddenly, and without another word he raced to the stairway and began ascending, leaping over bodies with litheness that belied his age.

[Katsuri does all that other shit in TM's posts - the second ninja takes 22 points of damage and fails the DC 21 damage save, dying.


22nd of December, 2009, 12:45
Samuel frowned, lightly pushing the blade aside.

He did something... odd, a sort of jump around the edge, ending on the other side of Katsuri, before quickly moving across the catwalk and reaching the office, possibly beating the inspector.

22nd of December, 2009, 13:08
Samuel was quite a bit faster than the inspector.

It was pretty ugly in the cramped office. The sailors were, of course, all dead, probably gunned down in a few seconds by combined fire while Jen was pinned down by the others.

22nd of December, 2009, 13:16
Sam grumbled, slightly, then spun, jumping down, grabbing the first ninja killed by Katsuri, and ending in front of Siu-Juen.
"Can you identify them?"
He glanced at the inspector. No point in even saying they needed to leave, now.

22nd of December, 2009, 13:32
Siu-Juen did not follow Inspector Jen up the stairs. He just stood back, loaded another shell into the breech of his gun, and gaped at the carnage.

"Kat! Hey Kat!" He waved at her, but she was completely absorbed in the corpse before her; Siu-Juen had to settle with speaking to the other gunmen on the ground. "Hot. She's not a cyborg by any chance, is she?"

Samuel had to repeat himself for Siu-Juen to notice the body he was lifting by the shoulder. "Oh, shit, right. Let's see..."

22nd of December, 2009, 14:46
He holstered his shotgun, and peeled back the ninja's gore-soaked garb to reveal the darkly tanned Asian underneath.

"No tattoos, nothing but acne scars... scary cataracts though. No wonder the guy couldn't shoot straight." On a hunch, Siu-Juen pried open the man's jaw; a clear capsule full of coarse white powder fell onto the ground. "That's poison, I guess?"

The half of Siu-Juen's face that wasn't mummified in dressings was weary and indifferent--until he checked one of the body's hands. He recoiled after touching the tips of the ninja's fingers: they were burned into hideous, fibrous nubs.

"Diu lan Ziu Naam!" he exclaimed, in a voice as excited as disturbed. "These guys are still around? Holy shit! Inspector Jen! We gotta leave, now--we'll drop you off at the checkpoint. Diu!"

He strode towards the exit with sudden vigour, and a broad grin. As passed by Preston and Sung, he muttered "Grab the bags, I'll explain in the van. It's goddamn cool."

Siu-Juen paused at the huge door to Building #78, remembering one last thing. He removed his enormously thick wallet from a pouch in his vest, and took from it a wad of colourful, fake bills, apparently the only type in it. Solemnly, he handed it to Inspector Jen.

"Inspector--take this. For Li."

22nd of December, 2009, 15:01
Samuel grumbled, this time audibly, following Siu-Juen and grabbing the bags still at the door. "Not a good idea. Very not good."
He glanced back at Katsuri. "Tou. Tou. Kat! Now!"
Back to Siu-Juen/Inspector Jen. He was focusing on Siu-Juen. "Unless you mean some other checkpoint?"

22nd of December, 2009, 15:10
"The security checkpoint, or somewhere," Siu-Juen said, rocking his weight from one foot to another. "He can't wait here for backup. Let's go!"

22nd of December, 2009, 23:17
Hearing her name Kat started to come back to her senses, she sheathed her katana and walked over to where Sui-Juen and Sam stood. They both had a look on their face that told her they needed to leave now.

"Grab the body and the bags and let's get out of here" Kat said already turning to head for the door.

22nd of December, 2009, 23:51
"My job's simple, and the description doesn't include 'bellhop.' And I'm sure as hell not carrying a corpse into our vehicle. You want him. You carry him." Preston knelt down, policed his brass, pocketed the shells and pulled three bullets from his jacket. He stood up and reloaded his magazines, then pulled out his nearly empty pack of cigarettes and a cheap zippo. He whispered something under his breath--it sounded like "Om mani padme hum"--crossed himself, took a long drag as he lit the cigarette, and walked towards the van.

23rd of December, 2009, 00:24
Sung had already hefted the bag containing the hard drives and headed toward the van. He was the driver, that was supposed to be it. Just the driver. Nobody said anything about motherfucking ninjas, motherfucking poison, or motherfucking pirates. He just wanted to get back behind the wheel of the van.

23rd of December, 2009, 01:48
Kat glared at the back of Prestons head. "Your job description isn't bitching either but you seem to handle that just fine."

Kat turned to face Sam and pointed to the corpse at his feet. "Could you please carry him to the van?"

23rd of December, 2009, 03:52
What the hell do we need the corpse for? Ugh, whatever.

Sam just grunted, lifted the corpse like it weighed nothing, and followed everyone to the van.

23rd of December, 2009, 04:30
Kat could tell by everyone's body language that they didn't think her idea of bringing the body was a good one. She grumbled "Fine just leave the damn body, if no one wants it or thinks we need it then just leave it."

She made her way back to the van and climbed in the back.

23rd of December, 2009, 04:42
So it's for, what, practice? When you need to see something fleshy to mutilate? Psycho.

Samuel simply grunted, flinging the corpse back. Everyone was in agreement with "let's leave, now," so he didn't see any point in saying it again.

29th of December, 2009, 13:32
Inspector Jen had a peculiar look on his face as he looked between Sam, Siu-Juen and Katsuri, but he said nothing. Finally, they were on their way to the guard post.

The two security officers were still standing around, oblivious to the massacre that had taken place on their watch. They startled when they saw Katsuri covered in blood approaching their booth at a trot, and the lone police officer in their midst. Again, however, they seemed too petrified to ask questions.

Jen harrumphed when it was clear to him that this was their idea of a safe place to leave him.

"I'm calling in backup and going back to the crime scene. I doubt these useless hire-a-cops are ready to die fighting ninjas, so I'm in no more danger here than there. Thank you for your timely rescue, however."

He turned on his heel and marched back into the Harbour, throwing one hard look at the quivering security guards before disappearing into the night.

There was little to do but leave, and quickly. Sung expertly navigated the crowded night-time streets of southeastern Hong Kong to the ID73-owned safe house they had been given as a rendezvous point before heading out. They changed into street clothes and left the van in the back lot. Their personal vehicles were scattered in every direction in discreet locations, but no more than a city block from the safe house, and Ewan's directions to their new HQ were pretty easy to follow.

An hour after leaving the Harbour, they had all arrived at a drab-looking apartment building in the middle of a quiet residential road.

[You are able to leave the Harbour before the real CMC unit arrives, and there wasn't really anything important going on between leaving the Harbour and arriving at your new HQ, so I made some assumptions (Ewan calling someone in Tactical to let them know where new HQ is; also, storing your personal vehicles near the ID73 safe house) to keep things moving. For the moment, everyone can go to the Ops thread, where we will conduct the end of Scene I and the Intel Phase.]

29th of December, 2009, 13:32
14th of September, 2014, 1:30 AM (UTC)

Headquarters (Everyone)

Ops had not been idle while Tactical was out digging up clues and killing ninjas - HQ didn't exactly have a feeling of permanence yet, since practically all of the furniture was collapsible, but it was definitely functional enough to suffice for the remainder of the mission.

Ewan still couldn't shake a certain feeling of vulnerability here. The old instincts died hard, but they hadn't even had time to do a room-by-room check of the building to make sure it was clear. He'd feel better when they really had time to settle in; for now, he'd just have to try to ignore the itch between his shoulder blades.

He was glad, however, that all of his agents were accounted for as Tactical slowly trickled into the building. They had brought a bag of evidence and an alarming report of their activities at Victoria Harbour, but the real work was just now beginning.

[Tactical brought back a disabled, German-made bomb and some damaged hard drives full of security footage. Now would be the time to have your characters interact with those or pull random tricks out of your collective hat to generate enough leads/information to conduct an Intel Phase. Someone from Tactical should probably also brief Ops on the events at the Harbour.

Please remember that you may ask for a hint from me at any time. A few of you may have abilities that let you get a free hint - otherwise, if I give you a hint, I get a GC action die in return.

I'm starting a new session as soon as Scene I concludes, so now would be a good time to blow action dice and other per session resources.]

30th of December, 2009, 00:59
Ewan looked at the somewhat disheveled ops team as they came in through the doors of the temporary operation center that they had created. Despite his nervousness regarding their base of operations he was feeling positive that progress was being made. He was also reassured that the entire team came back intact. Maybe they weren't just a bunch of muppets after all.

"Alright then people, our work's not done yet. Alicia and Case, I want you two working on repairing those hard drives and seeing what sort of villains we're up against here and see if we can generate any sort of leads as to where the vaccinations are now. Tian, Siu-Juen, these seem like people that operate in your usual circles. Can you shed any light on what we are dealing with here? As for the bomb, we know its German made, but can we narrow it down any more than that? I want to know who made it. That might give us another lead as far as who was responsible."

[Using Orders I to give a +1 synergy bonus to Alicia and Case to recover information off of the hard drives. Will use an action die once on the Electronics repair check and once on the Computer check to actually get information off of the drives- from Generous class ability. In case it matters, use Lead class ability to allow Case to make both checks
Also preemptive knowledge checks on the Triad members and ninjas, just in case- +1 synergy bonus from Streetwise applying

Electronic repair action die: [roll0]
Computer action die: [roll1]
Knowledge check Triad: [roll2]
Knowledge check ninja: [roll3] ]

30th of December, 2009, 09:55
Kate appeared late, coming down the stairs just as Ewan was finishing his round of orders. "Ha ha, yay you're back."
She glanced at the stuff they've brought. "Ok, some hard drives, and... a... bomb?"

Kate was obviously not prepared for a bomb. "Um. Um. Right... ok... bomb... that's interesting."
She crouched down, looking in the open panel. "Um... I've read some stuff about these sorts of things, a couple of times."
She glanced up at the others. "If someone could actually help get it open, once I see the insides I should be able to figure out what the deal is."

Once open, she disappeared upstairs again. After a few minutes, she returned.

[Once open (does this require a check?), knowledge check, take 20 (1 minute), with a result of 43 (16 + 7 synergy (science) + 20)
Then Science (chemistry, modify or build?) check to deconstruct bomb's internals, recover chemicals, etc: [roll0], plus 1 action dice [roll1]]

31st of December, 2009, 02:31
Case took the hard drives and immediately set about trying to repair them enough to get their info off of them.

[OOC-Do I add Ewan's action die results to my rolls?]

Electronic repair: [roll0] (includes +1 Synergy bonus from Ewan)

(assuming Case is successful)
Computer Access: [roll1]

31st of December, 2009, 03:46
Alica walked over to where Case was fiddling with the hard drives. She threw her cigarette to the ground and snubbed it out with her toe. "Let me see those," she told Case in a somewhat melancholy tone. Taking them from his hands she walked over to her make shift desk and laid the hard drives down on her little folding table.

Analysis check - [roll0] (includes action die from Ewan and Lead bonus)

31st of December, 2009, 13:55
Kate hefted the cylindrical bomb in both hands - it was much lighter than she had expected. She turned it over, popping another compartment open so that she could (carefully) examine the blasting cap, as well as the raw material.

Case had little trouble extracting the platters from the damaged hard drives - it was child's play for a man of his caliber. The tricky part was in rebuilding them on fresh platters (preferably ones that weren't riddled with bullet holes), and filling the massive data gaps however he could. Fortunate redundancies in the file architecture allowed him to do this with ease, and by the time Alicia came by to retrieve the new drives from him he was feeling quite pleased with himself, but at the same time a little bit peeved. It was the sort of work you handed to a technician, not a notoriously talented hacker.

Alicia plugged the drives into the tower at her own desk and sat down. Almost immediately, her eyebrows furrowed. "These are encrypted codecs...ah." Months without practice had momentarily caused her to lock up, unsure of what to do. But Ewan was watching her confidently, and things rattled into place almost immediately. Her fingers were suddenly a blur. She was familiar with this particular encryption, and it wasn't but a minute later that she was staring at the opening frame of an archive marked '09-13-14:1951'. She winced as the scene began to unfold, but at the same time pulled up the other seven archives so that they were playing in sync, showing the massacre aboard the Florence Nightingale from eight different viewpoints. She peeled off frames and scribbled digital notes on them as she watched once, twice, three times...finally, she felt like she had enough information to brief the team.

[Hard Drives: Case has no trouble pulling data from the damaged drives and transferring them to a new one. Alicia scrapes by on her Analysis check (Ewan's action die saves it), but due to Forensic Genius she avoids the other two checks in this complex task.

Bomb: Kate's Knowledge check is overwhelmingly good enough to know everything there is to know about the bomb. Actually dismantling it would take much longer - you can technically do it, but what is your ultimate purpose in doing so? Most equipment found 'on the field' must be discarded between missions, so you can't really stockpile the stuff. Also, it will take a while (longer than the scope of the remainder of this scene, certainly).

I am posting additional information in zachol's and TM's private threads so that they can give their reports at the beginning of the Intel Phase. After that, I'll segue the group into the conference room, unless anyone else has anything they'd like to do during this scene?]

31st of December, 2009, 19:58
[Leaving the bomb alone then.]

3rd of January, 2010, 06:03
Ewan waited until various team members indicated that they were ready to present facts before calling everyone into the adjoining conference room.

The conference room was actually more like a small, amphitheater-style lecture room, with a 'stage' and desk against one wall surrounded by a half circle of rising student seating. Their group would only fill about one fifth of the available seats. A high-end projector had already been installed by Case and wired to the desk, allowing presenters to hook their laptops up and stream content to the white screen on the wall behind them.


[This is the first Intel Phase. Let me explain what a typical Intel Phase will include. First, team members will be given all of the pertinent facts and details relevant to the upcoming mission. Sometimes this will be given by Emily & Co., but most of the time it will be presented by members of Ops and Tactical. After the facts are given, you can all begin discussing your next move. Lots of player participation is encouraged and downright required here - I will be awarding bonus action dice for good presentations and/or discussion of objectives, so please ham it up. Once a course of action has been plotted out to achieve the mission objectives, it's time for gear selection using the standard gear pick rules in Chapter 4. We'll go over those when we get to that point. After gear selection, we progress immediately to the next scene.

In this Intel Phase, Alicia, Kate and Siu-Juen all have presentations (right?). You can go in any order.]

3rd of January, 2010, 13:57
Alicia slowly got to her feet and tucked a small laptop under her arm as she descended to the desk below. Laying the device down she sauntered over to the light switch and dimmed the lights. Walking back to the desk she softly cleared her throat as she opened her computer. Bending over the laptop the team could hear her rapid typing as the screen behind Alicia flashed from a blank blue to a dark still of a high tech looking boat.

Looking up at her fellow associates she cleared her throat again, in a some what low, clear voice Alicia began her dissertation. "At 1951 hours the assailants pulled up to the Florance Nightingale in 4 black speed boats".


"It appears one of them contained a jamming device" Alicia said as she clicked a few more keys and a new picture appeared showing a boat with a high tech looking metal antenna.

On the screen a short clip began to play, behind Alicia dozens of men clad all in black began swarming the boat. She paused the clip on a frame and highlighted one of the men.


"Approximately 30 masked men carrying a variety of weapons including handguns, swords, machine guns, and such boarded the ship. Most were wearing black from head to foot except for a few who were donning short sleeved shirts that revealed this tattoo." The screen then flashed to a picture of a kraken holding a crescent moon.


"The assailants seemed to know exactly what they were after and where it was located because less then a minute later half the men can be seen entering the cargo hold. Not long after the rest joined them leading their hostages by gun point." At that moment Alicia stopped talking and fished a cigarette out of her coat pocket. She lit it up, took a drag and exhaled a long breath of smoke before continuing. She hit a key on her computer and behind her a massacre played out. Once all the crew were dead the men gathered up the crates and proceeded to load them on to their ships. The screen abruptly goes black.

"The footage ends at 2014 hours, I assume that is when the server was shot" Alica said through a cloud of smoke. She shut the laptop and returned to her seat.

3rd of January, 2010, 15:54
Frantic, Siu-Juen finished playing with his slideshow just as Alicia finished presenting the footage. He got up and placed his laptop on the desk, hooked it to the projector with a few directions from Case, and took the stage, still imposing in ID73's black CMC tactical uniform.

"So, between the video and the testimony of the sailors, I can identify these men as Wo Pao, the hardest pirates in Hong Kong. Unlike most of the Wo Group, they're almost never seen fighting 14K; Tian can confirm that. Instead, they stay low, waiting for the one or two jobs they can do perfectly every year. These guys don't screw up often.


"It gets better, too. After we searched the tanker, we found an HKPD officer, Inspector Jen, under fire. Also dead witnesses. If it was the guys in the video, it wouldn't be too important, just the Triad covering their tracks. Except it was someone else: the Burned Men."


Siu-Juen tried to stay cool, but couldn't hide his enthusiasm. "Fucking legends, guys. Almost mythical. They're the oldest assassin cartel in the world, totally crazy. They burn their fingertips regularly to avoid identification. I've heard some of them even burn out their eyes, or their faces, to make it even harder. And I've heard some other things they're supposed to do, most too ridiculous to even repeat. In all, they're way scarier than anybody I know.

"Except Katsuri."


"So Wo Pao, one of the most badass Triad splinters in Hong Kong, hires the most badass ninjas in Asia to finish the job. And finish all of it, too: I noticed the Burned Men Kat killed had wire cutters, duct tape, similar crap. It didn't occur to me at the time, but obviously they were planning to repair the bomb after they killed the witnesses."

He detached his laptop from the projector without ending the slideshow. "I haven't figured out what that means. I assumed they just wanted to steal the most expensive drugs in Hong Kong, but..."

Siu-Juen left the thought unfinished. He returned to his seat, grimacing as he considered alternate motivations.

3rd of January, 2010, 20:02
Kate stood up. "Hiiiiii. Um." She seemed particularly unsure what to do, and was eyeing Siu-Jen with a sort-of-grin. "Yeah, I don't have a slide show or anything? I mean, it's not like... well... I mean I hope it's not... required?" She giggled, slightly, then shook her head, focusing.
"Well, I looked at the bomb. The core is a sort of extremely dense explosive that emits a lot of concussive force. It's used for, well, destroying metal structures, like that ship. If it had gone off, the whole ship would've been ripped apart. Like, definitely ripped apart. And all the stuff inside of the hold would've been incinerated first. It's made by this German company, Krach Machen, in Berlin. Everyone just calls the stuff machen, actually. Machen's usually pretty good about keeping tabs on their explosives, and it's pretty uncommon anyway, so there aren't too many paths our ninja friends could've gotten it from. If I wanted some here in Hong Kong..."
She sort of just stared off into space. "I mean, I could actually get some legit, but if for some reason I wanted to be sneaky, there are pretty much just three guys who would have it. One, Skinny Mike, I was actually talking with a few weeks ago. Mike has... a lot of weird stuff. Guns, chemical agents, blah blah, also some really interesting tissue samples, which is why... um. Anyway, for some reason this included machen. However, Mike has issues with the Triads, and gangs in general, and probably also... goddamn ninja pirates and... fiery goddamn ninjas... um... he kept talking about 'sources' and 'not shitting where you eat,' or something. Another one is this guy I only know as Tien. Specializes in explosives, mostly raw. I forget why I was looking into him. The guy I was talking to about Tien was pretty adamant about not even touching the Triads. The third guy is a man named Hans Greff. Greff deals with weapons, mostly, I think. I was actually trying to figure out something with a biological agent dispersal mechanism. Greff was one of the many I looked into. He's kind of an ass. He definitely has machen, he was boasting about Germany, blah blah, and I'm sure he'd be thrilled if some 'chinks' or whatever he thinks of them came looking for 'foreign' explosives."
Kate stopped. Everyone's just staring at me! "So, um, yeah. Machen, designed for, um, ripping apart big metal things like a ship, only guy who would sell it to... um, ninjas is Hans Greff."
After a second, she just sat down, still occasionally glancing at Siu-Jen bemusedly.

4th of January, 2010, 14:03
Kasturi sat perfectly still throughout the first presentation. She was extremely interested in the footage retrieved by Alicia and found herself quite entertained by how gritty yet thorough the massacre was. It reminded her a lot of the time she spent with the Black Lilies. It was fun running with a bunch of girls who got the job done. Mind you she was still running with a bunch of girls...

When Alicia was finished Siu-Juen stood up to give his dissertation. She watched him as he plugged in his computer but soon her mind started to drift to the scrolls that were safely tucked in her napsack. It's not like she needed to see this anyway, she was there. As he scrolled through his power point slides she barely gave any mind to them until he got to the last one. Is that supposed to be me? Better than goddamned ninjas? she chuckled inwardly. As Sui-Juen passed her to once again take his seat she couldn't help but let a small smirk escape, but she quickly rearranged her features to convey indifference.

Kate then bounced from her seat to give her lecture and Kat slowly closed her eyes, trying not to be irritated. Kat really tried to listen to what Kate found, but her bubbly demeanor and ditziness made Kat slightly ill. She leaned back in her chair and kept her eyes shut tight until it was over.

4th of January, 2010, 16:02
Siu-Juen, conversely, was leaning forward with interest.

"Greff, Hans Greff... I swear I've heard of him. There can't be many Germans in Hong Kong." He leaned way back in his seat, tilting his head even farther, until he could see Ewan, upside down, in the row directly behind him.

"Hey, how long is this going to take? Maybe I can make a few calls, and see who knows him."

4th of January, 2010, 23:17
Preston watched all the presentations, as a good soldier should do during intel briefs, but nothing stood out as particularly interesting. The background on the ninjas was amusing, and having watched Katsuri slice a man nearly in two was enough to get the gunslinger's goat a bit, but he felt pretty sure that the ninjas wouldn't pose too much of a threat to him. After all, he was an accomplished swordsman as well as pistol shot.

The bit about the bomb wasn't terribly enlightening until Kate mentioned a possible suspect. When Siu-Juen mentioned that he might be able to get more information, that's when Preston started to pay closer attention. The potential target was more important than the past.

Case winced at all the deaths on screen. He wasn't sure what he had signed on for, but he was pretty sure he didn't want to get shot. And having heard the stories about how efficiently the Tactical folks had been in taking down the ninjas, he was damn sure he didn't want to piss one of them off.

5th of January, 2010, 01:39
Ewan nodded at Siu-Juen. "Almost done here. So, to break it down into what we know so far: Wo Pao, a Triad group that can easily field 30 plus men for an operation steals the vaccines. They then hire these legendary ninja to finish the job with the bomb. The bomb was purchased, most likely from Hans Greff. That is assuming that the bomb maker knew who he was dealing with in the first place, and that it wasn't one of the other two that Kate mentioned who were duped into thinking they were dealing with a party other than the Triad."

He paused, drumming his fingers along the table. "That is assuming that Wo Pao is the top of the food chain and the three weren't hired independently by a fourth group, such as of the Ashes of Adam."

He shook his head. "Well, can't worry about that now. Wo Pao most likely still have the vaccines, assuming of course they didn't already deliver to a buyer. What we need to know is the most likely place that they would have taken the immunizations. If we cannot determine that through other means, I strongly urge that we bring Herr Greff in and ask him some rather pointed questions."

Sung for his part had kept silent during the briefings. He wasn't terribly fond of boats, greatly preferring objects that could move high speed along the ground where he wasn't in danger of drowning. He figured that he could manage a boat if it came down to it, but if it was a matter of getting away quickly he'd prefer a land route. He also couldn't quite understand how jumping around in black pyjamas swinging swords made one inconspicuous. It seemed the kind of behavior that would naturally attract attention.

5th of January, 2010, 08:17
"Dzen! I'll get started," said Siu-Juen. He rose back on his feet, asked to borrow a phone, and stood off to the side, calling friends in the 14K. Judging from how well he managed to continue following the discussion, most of his time was spent on hold.

[Sources check: [roll0].]

6th of January, 2010, 03:48
Siu-Juen snapped his phone shut after a few minutes, confident of his source. The team began discussing options and strategies. Wo Pao would not be easy to find. The infrequence of their attacks meant that every investigation targeting them usually ended in a vacated safe house and a cold trail, only to pick back up a few months later when another incident was successfully linked back to them.

It didn't matter how noisy you were on the high seas as long as you didn't let any evidence float back to shore. Unfortunately, they had done just that when they failed to destroy the Florence Nightingale. It still might not be enough for Ewan's team of misfits to catch up with them before the immunizations were moved out of reach.

The laptop in front of Siu-Juen chimed happily. He had mail...




BORN: 08-31-1982

BIRTHPLACE: Munich, Germany





There was much more. Siu-Juen scanned the documents impatiently for relevant details, summarizing them mentally as he went.

Came from great wealth - the youngest son of a well-to-do German industrialist. Apparently the socialite life had bored Hans. Gradually worsening grades in secondary school didn't keep him out of college (money will buy you anything), but he dropped out in his second year of study. Fell off the grid in 2005 after a stint in rehab for cocaine abuse, only to reappear two years later in Russia, running guns for a notorious criminal syndicate. Family had disowned him at this point, largely because he was actually making a name for himself, threatening to tarnish the Greff reputation. Work in Russia continued until 2011, when unofficial death warrants were issued by the government. Reappeared again in Hong Kong mid-2012 as an established arms dealer.

Deals equally with all the Triads, a habit that he is well aware is dangerous. Never found without a retinue of heavily armed, loyal bodyguards as a result, and is well-known for never showing up for a deal at a place not of his choosing.

(Current residences and haunts are listed, including a penthouse suite, a couple of warehouses he is known to own, and several night clubs.)

[Request check - success. Siu-Juen obtains a caliber II dossier (PR 2) targeting Hansell Greff.]

6th of January, 2010, 07:09
Ewan coughed into his fist. "Alright. Wo Pao could be anywhere, we aren't about to try hunting down a group of legendary ninja, but we do know where this little fucker is, don't we?"

He smiled slightly then. "My suggestion would be to go, kick his door in, and bring him back here if possible. Chances are he's got a contact in the Wo Pao and could put us on their trail. Unless one of you has got a better idea?"

6th of January, 2010, 07:57
"That sounds reasonable," said Tian. She moved Siu-Juen aside to look at the documents. "He doesn't seem to keep much of a schedule, and since there are several nightclubs mentioned I imagine he's a late sleeper."

Siu-Juen nodded. "You figure he's out? We can set an ambush."

"Perhaps. If he's not a fool, he'll keep the building well-monitored, so that he can stay away, or get away, if something happens. You'll need to enter quickly to disable anything and anyone that could alert him. If he isn't there, you'll need to find a way to keep his guard down, and your heads low, until he arrives."

"Sounds like the CMC is going to have a night on the town, too." Siu-Juen turned on his heel, and mimed firing a handgun at Alicia, armed only with his quizzical grin. For the second time Ewan caught Tian scowl, but again, she quickly blanked her expression into something more pensive.

"Not the CMC, I think. By now, that Inspector you rescued will have alerted the actual military commission to the impostors." She tweaked the strap of her dainty black purse twice, quickly formulating another cover. "What if we made this attack look like the 14K putting Greff out of business? No one else knows what type of bomb was placed on the ship--anyone investigating the two events, the impostors at the harbour and Greff's kidnapping, might believe them to be unrelated."

6th of January, 2010, 12:02
"Instead of going club hopping let's try to get a little more exact," Alicia said as she pulled a banana from the black leather messenger bag she had slung over her shoulder. She peeled the fruit and took a giant bite before she once again ruffled through her bag. This time she pulled out her small laptop and sat down cross legged on the floor at the trio's feet. Sounds of furious typing filled the room as Alicia hunched over her computer. Feeling completely in her element Alicia confidently navigated around the road blocks in her way. Within minutes she found the correct path and was tapped directly into Han's cellular line.

"I'm in, now all we have to do is wait for the payoff...hopefully," Alica said as she stuffed the rest of the banana in her mouth. She glanced around. "Oh, and I am going to bug someone in Tac with an audio and visual feed so people at HQ can see what is going on, any volunteers?"

[Using intercept communications targeting Hans, using two personal possession bugs to get an audio and visual feed on volunteer]

7th of January, 2010, 13:00
Three lines of code suddenly flashed across the rapidly changing block of alphanumeric symbols that now filled Alicia's screen. She cranked the volume, and one keystroke later, a sonorous, heavily European-accented voice filled the space around her.

"Say words."

The other end of the line responded in Cantonese; the accent was definitely local.

"Hey. I'm thinking of going to Lu Ming's to get some grub. You down?"

"Certainly. Do you mind if I bring some friends?" the European voice answered, falling into Cantonese as well.

"Not at all. I was thinking I might get a large order of crab legs this time - how about you?"

"Oh, I don't know. I was leaning towards a number 72, or perhaps a 3. My friend Guan enjoys the crab legs greatly, but they are expensive."

"But worth it! Okay, I will see you soon - say, two hours?"

"See you then."

The line went dead.

7th of January, 2010, 13:30
"Well, that was very enlightening," Alicia said as she closed her laptop and stood up. She walked over to the nearest desk, stopped, and began rooting around in her coat pocket. Pulling out a cigarette and a flip top lighter she leaned against the desk and lit up.

"It appears that they were counting on being watched...or listened to as it were. But from what I gather from the conversation-" Alicia took another puff of her cigarette before continuing, "-is that these 'crab legs' they are going to go find are probably guns or bombs...maybe both. His friend 'Guan' is most likely referring to Guan Road in Kowloon City. I am also betting that 'number 72 and 3' is in reference to the address and/or floor number." Alicia flicked the cigarette on the floor and ground it out with her toe. "Han's also said he was bringing 'friends' and we all know what that means."

7th of January, 2010, 19:49
"Can you pull up a map of that area?" Ewan asked. "Let's see what we are looking at."

"I would strong suggest hitting Hans after the meet. We don't know who he is meeting, or what friends they might be bringing along. I'd just as soon attempt to abduct him without dragging a third party into the mix."

Sung raised a hand to be acknowledged. "Why do we want to be loud about this at all? Isn't there some way we could isolate him from his 'friends'?" He looked meaningfully at Tian.

7th of January, 2010, 20:45
Preston piped up. "Since we're not interested in the arms deal or whatever it is, would it not be more prudent to abduct Hans when he returns to his home? Our objective isn't to stop Hans the dealer, but to force him into giving us info on the vaccines."

8th of January, 2010, 05:14
There was a pause before Tian shifted to face Sung. "Certainly, it's best for Tactical to be discreet. Perhaps ID73 has silencers we can attach to your miniguns."

She smirked, and turned back towards the screen of documents. "I doubt he can be separated from his bodyguards on the night of a deal, and they'll have to be dealt with regardless of what we do. More importantly, I recognize that restaurant, Lu Ming."

"Meh wa?" Siu-Juen interjected. "Really?"

"Obviously. I wanted to buy it, briefly, before I learned that it was paying Wo Group one of the highest protection rates in the city. The buyer brought up this specific restaurant to inform Hans of who he would be selling to."

She stood to walk back a row, to where Ewan and Alicia were standing. "It would be far more dangerous, but striking during the deal would give us a second opportunity to find someone who knows the group we're looking for. There's a risk Wo Pao could be alerted by our operation, but there's also a risk that Hans alone can't give us the Triad's location."

Tian crossed her arms low and delicately, hands brushing her elbows, while allowing the two to think.

8th of January, 2010, 06:55
Alicia dug out her lap top once again and within seconds had a map of the area that Ewan asked for.

Kat has been watching the whole thing from the back of the room. She didn't like Preston's, or Ewan's idea for that matter, of waiting. When Tian spoke up Kat jumped on that train. "I agree with Tian, we should strike where the deal is going down. Aren't we on some kind of time limit? Those vaccines are going to move fast so we need to move fast. We know where Hans will be so lets go get him."

8th of January, 2010, 07:34
"You want to ambush an arms deal? With who knows how many players, all at once, with weapons? I'm not one to throw insults around, but that's just stupid! This isn't the Matrix here. You can't just walk into the lion's den and hope that the 5 friends you bring are going to be enough to take down all the bad guys that are going to be present at a weapons transfer. What, you think it's just gonna be Hans and his bodyguards?"

Preston paused for a breath.

"Let's put it this way. If YOU are going to the arms deal to ambush heavily armed and already wary and scared men with itchy trigger fingers, you can count me out. I'll just go back to being a drunk and a whoremonger. I didn't sign on to ID73 just to walk face first into a bullet. Danger is one thing; attempted suicide is something else altogether. Why not just shove that katana in your gut and commit sepuku now? At least that would be an honorable death and not just a stupid one."

8th of January, 2010, 08:50
Kat turned to look at Ewan.

"When you were choosing this team did you have an opening for pussy? If so, it looks like Preston here is your man."

Kat got out of her chair and walked to where Preston was standing. "I mean seriously Preston, all I have heard from you is bitching and whining." She assumed a high-pitched, mocking voice - "'Bellhop is not in my job description, I'm too chicken shit to get the job done, I think I will just hide here and go out when it's safe and mommy is there to hold my hand.' I mean seriously, get it the fuck together, partner. We were brought on to do a job and right now that job is getting the vaccines as fast as possible."

She paused for a moment. When she continued, her voice was more moderate. "I like to do things quietly and stack the odds in my favor too, but sometimes you have to choose between quiet and fast. Do you know how fast stolen goods move in this city? We don't have time for a stake out."

8th of January, 2010, 09:23
"Ah, won't be so bad," Siu-Juen said. "You get extra points for grazing bullets without dying."

8th of January, 2010, 09:52
Sam had been silent during the discussion, simply observing, but here he added something, in his low, rumbling voice.
"Mr. Cody does have a point. We should at least observe the two parties when we get there. Perhaps we can avoid involving the other party completely."

8th of January, 2010, 12:52
"Who died and made YOU Queen Bitch? I take orders from one person here. That's him." Preston pointed at Ewan. "So take your sanctimonious crazy bullshit and sit on it. Walking into an unknown with unknown quantities of unknown players to interrupt an unknown just to snatch ONE GUY is fucking retarded. That's a lot of unknowns. Waiting to snatch Hans AFTER the deal costs you like one hour, maybe, and significantly lowers the STUPID factor."

"Now, this whole conversation would go differently if the arms deal you want to interrupt was actually the selling of the vaccines. THAT would be worth running into the unknown with guns blazing and blades flashing. But all that stupidity just to kidnap one guy who may or, and here's the kicker, may NOT, know dick about what we're after? You called me a pussy. I think you're just batshit insane and have zero, and I mean ZERO, business leading anyone anywhere unless its your head to your ass."

9th of January, 2010, 00:29
Kat focused a withering stare on Preston for what seemed like minutes, until all of sudden she burst out into a fit of laughter. She playfully punched Preston on the arm, hard. "You're all right," she chuckled. Still smiling, she turned to go back to her seat; she was almost there when she glanced back at Preston. "By the way, a lot of people had to die to make me Queen Bitch." She gave him a little wink and continued to her chair.

All this while, Alicia was pinching the bridge of her nose, trying to find a way to make this work. They were all missing something simple, she just knew it. If only she could tap into that intuition that had always served her so well.

[using Intuition - give us a hint about when would be the best time to strike, or an action die]

9th of January, 2010, 00:32
Ewan sat silently, watching the exchange between Preston and Kat.

Muppets. Fucking amateur muppets.

"So. Hans is most likely meeting with members of the Wo group, a faction of which we are currently trying to track down, correct? Hans is of no real consequence to us at the moment except as a means to an end. There are people at that meet that just might have the information that we want. It is a gamble, but one that I am willing to take."

He ground out his cigarette. "Here's what I don't like. I don't like the idea of you lot going into a restaurant armed to the teeth with heavy ordnance and, at worst, everyone who could be a possible source of information ending up dead." He looked meaningfully at Kat. "We need information, not corpses. Kat and Tian are correct, that time is of the essence. I'm working under the suspicion that Wo Pao was commissioned for this heist, and that there is already a buyer for the vaccines. That cuts down our time considerably."

Ewan paused, taking the time to look over each member of his make shift task force in turn. "If you are quite done comparing the size of your respective dicks, I would strongly urge you to work up a plan that involves disrupting the arms meet, taking Hans and the lead negotiator from the other side alive, while minimizing the risks to yourselves."

Ewan smiled then, but it didn't touch his eyes. "Unless you would like to continue this argument and waste the time we don't have."

9th of January, 2010, 01:22
Alicia wracked her brain for the obvious piece that everyone was missing. She went through all of the presentations mentally, checking off facts to try to spark a fresh thought.

Hans was the dealer who had sold Wo Pao explosives...explosives that had failed. The net result of this failure was feared exposure, evidenced by the appearance of (presumably) extravagantly expensive assassins at Victoria Harbour to finish the job.

According to his dossier, he was a cagey, cautious sort of fellow. Why was he meeting with someone from Wo Group for a spontaneous deal hours after one of his products failed them, with disastrous consequences? Shouldn't he be in hiding?

This meant that he didn't know that his product had failed the Wo Pao pirates. If he didn't know, that meant no one told him...

If no one told him...

Alicia's eyes widened.

Hans Greff wasn't going to leave that arms meet alive.

9th of January, 2010, 08:32
"Enough. We'll get started." Tian's slender fingers raced across the buttons of her PDA, entering a few Chinese characters.


She then removed a few notes from her stationery pad. "We have to determine what equipment we need as we work out our plan, as there is most an hour and a half to gather it before Hans arrives. Perhaps we'll find most of it in Emily's stockpile, but if it can't be delivered fast enough, I'm keeping in touch with 14K."

"Then our plan is... driving there, shooting up the place, then leaving with two people," said Siu-Juen. He had moved back to the front of the room, to pace behind the desk. "More than that. But we have a place to start the plan."

"Then we need transportation for seven." Tian's pen darted across the note with exacting, practised speed. "Sung drives, Siu-Juen keeps the hostages safe, and the rest follow on motorbikes."

"No, wait!" Siu-Juen stopped and leaned forward against the desk, knocking over a box of blue pens. "I should take a second vehicle to drive the others."

"The last time you drove, your eye socket was crushed and you lost part of your liver. And your passengers were killed on impact." Tian's flawless teeth were clenched as she glared at him. "You are not driving."

Siu-Juen fell back, to grumble and sway in the desk's chair. "Ceoi seoi. Two of them made it to the ambulance."

9th of January, 2010, 09:47
[While you are busy planning out your mission and selecting gear, why don't you tune in to the blog for a minute and listen to Containment's new theme song (http://containmentsc.blogspot.com/)? I explained the choice in the latest blog post, if anyone cares.]

9th of January, 2010, 11:36
While everyone else was talking and arguing, Sung grabbed a pen and paper and started jotting things down.

"My wish list," he said with a grin.

[[OOC]Sung's Gear
Vehicle Pick 1: Fast Attack Boat- Caliber IV Pick (Caliber II+2 upgrades)
Size: C (4x16); Occ: 5+16; A/T: 4/6; MPH: 40/60; D/S: 6/+12; Cargo: 1.5 tons; R/F: 16/G; Qualities: CMF(sea), FMP(5), LOB (radar H), OPN 1/2 cover, SEN (radar 1). Upgrades: Acceleration Increase I, Top Speed Increase I; 20 mm gatling gun
Vehicle Pick 2: Police cruiser- Caliber III Pick (Caliber II+1 upgrade)
Size: L (2x3); OCC: 1+4; A/T: 5/6; MPH: 70/145; D/S: 9/+14; Cargo: 250 lbs; R/F: 7/G; Qualities: Redundant systems (crew), rugged
Upgrades: Police Services Package; Structural Reinforcement; Run Flat Tires; Top Speed Increase I; Security Package I
Weapon Pick: 3 concussion grenades
Electronics Pick: Encrypted Tactical headset radios for the team- PR 5
Charisma Picks 1+2: M60s attached to firmpoints on the fast attack boat
Charisman Pick 3: 6 extra vehicle upgrades]

Common item picks (5):
Handcuffs (x2)
Life jacket
leatherman multi-tool
one reserved item

9th of January, 2010, 12:58
"Safer idea. Take out Hans on his way to the meet. Show up at the meet where there will be unsuspecting Wo Pao waiting to whack Hans. We accomplish both goals--capture Hans and take some Wo group prisoner--without walking face-first into a hail of bullets. This also potentially keeps the animosity between Wo and Hans on the forefront, as we can make it look like Hans has put us into play. That keeps Wo from looking for a new third-party group, and ensures ID73 stays on the DL."

Case missed most of the argument and the rest of the discussion as his head was buried in his laptop. About a minute or two after Tian and Siu-Jen's tete-a-tete, Case glanced up and said, "There. Gotta sat photo of the meet locale."

OOC - Out the door to work. Will post rest tomorrow.

9th of January, 2010, 17:55
Tian nodded. "That's possible, Preston, but it will make our timeframe more stringent. The tactical team will leave earlier to tail and run down Hans, and will have to arrive early enough to stop Wo Group from getting suspicious, and becoming defencive."

Siu-Juen perked up, grinning more mischievously than usual. "You know the best way to stop him from arriving?"


"Introduce the side of his car to the front of a bus."

"He'll never have time to warn the Wo Group," said Tian, hesitantly. "The rest of the team can enter from all sides, execute his guards, and drag him out, all in seconds."

She was glaring at him again. "If the impact doesn't kill him."

Siu-Juen shrugged. "Might not even stop him, if the timing is wrong. But then Sung can take over—if I'm driving."

Tian did not look impressed.

10th of January, 2010, 08:35
Case finished typing a bit, stood up and moved to the podium. He plugged in the monitor cable, muttering to himself about fixing up the system to work wirelessly. When it came to physical activity, the hacker was lazy. The only reason he wasn't fat too was because he was too lazy to really get up for snacks.

He projected a satellite image of 72 Guan Rd, Kowloon City onto the screen. "This here is where the meet is going down. As you can see, there is lots of street access for the area and multiple points of entry. Perhaps with some help on the bug," the hacker nodded at Alicia, "we can narrow down the location Greff will be coming from. With that in mind, we can trace out the optimum path for intercepting the arms dealer before his meeting with the Triads. I recommend we not do it too close to the arms warehouse (don't want to alert Greff's people), but erring closer to Greff's territory than Wo Pao's. Some more info on the meet location--72 Guan Road is a six level parkade in a mixed residential/commercial block on the east end of Kowloon City. It is privately owned and caters to three nearby businesses primarily. The adjacent apartment building buys parking spots for its residents here, but at 3 o'clock in the morning it will probably be pretty devoid of civilian eyes. In other words, a good place to do some illicit business out of the back of a van."


15th of January, 2010, 03:58
After a few minutes of discussion, note scribbling, and map consulting, Ewan cleared his throat, "Let me make sure that I understand what the plan is, as I understand it: Alicia will run a phone trace on Hans, with either Tian or I being the one to keep him on the line in order to establish his exact location. Katsuri and Preston will close in on that location, and tail him as he starts toward the meet, keeping the rest of the team apprised. Sung here is going to take a police cruiser to see if he can pull over Hans and friends, once we determine a likely place for that to happen. If he can, the rest of the team will take out the bodyguards and capture Hans. If Hans fails to comply, Siu-Juen will intercept with an armored vehicle. Meanwhile, Case will hack the camera system at the parkade where the meet will happen so as to give us real time intel on what tactical is up against.

Hans, after capture, will be dumped off to Baojia Zhu, who will be waiting nearby. Baojia will deliver Hans here with all due haste for interrogation. The team will proceed to the meet with the Wo group. If Hans' vehicle is intact, that vehicle should be driven to the meet to keep them off guard. Depending on the timing, an ambush can be prepped ahead of time, though it would be for the best if you assume Wo will be there first. After all, they are hoping to spring their own ambush on Hans. Samuel and Kat will eliminate any peripheral guards, followed by a main attack on Wo, with the primary objective of obtaining prisoners for interrogation. Sung will act as back up in this instance in his cruiser to run interception if needed. We don't need Wo to know we're coming after them."

Ewan paused, looking slowly around the room. "Have I missed anything?"

[Ewan's gear picks:
Resource Skill Training: 4 points in Sense Motive
Resource Skill Training: 4 points in Resolve
Resource Reserved
Security Medical gear, liquid skin patch x6
Security Medical gear, stimulant shot x 6
Weapon M60 for Sung
Bonus Improved Poison, truth serum (3 doses, with 3 antidotes)
Bonus sacrificed for phone trace
Bonus Stress Analyzer, Voice

Common picks:

19th of January, 2010, 03:29
Ewan waited a moment for objections to be raised. The plan had plenty of things that could go wrong, especially at the point where they were supposed to intercept Hans and take him alive, but with two hours of notice before execution you never got a foolproof plan.

He reconsidered after a moment - you never got a foolproof plan, period. This group seemed adaptable. That would have to be enough. He fished the black cell phone out of a pocket and dialed Emily.

On the other side of the room, Tian was already speaking to her backers. She had enough sway in 14K to avoid having to answer too many questions, but she kept giving Siu-Juen dirty looks over the armored car bit. And the corpse.

Katsuri, surprisingly, was also on the phone. She didn't have the resources to field equipment for an entire unit, but she knew what buttons to push in this town to get a few choice items. Very choice items.


Barely forty-five minutes later, the man calling himself 'Brent' had arrived at HQ again with several other plain-looking men - more ID73 goons. But they were welcome, for they brought with them a dozen cases, crates and portable lockers full of equipment (again, marked by number only - Emily had decided that names weren't particularly important for her labor unit to know). Outside in the parkade, a few vehicles were waiting that would not go back with Brent and his crew. 14K's supply drop was a few blocks from here - Siu-Juen had verified that the armored truck was there moments ago. Ewan was not wild about letting a bunch of gangsters (well, gangsters not in the unit) know the location of his HQ, especially while security measures weren't in place.

The entire team had moved back into the ops center, and Tactical was now gearing up, mostly in silence. Alicia was completely absorbed in her preparations for the imminent phone trace, with Tian standing nearby, cell phone in hand.

Preston and Katsuri walked out first, each carefully avoiding eye contact with the other. Their vehicles for this mission were right outside - Kat's sleek, black racing bike and Preston's heavily modded Mazda. One irate exchange later, Kat was stuffing her Carl Gustav and FAMAS in the back of the Mazda and draping a blanket over them. They'd look conspicuous strapped to her back (even more so than a katana).

Sam and Sung left next. They'd ride together in the police car. Before they left, Brent told Sung (or Nine, as Brent knew him) that his attack boat was still being outfitted. He gave the wheelman the address of a small marina/repair shop on the southern end of Kowloon where it would be waiting for him when he needed it.

Finally, Siu-Juen exited, a bounce in his step that was always present when he was about to get an opportunity to jump out of exploding vehicles.

Case was furiously typing away at his own console, oblivious to Tactical's departure. Kate was still looking over some of the things in her crates, trying to decide whether to retreat to her makeshift lab upstairs or stay here and watch the action.

Ewan waited a few minutes until he was sure everyone was on the road, then glanced at Tian and Alicia, nodding once.

[We are now entering scene II and a fresh session (I will reset everyone's resources in Unit Status). I am re-opening the Tactical thread as well, so Tac characters post there from here on out.

LP - you can initiate the phone call as soon as you want. It is assumed that Alicia will start the trace as soon as Hans picks up. You will need to make some sort of check to keep him on the line at the 30 second mark, the 1 minute & 30 second mark and the 2 minute & 30 second mark (3 checks total). More checks may be necessary depending on the way the conversation goes, but those are the bare minimum. It will take a few back and forth posts between you and I to resolve the entire conversation.

Here is the final list (barring final common item selections by z):

Gear Pick List

Tian's Gear

Resource Pick - feat training (armor basics [medium]) for Siu-Juen
Tradecraft Pick - improved fear poison
Charisma Pick I - vehicular upgrades for Siu-Juen
Charisma Pick II - weapon upgrades for Tian, Katsuri, Siu-Juen
Charisma Pick III - skill boost gadget (Bluff)
Charisma Pick IV - work group (Investigation)

Tian's Common Items

2 reserve

Siu-Juen's Gear

Weapon Pick I - Thompson M1928 with upgrades
Weapon Pick II - CTS TL-8 grenade launcher
Vehicle Pick - armored truck with upgrades
Resource Pick - body, corpse
Charisma Pick I - racing motorcycle with upgrades
Charisma Pick II - two caliber I skill boost gadgets

Siu-Juen's Common Items

Oven Cleaner
2 reserve

Kate's Gear

Electronics Pick I - sacrificed for team pick (caliber IV phone trace)
Electronics Pick II - two caliber I pairs of thermal goggles to Sam and Katsuri
Security Pick - two caliber I medical gear picks - atropine shots x3 (Preston, Sam, Siu-Juen), stimulant shots x3 (Katsuri, Siu-Juen, Sung)
Gadget Picks I, II, III - attribute boosters (Dexterity) for Preston, Siu-Juen, Sung
Charisma Picks I & II - attribute boosters (Strength) for Sam & Katsuri
Charisma Pick III - healing gadget (Sam)

Kate's Common Items


Sam's Gear

Weapon Pick - heavy wire whip (custom weapon, boosted to caliber IV by Katsuri)
Security Pick - two caliber I medical gear picks - stimulant shots x3, blood expanders x3
Charisma Pick - Hydroar flamethrower

Sam's Common Items


Ewan's Gear

Resource Pick I - skill training (4 points in Sense Motive)
Resource Pick II - skill training (4 points in Resolve)
Resource Pick III - reserved
Security Pick I - Medical gear - liquid skin patch x6
Security Pick II - Medical gear - stimulant shot x6
Weapon Pick - M60 for Sung
Charisma Pick I - sacrificed for team pick (caliber IV phone trace)
Charisma Pick II - improved truth serum poison (3 doses, 3 antidotes)
Charisma Pick III - stress analyzer (voice)

Ewan's Common Items

1 load of blank ammunition for pistol
1 reserved

Sung's Gear

Vehicle Pick I - fast attack boat with upgrades
Vehicle Pick II - police cruiser with upgrades
Weapon Pick - concussion grenades x3
Electronics Pick - tactical headsets for everyone in Tac
Charisma Pick I - M60 attached to fast attack boat FMP
Charisma Pick II - M134 attached to fast attack boat FMP (boosted to caliber IV by Katsuri)
Charisma Pick III - vehicle upgrades

Sung's Common Items

Handcuffs x2
Life jacket
Leatherman multi-tool
1 reserved

Alicia's Gear

Tradecraft Pick I - cover identity (cop) for Sung
Tradecraft Pick II - improved paralytic poison (3 doses, 3 antitodes)
Tradecraft Pick III - sacrificed for team pick (caliber IV phone trace)
Resource Pick - bag full of guns
Charisma Pick I - audio bug (2)
Charisma Pick II - video bug (2)
Charisma Pick III - reserved

Alicia's Common Items

3 donated to Katsuri for extra stockpile of Carl Gustav HE missiles
low mag-microscope

Katsuri's Gear

Security Pick - duty vest, class II
Gadget Pick - healing gadget
Resource Pick - feat training (Weapon Focus [edged])
Charisma Pick I - Bofors Carl Gustav rocket launcher (boosted to caliber IV)
Charisma Pick II - reinforced steel katana (2 upgrades from Tian)

Katsuri's Common Items

1 extra stockpile for FAMAS
1 reserved

Case's Gear

Electronics Pick I - caliber IV computer
Electronics Pick II - caliber III probe software
Electronics Pick III - reserved
Resource Pick - phone trace
Gadget Pick I - speed boost gadget for Preston
Gadget Pick II - silence gadget for Katsuri
Gadget Pick III - silence gadget for Preston
Charisma Pick I - compact sports car for Preston (acceleration increase, control increase)
Charisma Pick II - Benelli M4 Super 90 for Preston (patrol sling, sawed off [coach gun])
Charisma Pick III - flash/bang grenades for Preston

Case's Common Items

Computer peripherals - monitors, printer, webcam

Preston's Gear

Weapon Picks I & II - H&K Mk. 23 chambered with .45 ACP x2
Security Pick - duty vest class IIIa (boosted to caliber IV by Katsuri)

Preston's Common Items

duct tape
zip ties

19th of January, 2010, 03:50
Case's Computers Skill Check - [roll0]

May add action dice if I don't like the roll

19th of January, 2010, 04:01
[Case's strategy was 'L337 Moves', giving him a total result of 32.

The opponent's strategy was 'Code Slinging', giving him a total result of 14.

Case wins this round. The advantages from L337 Moves are Lead and Stress. Thus, the lead shifts from 4 to 3 and Case's opponent takes [roll0] stress damage.

The next round will take 2 minutes.

Per Case's ability digital fingerprints, he makes a Knowledge check now [roll1]. Success - he thinks his opponent's total Computers bonus is +8, and he's never encountered the nameless IT drone before.]

19th of January, 2010, 04:26
Round 2
Case's Computers Skills Check - [roll0]

19th of January, 2010, 04:28
Add 1 action dice [roll0]

Total Computers Skill Check is 30.

19th of January, 2010, 06:12
[Case's strategy was 'Master Cracker' with a result of 30.

His opponent's strategy was 'Security Alert' with a result of 12.

Master Cracker lets Case choose a total number of advantages based on the difference between his check and his opponent's. In this case he gets 5. He chose Probe, Core Command and Lead x3.

Opponent fails Computers (Int) check vs. Probe, allowing Case to execute an additional Core Command. He executes Search to locate camera control system for the parkade, and then executes a remote access script to take control of said system.

Lead shifts from 3 to 1. Next round will take 1 round (as in, six seconds).]

19th of January, 2010, 06:20
Case's Computers Skill Check - [roll0]

19th of January, 2010, 06:22
Action Dice [roll0]

Total Computers Skill Check = 26 + Strategy

19th of January, 2010, 06:35
[Case's strategy was 'L337 Moves' with a total result of 28.

His opponent's strategy was 'Code Slinging', with a total result of 10.

Case inflicts [roll0] stress damage on his opponent, and the Lead goes to 0, resulting in victory for Case. He now has total control of his opponent's computer and can issue core commands at will.]

19th of January, 2010, 06:54
[Theme Song - Edge of Thorns by Savatage http://containmentsc.blogspot.com/]

Case logged onto his newly arrived computer and immediately onloaded his personally developed software. Not that he didn't trust the ID73 hacks to have the best computers available, but he just knew his software was far, far better. He was by far better at computers than anyone he had yet met personally. Perhaps after this ID73 (and that warrant) were all sorted out, and, yes, after the threat to the world had been eliminated, whatever remained of the Cult of the Dead Cow would finally see fit to approve his application. If not, fuck 'em, because he would have proven that he was better than they are anyway.

In a matter of minutes he had managed to overclock the processors, stop extraneous programming, and free up RAM access that even the geniuses at Microsoft didn't know how to engage, and at the same time get his own personal probe and security software installed and ready. Seconds after the Tactical team walked out the door, Case was inside Metrocon's secure servers and ready to muck it up with whatever primitive software security the company had left behind to keep its system safe.

Despite Case's cocksure attitude, he managed to fat finger the security protocol and woke up Metrocon's bot at the access point for the server. It set off minor alarm bells, like those that go off when someone keys in the incorrect PIN for their ATM cards. But a fixed keystroke later and he was in. He could tell that this would most likely be an easy hack. Metrocon probably kept their good shit for high profile targets.

He first adopted a brute force strategy, testing the limits of Metrocon's bot software by throwing the full force of his processing speed across the net. His vastly superior software overwhelmed the baseline product and left it reeling. His system kicked back out an analysis of the digital tracing coming from Metrocon. He was pretty sure he'd never been up against this system before, and judging by its weaknesses, he could see why. It was like Metrocon were high school A/V dorks just setting up their MySpace pages. Professionals my lily white ass, thought Case.

After seeing that he could brute force his way through, he decided to put some code cracking skills to use, and pushed out a probe into the Metrocon system. He was specifically looking for the program files related to the cameras at HMR Parking's parkade at 72 Guan Road. But his probe was so successful in distracting the bot program that he managed to swap in a user access point and got temporary control of the core computer server to run a remote access program for seizing the camera program.

In a scant eleven minutes Case had managed to break in and set the system on its heels. One more brute force probe and he knew he'd have complete control of the whole system. And...there it was.

"That's it. I'm in." Case flicked a few buttons and transferred the camera images through the projector onto the whiteboard. "I've got complete access, and the best part is...they don't even know I'm inside them! Wait, that came out all sexual and wrong. Heh, whatever. I've got them."

19th of January, 2010, 12:05
Tian spent the time that Case was hacking, and much of the previous ten minutes, scribbling vigorously on her stationery. At least once a minute, she would abruptly pause, tear her latest note off the pad, and let it drift into the desk's wastebasket. Her movements were always calculated and precise, but by the end, they were stiff with masked frustration.

The work was to prepare for her conversation with Hans; she was rehearsing possible directions that the discussion might take, and jotting down notes on how she might stay in control. Unfortunately, the premise of the call made most of her usual lines implausible. She knew damn well what a conversation with a weapons dealer was supposed to be: quick, clear, and solicited. None of her own contacts would take this sort of call seriously; would Hans? Would he be stupid enough to even answer the phone?

She tapped her gold pen against the desk, staring at the underside of her wrist, and the time on her Rolex. Less than a half hour to the meeting; unless Hans arrived late, Tactical wouldn't have time to intercept him if they didn't trace him immediately.

The call was a gamble, depending on Hans knowing less about the business than she did. Still, Tian managed to smirk when she dialled the number to his cell phone; there were a lot of notes on the desk, and each carried a considerable selection of lies. She did like to gamble, as long as she was cheating.

[Activate the bluff gadget, and get cracking!]

19th of January, 2010, 12:11
The phone was answered on the second ring. A pleasant, deep European voice rang clearly in Tian's ear.

"Say words."

19th of January, 2010, 13:14
"Hans Greff? Your name has carried far, here in Hong Kong." Tian's voice was more affected and accented than usual, though no less smooth. She had to get him feeling comfortable, quickly, and so couldn't sound too commanding. Nor could she sound too direct; he liked to make his calls in code, and wouldn't appreciate her stating outright that she was 14K.

"I heard from one of the Red Poles that you're supplying one of our competitors, and, well..." She took a moment for him to grasp the implication. "I'm quite impressed. I'd love to do business with you."

[First, activate Tian's improve disposition power. Hans immediately becomes one grade friendlier, unless he's considered a villain, in which case Tian still gets a +2 bonus on all further interactions, and can make checks in 1/2 the time (which is useless).

Bluff/Deception modifier is +18, but I'll take 10 and add an action die to it, making the base roll [roll0]. Apply secret modifiers to taste.

When we reach 30 seconds, I'll take 10 on a Impress/Persuasion check, for a base result of 31.]

19th of January, 2010, 13:21
The other end of the line was silent for a few seconds after Tian finished speaking, and for a moment she thought it was already over.

Then - "That sounds interesting. Would you like to meet for breakfast and discuss it further? I have a yacht."

[Success on Bluff, success on Impress.]

19th of January, 2010, 13:39
Alicia's face was arranged in a grimace of concentration, a cloud of smoke hanging thick over her head. A soft clicking sound filled the room as the keys yielded under her ferocious typing. She was in the zone.

[Seven investigation checks for phone trace, spending action die on any rolls under 20
[roll0] continent
[roll1] nation
[roll2] city
[roll3] 16 block area
[roll4] 4 block area
[roll5] 1 block area
[roll6] specific coordinate]

19th of January, 2010, 13:41
[action dice [roll0], [roll1], [roll2], [roll3] extra's as needed for explosions etc.]

19th of January, 2010, 13:42
[Alicia - total of 3 action dice expended]

19th of January, 2010, 13:44
Alicia looked up at Tian and mouthed "He's in Asia" and broke out into a rare grin.

19th of January, 2010, 13:54
Tian nodded back, and decided to risk a little more enthusiasm. "A yacht? I do love yachts, but the city is quarantined, isn't it? There is the PLA to consider... in a few ways! Is any of their material available? That is important to my coworkers."

19th of January, 2010, 14:13
The voice on the other end sighed. "I forget about the quarantine still. I do have some friends, though...you have a friendly sort of voice, I would love to meet you. Do you like seafood?"

[You don't think he's using code at this point. He's actually asking you out on a date. From this, Tian gleans the following - 1) he is very confident, 2) he is very foolish.]

19th of January, 2010, 14:59
Tian slid most of the notes on the table to the side, leaving just one, titled "Effervescent". She found it hard not to smile.

"Oh—well yes! Have you been to the Shangri-La Hotel? On Supreme Court Road. They have the most delicious lobster—and icewine! You're German, Mr. Greff? Do you have icewine? In Germany?"

20th of January, 2010, 00:26
The voice chuckled. "Eiswein, yah. True story, that particular delicacy originates in my home country. I remember a time..."

While Hans regaled Tian with a rather inane story of his privileged childhood, she paid particular attention to some of the background noise that she was now picking up on his end of the line. There were men shouting (not frantically, more like they were talking across a large room) in German.

"...and they told us the next day that we had spent the night caterwauling some bastardized version of Deutschlandlied while standing on the roof of the villa! I am surprised I didn't fall and break my neck! Of course, my father didn't speak to me for weeks..."

She deduced after a few moments that they were loading up vehicles with supplies. Guns, more like.

"...so the short story is yes, I have had occasion to sample Eiswein. And the Shangri-La is quite posh. Did you have anything in mind?"

[time for another check.]

20th of January, 2010, 06:37
Tian glanced at Alicia and Ewan, hoping they would indicate that they also noticed the background noise. "Oh, a reservation at Petrus for lan—lang—what is the word? We call it lung haa here..."

"Lobster. Unless you mean langoustine."

"Oh. Very sharp, Mr. Greff!" She picked through her notes, deciding on another direction to take the conversation. Hans obviously had pride in his sophistication, and so it would be easy to keep his attention by catering to it.

"You do know your food, and your wine. What would you recommend, Mr. Greff? What do you like?"

[Take 10 on Impress/Persuasion for a 31.]

20th of January, 2010, 07:21
"I confess, the taste of the dish to me is less important than the ah, story behind it. When I was a little boy, or rather a young man, my father would take us to our hunting lodge across the Rhine. Have you ever been hunting? Ahh, there is little enough of that here on this side of the world. My pardons, but you cannot fire a pistol in any direction here without hitting three Chinamen. Back to the story though...we did not use G-P-S, or heartbeat sensors, or any of the other things that take the thrill out of the pastime. It was us, our guns, an old-fashioned map of fifty kilos in every direction, and the ambiance of the woods."

The voices in the background had faded by now. Tian got the sense from the last things she had heard that they were nearly done packing up. She glanced at her watch again. The meeting was in half an hour.

Alicia was still narrowing in on the signal. She was finally getting to useful information - the cellular tower that was currently fielding Hans' line was in Sham Shui Po.

Hans, on the other hand, was so wrapped up in his story that he didn't seem to notice that he was the only one talking now.

"...my favorite, I think, has to be wild boar. They are extinct now, of course, but in my youth there was no greater thrill than standing against the charge of such a beast. We played a game, my brothers and I - Eine Kugel in der Kammer, or One Bullet in the Chamber. It is as simple as it sounds, but oh, the terror! You can imagine of course, standing in the open, staring down the barrel of your rifle at a sinewy monstrosity as it charges. One chance to survive - the best part of the game of course was seeing who could wait the longest to pull the trigger. Three meters is my personal best - that particular boar had such momentum when it died that it still barreled right into me, snapped my rifle in half and nearly my back as well...ha ha!"

[one more check - at this point, Alicia has narrowed down Hans' location to a 4 square block area in Sham Shui Po, where one of Hans' two warehouses is known to be. Preston and Katsuri are ten minutes away.]

21st of January, 2010, 06:17
Once Hans started rambling, Tian knew she didn't have to look at the notes any longer. All she had to do was keep up enough commentary during the story that he could always think of a new subject to talk about, and she could probably keep him on the line for hours.

"Oh, that's dreadful! I was once bitten while eel-fishing with my father—I cried, and cried, and cried. But he was Hoeng Zyu, of course, so he was just embarrassed!"

[Again, take 10, Impress check 31.]

21st of January, 2010, 07:00
"Ah, I've never been much for fishing. I confess, I am an impatient man. Well, my dear...say, did I ever actually catch your name? Daughter of an Incense Chief narrows it down a bit...at any rate, I must be off, I am about to be running late for an errand and I still have a few things to pack. I would love to discuss business and pleasure, not necessarily in that order, with you on the morrow. Say, ten o'clock? My yacht is docked at Pier West 32."

Alicia looked up as Hans was trying to wrap up the call, a smirk on her face. She had the man zeroed, and was now taking a moment to upload a sat image of Greff's exact coordinates to Tactical's PDAs.

[Success. Complex Task complete - keeping him on the phone longer will mark the beginning of a new task if you wish. I'm pushing a new update out to Tactical in the meantime.]

21st of January, 2010, 07:34
14th of September, 2014, 4:15 AM (UTC)

Streets of Kowloon City

Katsuri was waiting at a stop light in northern Kowloon when her ID73-issued smart phone buzzed in her jacket pocket. She flipped it open. It was from Kingsley - a satellite image, one of Greff's warehouses. Not a current image, probably just something from Google Maps, but the coordinates were clearly marked.

She revved her engine, squealed past the car in front of her and shot through the intersection seconds before the light turned green.

Preston watched Katsuri barrel through the busy intersection several cars ahead, a grimace forming on his weathered face. She was careless, and pretty likely to get him and everyone else killed sooner rather than later - it'd be a bit funny if she dragged a bunch of angry traffic cops to Hans' warehouse with her. Not exactly inconspicuous...still, he punched down hard on the accelerator as traffic opened up in front of him, turning left towards Sham Shui Po.

Several blocks south-east, Siu-Juen was idling in an alleyway with the lights off. Sung and Sam were in the cruiser behind him, doing the same. He flipped open his phone and scanned Alicia's uploaded image briefly. They were already in the right area, more or less, if Greff's crew took a normal, expedient route to 72 Guan Road. They'd figure out an exact intercept point soon enough. And then he'd get to blow things up. Or capture Greff, whatever.


Preston reached the block in Sham Shui Po district, where Greff had been pinpointed, eight minutes after getting the call. It was a dingy, industrial neighborhood, with a few squalid apartment buildings but mostly pre-fabricated warehouses and shops of various sorts. A few fast food restaurants provided the only color in sight, with garish neon signs advertising their presence to the late night passersby. The sidewalks were sparsely crowded here - it was not the sort of neighborhood you walked around at night unless you were packing heat and surrounded by friends also packing heat. Preston assumed (correctly) that most of the people he could see were criminals. A few were flaunting tattoos, but he couldn't tell without obviously squinting at them if they were Triad or not.

Kat had arrived a minute or so before Preston, sans traffic cops, and was already on the far side of the block, getting ready to scope out Greff's warehouse.

[How do you two want to approach the warehouse, if at all?

It's not on a main street, and the side street that it connects to is not busy at all. The main streets are decently illuminated, but there are patches of dark in the side street connected to the warehouse.

There are also approaches through alleyways that are almost pitch black, but they are too small for Preston's car. Katsuri could navigate the alleyways with a successful Acrobatics (Maneuver) check.]

21st of January, 2010, 18:16
"Oh, I'm so sorry; tomorrow is too soon. There will have to be a delay."

Tian relished how Hans couldn't read her expression. She allowed herself a petite, icy smile; he would be the one delayed, of course. Still... though she didn't need to prolong the call any longer, she felt she couldn't hang up just yet.

"But next week—the 21st, or the 22nd? Perhaps for the evening, six o'clock? But only if you can cook the lobster, Mr. Greff."

"The 22nd would be fine. It sounds..." The voice paused, as someone in the background yelled at him in German. "...romantic. I—do need to go. But, first—your name...?"

Tian's breath caught unexpectedly.


She turned the phone off.

It was a pity what was going to happen to him that night. He was an painfully clumsy flirt, at least over the phone, but he was still a refined, handsome man, in a very particular industry. If the circumstances were different...

She piled the notes into a neat stack, exactly, yet very slowly. After a moment she dropped them into the wastebasket, and excused herself to go to the restroom. There, she stared at her right arm, still recalling the eel that bit her. There was a scar there, once, but it she no longer had it. She no longer cried, either.

[The theme song of this discussion is Lonely Mystery (http://www.playlist.com/searchbeta/results/514584593).]

21st of January, 2010, 23:42
Preston was content to sit and watch the warehouse, waiting for Greff to come out of the warehouse. He was pretty sure Kat would try something stupid to get a look at their target first or to try to signal to Preston or otherwise make her presence known. It was bad enough that she was using a motorcycle in a tail-and-abduct maneuver, leaving her body exposed to more danger than necessary and making it a lot harder to inconspicuously follow another vehicle.

But he just sat back in the shadows, attempting to remain unobserved. He kept his eyes glued to the warehouse's. His goal was to try to get in front of Greff's vehicle on the way to 72 Guan Rd. It's harder to tail someone from in front, and indeed sounds stupid, but the Hollywood preference for tailing with headlights off from directly behind another vehicle was just about the dumbest thing in modern action movies. The best way to do it right was to have three-man teams and to pass the tail, hand them off when they made turns, and otherwise look just like regular traffic.

Anyone who had ever driven around and paid attention would know that they pass and get passed by the same vehicles many times within the space of even short inner city distances. That's what made tag-team tailing so effective. But Preston didn't think Katsuri had any such training, and was half expecting her, in her impatience and easily provoked anger, to make some sort of bonehead move before the plan to nail Greff could even begin.

22nd of January, 2010, 01:50
Coming to the mouth of the alleyway, Katsuri rested one foot on the ground as she peered down the long and narrow corridor. The way the darkness enveloped every corner made her feel at home, comfortable and confident. She reached over and flicked off the lights and slowly started to prowl down skinny street on her bike. Coming to the base of a fire escape, she killed the engine and pocketed her key as she swung her leg up and over, gracefully dismounting from the motorcycle. After taking a second to pull her black leather gloves snugly over her fingers she started to climb.

[taking 10 on acrobatics and athletics]

22nd of January, 2010, 02:42
[to the tune of Ginger Jumps the Fence (http://containmentsc.blogspot.com/)]

Katsuri had little trouble scaling the side of the apartment building directly across from the back of Greff's warehouse. The top of the building was flat, and three massive air conditioning units concealed the crunch of gravel under her boot as she crept to the edge.

The loading dock, clearly visible from her vantage point, was abuzz with activity. Five black SUVs were pulled up to various bays, and dozens of men were moving back and forth between them and the warehouse interior, crates and cases in hand.

Pulled up along the side was a luxury sedan....Kat pegged it at this distance as a Mercedes e350, probably a couple years old at most. That would be Greff's mode of transport.


A broad-shouldered man was leaning against the car, smoking a cigarette. Not the target, perhaps a bodyguard or driver...she didn't see anything resembling a weapon on him.

She turned her head to continue observing the loading bay, where things seemed to be wrapping up. Presumably, the bugs Alicia had planted on the collar of her leather jacket were relaying all of this back to HQ in real-time, but she whispered into her tac headset for the benefit of her own team.

"Five heavy SUVs, local plates. Six men to each, all well armed - looks like a mix of semi-auto shotguns and assault rifles...mostly German-manufactured. Target is driving a black Mercedes e350 with plate number em-ex-two-seven-ought-three..."

Indeed, she and Preston had arrived just in time - the last of the crates had been loaded and men were now clambering into the SUVs. A man ducked under one of the bay doors as it was closing, pocketing something small as he straightened to his full height and looked around.

Hansell Greff was a formidable-looking man even at this distance. He was wearing a gray overcoat that didn't do a very good job of concealing the fact that he was both armored and packing.

He sighed visibly and stepped off the dock, strolling to the Mercedes where his driver was holding a door open for him.

[Becca opted to not activate the threat on her Search (perception) check.]

22nd of January, 2010, 08:12
Sung gripped the steering wheel of the police cruiser tightly. It wasn't the first time he had been in one to be sure, but it was his first time riding up front.

"Right," he said, as Katsuri radioed the details over. "Wait... five SUVs? No one said anything about five SUVs." He felt his mouth go dry and his hands slick.

Assault rifles and shotguns, and I've got... Samuel Hobb. Alright, that might balance out.

"Which route are they taking?" he asked, almost hoping that they would have to use Siu-Juen and he wouldnt' be forced into trying to bluff his way into convincing an arms dealer that he really wanted to stop for the police.

23rd of January, 2010, 14:17
As soon as Tian got off the phone, Case and Alicia began bringing up images on the wall of monitors that was now the centerpiece of the Ops Center.

One side of the wall was dedicated to displaying twelve different viewpoints of the parkade on 72 Guan Road, courtesy of Case's earlier hacking efforts.

The other was currently displaying three rapidly moving images - the current visual range of Katsuri, Siu-Juen and Sung. Sung's was a little bit grainy, and the acrobatics Katsuri was currently involved in made hers a little bit difficult to follow, but Ewan still felt a lot better with real-time knowledge of what Tactical was up to. He settled into a chair and listened to the sparse radio chatter.

It picked up a few minutes later when Katsuri began reconnoitering, and reporting the numbers they were up against.

While Tactical shot different ideas back and forth across their secure frequency and began formulating a plan to leverage their key advantages (surprise and superior firepower), Ops' attention was redirected to the footage at the parkade. The Wo Triad hit squad had arrived.

[More on the Wo Triad group in a later post. It'll take them a while to set up. I mainly wanted to get across that Ops has eyes in the field now.]

24th of January, 2010, 13:34
Kat got to her feet quickly and trotted to the edge of the building. She considered the distance to the bottom briefly and then vaulted over the lip. Seconds later, she was on her bike and skidding out of the alleyway the way she came. She flew past Preston's Mazda without glancing in his direction.

Preston shook his head. "Okay, a relay, three-block increments...if you think you can manage that simple task," he muttered into his headset. He pulled out onto the road just as Greff's convoy rounded the corner a few hundred meters behind him.

"Uh huh," Kat's voice purred over the comm, laced with sarcasm.

The convoy's formation was fairly typical, Preston noted as he watched them through his rear-view mirror arrange themselves in single file.

"Three SUVs, then the target vehicle, then two more SUVs bringing up the rear," he informed the rest of the team as he reached the first stop light.

Samuel, Sung and Siu-Juen were all huddled around a map of the greater Kowloon area. Given their current bearing, there were two likely routes that Greff's convoy could take, assuming that they wanted to get to the meet on time. The hardest (for Tactical) was Argyle Road. It was a broad, open two-way with many inviting side streets for Greff to make his escape if they botched even one step of the plan that Sung had just laid out.

Easier by far was Boundary Street - narrow, tall buildings on either side, light foot traffic at this hour, and probably crowded enough on the pavement to turn the whole affair into a turkey shoot. Well, a turkey shoot where the turkeys were almost as well-armed as you and outnumbered you six to one.

Preston turned right on the third intersection - much to his surprise, Katsuri was waiting to pick up where he left off, smoothly pulling into the flow of traffic right as he broke off. Smugness radiated through his headset, but he ignored it as he set a parallel course one block west of the procession.

They continued like this, switching off every three intersections and running parallel (sometimes west, sometimes east) with the fluid, nonchalant precision of seasoned professionals. They both missed the irony of the moment, each picking out little details in the other's technique to judge silently. Anyone watching the spectacle from the outside would have said that they complimented each other quite well.

"They're turning east on Boundary," Kat announced five minutes later. Siu-Juen grinned at the other two and jumped out of the police cruiser.

"Move ahead of them, meet us on Cumberland," he crowed, stepping into the armored car. Behind him, Sung was backing out of the alley in the opposite direction at a recklessly high speed. Siu-Juen turned the key in the ignition and the massive diesel engine roared to life.

"We'll have perhaps ten minutes to set this up," Sam chimed in in his deep, commanding voice. "It has to be perfect."

Four minutes later, Preston was pulling into a parking lot that was completely surrounded by office buildings, just north of Boundary Street. A narrow alleyway was his only view of the kill zone, but he wouldn't be staying here long. Katsuri pulled into said alleyway right as he shifted to park. She pulled along beside him and he popped the hatch.

"Okay," Sung was saying over the comm, "Kat will open up with the Gustav..."

They made some last minute revisions as Kat retreated to the alley, duffel bag in hand. She scaled another fire escape and disappeared from Preston's view.

Siu-Juen made a seemingly lazy loop around the next block east, circling around until he was westbound on Boundary. He could see the police cruiser a few cars behind him, but by the time they were approaching Boundary & Cumberland again, Sung had pulled right along beside him. They slowed their pace once they were side by side, much to the irritation of everyone behind them on the two lane road.

"They're in sight," Katsuri barked into her comm. She had slung the FAMAS over her back and was just now finishing loading her Gustav with a HEAT payload. She hefted the tube over her left shoulder and looked down the telescopic sight, drawing a bead on the leading SUV...

Preston was now barreling down Cumberland. He'd just heard Kat over the comm. He knew he'd make it in time - he could see Boundary fifty feet ahead and his light had just turned green. But he hated being late to a firefight.

Sung and Siu-Juen were still side by side when they reached Cumberland. Sung couldn't see the convoy from his position, but Siu-Juen was sitting up higher and had a clear view. It was too dark to see Katsuri on the roof almost directly above the lead vehicle, but he knew she was there.

"It's time," Sam's voice rumbled in Kat's ear.

[Katsuri & Preston cooperative Sneak [Hide] check - 31, success.

Everyone benefits from a standard surprise round. Katsuri opts to attempt a quick ambush and succeeds on her opposed check, gaining an additional surprise round. She has time before the convoy reaches her to both aim and brace her weapon. Everyone can make any number of similar, reasonable preparations before the surprise round. Just list them in your post's ooc brackets under the heading 'before surprise round'.

Surprise Round I (Katsuri Only)

Katsuri - 25

Surprise Round II (everyone in Tactical)

Sung - 27
Katsuri - 25
Siu-Juen - 21
Preston - 15
Samuel - 15

Round I (everyone)

Greff - 31
Driver - 29
Sung - 27
Katsuri - 25
Siu-Juen - 21
Preston - 15
Samuel - 15
Security Detail - 10]


24th of January, 2010, 13:41
[Almost forgot...to the tune of 'Supermoves' by Overdrive (http://containmentsc.blogspot.com/).]

24th of January, 2010, 14:18
Kat pivoted slowly on the spot, keeping the lead vehicle dead center in her sights. The gravel crunched under Kat's and the Gustav's combined weight. Sam's words filled her ears; she took a deep breath and braced herself. As she pulled the trigger she whispered, "see you in Hell motherfuckers."

[attack roll [roll0], explosive damage [roll1] (AP 40)]

24th of January, 2010, 14:23
[spending an action die on the attack roll [roll0] ]
[extra rolls [roll1], [roll2] ]

24th of January, 2010, 15:28
Siu-Juen was watching the rooftop where he knew Katsuri was when she pulled the trigger. A backblast of fire and smoke briefly illuminated her position - a millisecond later, the rocket ripped through the lead SUV's engine, coming out the other side and exploding on the street with a deafening roar. Katsuri barely had time to register that she had missed when the SUV was consumed in a bright, orange ball of flame. Every window facing the street of the office building she was perched on shattered as the shock wave of this secondary explosion slammed into it with full force.

Sung winced as one of the civilian cars followed suit, producing yet a third explosion and sending debris in every direction.

[Katsuri misses her target, subjecting her attack to deviation (target square in this case was P11 [closest square to Katsuri]). Deviation ends up being 2 squares southeast. First blast increment ends up filling the following squares - Q12, Q13, R12, R13. This hits the target anyway, but also hits two civilian vehicles.

Target fails first damage save by 33 (enough AP can turn a damage save into a negative number). This renders it totaled, and also subjects it to three random vehicle damage checks (table 4.17). Results were controls, occupants and fuel. Fuel ignites at this point, causing a secondary explosion with a blast increment of six squares - it does 11 fire damage (AP 8).

Civilian vehicle #1 fails first damage save by 36 and is totaled. Random results on table 4.17 - cargo, fuel, engine. Fuel ignites at this point, causing a secondary explosion with a blast increment of 6 squares - it does 8 fire damage (AP 8).

Civilian vehicle #2 fails first damage save by 33 and is totaled. Random results on table 4.17 - occupant x2, traction.

Guards in target vehicle - Q12 and R12 are in the HEAT missile's first blast increment and fail both their Reflex saves and their damage saves, dying instantly. Others are in second blast increment and must make damage saves. P11 succeeds, P12 fails, Q11 succeeds, R11 fails. Surviving guards are then subject to first blast increment damage from fuel explosion - P11 fails, Q11 fails.

Civilian in vehicle #1 dies from secondary fuel explosion.

Civilians in vehicle #2 die via shrapnel from HEAT missile (random vehicle damage rolls are a bitch).

Other vehicles are in secondary blast increments, taking relatively minor damage (no more failed saves, at any rate).

Surprise Round II (everyone in Tactical)

Sung's action.

Sung - 27
Katsuri - 25
Siu-Juen - 21
Preston - 15
Samuel - 15

Round I (everyone)

Greff - 31
Driver - 29
Sung - 27
Katsuri - 25
Siu-Juen - 21
Preston - 15
Samuel - 15
Security Detail - 10]


24th of January, 2010, 15:50
"Ha ha, that was awesome!"
Kate had been listening, quietly, but still very excitedly, as Tian did her bluffing thing with Greff on the phone.
She had also observed Case and Alicia doing their hacky things. Sure, Kate probably could have done that sort of thing herself, but not nearly as fast, and probably would've messed something up.

She continued to pace around, trying to stay out of the way, munching on a cinnabun or occasionally making soft noises of approval.
She was looking at the parkade situation when her attention flickered to what "tactical" was doing.
"Wait, they're going to... holy shit!"

Kate watched as one of the monitors filled with the low-res picture of the massive explosion in the street, and glanced back at Ewan.
"Um. Is it alright that they just blew up some of those cars? I mean, doesn't just killing random people with rocket launchers lead to problems?"

24th of January, 2010, 16:19
The rest of the bastards in 14K would have loved the fireworks. Siu-Juen, however, had never developed a tolerance to watching civilians die.

"Puk gai! Meh—fucking—what the fuck!" He grabbed his collar, and started yelling directly into the attached bug. "You see that? She just—the bitch killed two fucking cars! Sha bi!"

He forced himself not to look at the wreckage. He kicked in the accelerator, flooding the truck's huge engine with diesel fuel, and with a roar of approval, it lurched into the intersection. Even with all the work that had been done to its engine, from the propane/nitrous injection system down to the new spark plugs, it was still no faster than anything else on the road—but then, nothing else was slowed down by two tons of steel armour.

[Before Surprise Round: load winchester with slugs and grenade launcher with HEAT, use a stimulant shot, and activate Driving Gadget.

Free action: activate acceleration boost to increase the truck's acceleration to [roll0]. Next round it's 5, after that it's 4; until the acceleration is back to 4, the truck is flammable.

Pedal to the metal as a half action. The truck gets up to 27 MPH (1/4 top speed), so the move for a half action is about 60 feet. Drive/Manoeuvre to move Siu-Juen (and the rest of the truck) to P16: 21 (from OOC (http://online-roleplaying.com/forums/showpost.php?p=362912&postcount=770)). If that isn't enough, roll deviation and move him 60 feet that way, or don't move him at all if he would go north. Let's hope he can drive in a straight line.]

25th of January, 2010, 01:06
"Look's like I missed," Kat said as she sat down the rocket launcher and reloaded. She heaved it back over her shoulder and looked down the sight. "Let's hope this one goes better".

[reloading, spending surge of speed to get it done]

25th of January, 2010, 01:13
"Hope you have your seat belt on," Sung said through gritted teeth.

He punched the accelerator down to the floor, his hands loose on the steering wheel as he picked out the flow of traffic, inferred the actions of the other drivers, and found a space for the police cruiser. He was going to try to stick to the plan and hoped everyone else remembered it too.

He almost turned on the lights and siren but decided that doing so was only going to make him that much bigger of a target.

[ooc: drive/maneuver check Goal is to cut in behind Hans. Police cruiser gets up to 36 mph. 1/2 action move is 81'. Spend one action die to trigger driven core ability: Action dice [roll]2d6]

25th of January, 2010, 01:16
Action die roll: [roll0]

25th of January, 2010, 05:03
Sam grumbled, ever so slightly, watching the cars explode. Well, what could you expect, with one of those?
He kept his whip ready, calm as Sung maneuvered through the flow of traffic.

Suddenly, in one smooth motion, he opened the passenger door, somehow moving up and on to the roof of the cruiser, leaping onto a car, then another, then onto and over one of the SUVs, before landing on the hood of Greff's car.

[jump out somewhere around Q16, use surge of speed to move over some cars and end at BB12]

25th of January, 2010, 09:22
Before Preston hit the scene of the abduction, he activated his speed boost. He wanted to be ready for anything. And anything was what he was greeted with as he saw the green light and then the quick successive explosions. He slowed down and opened his door as he approached the corner. Once the car was moving slowly enough, he bailed out, drawing his new specialized pistols as his feet hit the ground. He put his boosted speed to use immediately, hoofing it as quickly as he could go to get to the second van full of mooks.

[Before combat use Speed Boost Gadget. Car starts slowing before initiative. OPen car door halfway. For surprise round, half action to move 50 ft down, ending in R10.

25th of January, 2010, 13:56
Siu-Juen's armored car lurched into motion with a terrifying groan, but Sung had already whipped out in front of him and was speeding down the lane past shocked bystanders and the burning wreckage of Katsuri's first (and hopefully only) unintentional victims.

Samuel scrambled out of his window with grace that belied his massive frame. He army-crawled across the roof of the police cruiser, waiting until Sung was passing the impact zone of the HEAT rocket before launching himself into the air...

"Sheisse! Get us out of here!" Hansell yelled at his bodyguard. Debris from the sudden attack was still raining down on the Mercedes' windshield, but Hans was already running through a dozen scenarios in his head. Who wanted him dead badly enough to attack while he was in the middle of an armed convoy? There were many places where he was more vulnerable...


"What the fuck?! Who is this guy?"

Samuel had just landed on the front of the e350, leaving palm and knee imprints on the fiberglass hood.

"No fucking way..." Hans murmured, grabbing the G36 carbine he always kept handy for when other measures failed. Other measures had not precisely failed yet, but he was angry. He flipped the safety off and punched a button right over his head, causing the sunroof to slide open with a soft click. He stood up in his seat and leveled the rifle at Sam's chest.

"If you've got a death wish, I'll be happy to satisfy it," he snarled as he squeezed the trigger.



Samuel grinned at the providential gun jam, but just then Greff's driver finally began swerving out of the line. The Mercedes spun around in a wild half circle until it was facing Boundary west. Sam leaned into the swerve, barely avoiding being thrown off the hood.

Meanwhile, Preston had reached Boundary just in time to see a rush of panicked civilians speeding off in every direction. He kicked his door open as the Mazda rolled into the intersection, bailing out onto the sidewalk with incredible agility and bounding past the smoking wreckage of the first SUV. By the time he was in sight of the second vehicle on the line, he had a pistol in each fist and was staring down the infrared sights at his first targets.

[Sung successfully maneuvers to Q-R-S:18-19.

Katsuri reloads her Carl Gustav (expending one Surge of Speed). She then must make a Will save to withstand blood lust (spends one action die, success).

Siu-Juen activates acceleration boost and successfully maneuvers (really, just drives in a straight line) to N-O-P:16-17.

Preston jumps out of car (which then slows to a halt in the middle of the intersection) and moves to R10, drawing HK Mk. 23's on the way.

Samuel jumps out of car at Q16, burns Surge of Speed and half action move to reach BB16. This was technically a 13 square move, but I'm allowing it based on awesome cinematic factor.

Round I

Civilians begin scattering (not listing all of the movement, too much).

Greff Quick Draws G36 rifle, uses Surge of Speed to pop open sunroof, then stands in seat as a half action. Uses alpha strike to execute a 4 volley Autofire on Samuel (Sam activates it, causing the rifle to jam).

Driver begins trying to Maneuver Mercedes out of death trap, forcing Sam to make an Acrobatics (Balance) check (20, success) to stay on the hood of the car.

Sung's action.

Greff - 31
Driver - 29
Sung - 27
Katsuri - 25
Siu-Juen - 21
Preston - 15
Samuel - 15
Security Detail - 10]


25th of January, 2010, 14:53
[Sam will activate that error, yes.]

25th of January, 2010, 15:12
[added description, finalized post]

25th of January, 2010, 19:01
Badass description coming within 24 hours.

[Must go faster! Acceleration decreases to 5, speed increases to 48.6 MPH, move increases to 166.32 feet (plenty).

Drive/Manoeuvre check: [roll0] to ram into the front of the second-last SUV, dealing [roll1] damage (AP 8).

The truck takes [roll2] damage (AP 4) from the SUV. Damage save: [roll3], well over the DC.

Reflex save: [roll4] to bail out of the truck, +7 (below), totalling 17. Get on the motorcycle with 5-foot step (Drive checks aren't really movement, right?).

Acrobatics/Manoeuvre: [roll5] to hurtle out of the truck and onto BB19. The motorcycle can accelerate to 80 MPH in one round, so it pretty much owns the map.

Surge of Speed to draw Winchester 21. Use Little Details to disarm Hans as a free action: opposed attack roll [roll6] to fire one-handed into melee. Increased by 2 action dice +1 from Fortunate, doubled to six dice by Accurate: +[roll7] +7 +8 (below), totalling 30.

And, of course, use Black Cat to add 2 to the error ranges of Hans, his Driver, and the two guys in the front seat of the smashed SUV.]

25th of January, 2010, 19:10
Siu-Juen does not fail stunts. Use Fortunate to add [roll0] to the Reflex save, and another action die to add [roll1]+1 (from OOC (http://online-roleplaying.com/forums/showpost.php?p=363002&postcount=785)) to the disarm check, then Fortunate AGAIN to add another 8 (from OOC (http://online-roleplaying.com/forums/showpost.php?p=363003&postcount=786)) to disarm.

26th of January, 2010, 00:01
Sung really wasn't sure what the plan was at the moment, though he did see that Hans' driver seemed on the ball enough to try to get away.

He wouldn't be having any of that though, and if nothing else, he wanted to make sure that Samuel had someplace safe to jump to, if he needed it.

[ooc: Drive/Maneuver to keep up with the Mercedes, ideally, right next to it, with the Mercedes between Sung and the SUVs. [roll0] ]

26th of January, 2010, 00:01
[Spend an action die to boost the maneuver check: [roll0] ]

26th of January, 2010, 01:01
Still grinning slightly, Samuel advanced, grabbing and lifting Hans by the neck out of the sunroof.
He pivoted, bringing Hans in closer, quickly putting him into a lock.

[Grapple woo! Opposed athletics [roll0] (inc. size bonus) with joint lock trick (inflict -4 penalty to skill checks made to escape)]

26th of January, 2010, 01:03
[spend action die [roll0] to boost athletics; if that doesn't work, second action as an attempt at a grapple [roll1] (is that an option?), with joint lock trick]

26th of January, 2010, 01:27
Bracing herself once again, Kat aimed for the last car in the convoy. Very aware of where Sam was she pulled the trigger hoping the rocket would meet its mark.

26th of January, 2010, 01:32
[attack [roll0], damage [roll1] if it hits, surge of speed to drop rocket launcher and go over the side of the building, drawing katana on the way down]

[action die if roll is below 9 [roll2] ]

[ETA: Spending action die to activate threat instead]

26th of January, 2010, 02:25
Preston began pulling his triggers, sighting in on each in the van closest to him.

All attacks at +7 (vice +11) because of Two Weapon Mastery. That's three attacks naturally plus using action die to activate Trigger Happy, gaining a fourth attack. Attack 1[roll0], Attack 2 [roll1], Attack 3 [roll2], Attack 4 [roll3]. Damage 1 [roll4] AP2, Damage 2 [roll5] AP2, Damage 3 [roll6] AP2, Damage 4 [roll7] AP2.

Crap, I forgot you can't preview as it erases the frickin rolls. Rolls in post to follow.

26th of January, 2010, 02:28
Attack 1 -- [roll0] (25), Attack 2 -- [roll1] (18), Attack 3 -- [roll2] (18), Attack 4 -- [roll3] (18).

Damage 1 -- [roll4] AP2, Damage 2 -- [roll5] AP2, Damage 3 -- [roll6] AP2, Damage 4 -- [roll7] AP2.

26th of January, 2010, 02:30
Action Die for last attack roll [roll0] for total attack of 18

And correction--since all the bad guys are within CQB range and I have a laser sight those attacks should have been at +10, so the totals are 25, 18, 18, 18. Added totals in above post too.

26th of January, 2010, 02:37
Attack 5 -- [roll0]

Damage 5 -- [roll1] AP2

26th of January, 2010, 05:20
Before anyone in the second SUV could even begin reacting to their dire situation, Preston squeezed both triggers, shifting his aim only slightly between pulls. Some folks preferred to put as much lead in the air as possible and hope for the best - in that way, Preston was a surgeon in a profession inundated with butchers. By the time the smoke had cleared, four of the bodyguards inside had bullets in their brains. He heard another shriek directly overhead and spared the smoke trail of Kat's second rocket a quick glance as it streaked towards her next target.

While Sung expertly maneuvered around the Mercedes to cut off its only escape route, Siu-Juen was barreling towards the next SUV down the line, a slightly manic look on his face. At the last possible second, he jumped out of his seat and hopped on the bike. It snarled to life and he kicked off just as the armored truck slammed into the front of the Suburban. The crunch of metal on metal was drowned out completely by the ground-shaking explosion of Katsuri's next rocket striking the rear SUV in the convoy. Flames ripped through the interior of the black Chevy, incinerating the guards even as they reached for their weapons or tried to bail out.

The guards were finally starting to react to the situation.

"Run!! We're not getting paid enough for this shit!"

A few of the braver ones, mostly from the middle car that hadn't been hit yet, stepped out onto the pavement and leveled rifles or shotguns at various Tactical members, but the rest were scattering in every direction, trying not to look like a target. One of them aimed a savage shot on Siu-Juen as he ramped off the crashing armored car, but the stuntman just leaned into it, letting his body armor do its job as he drew his Winchester out of its long holster and leveled it at Greff's rifle. It was an impossible shot...really, a stupid one to attempt, considering that they wanted to take the man alive. He squeezed the trigger.

"SHEISSE!" Hans yelled as the G36 was blasted out of his hand by the man on the racing bike. He looked like he had much more to say about this development, but giant arms were closing around his waist as Sam began hoisting the arms dealer out through the sun roof.

[Sung maneuvers around dump truck to cut off Greff's escape (success).

Katsuri fires a rocket at the tail SUV, hitting and scoring a threat, which she activates. I'll give you the short of it this time - target SUV is inoperable and all occupants die (no secondary explosion). Second SUV from the back fails two saves, taking damage to controls and engine, and the two rear occupants die. No collateral damage. Katsuri then drops Carl Gustav as a free action and spends Surge of Speed to jump over the side of the building, drawing katana on the way. 50 foot fall - 30 feet of movement = 20 foot fall, for 4 damage. Acrobatics (falling) check - 23 - she lands on her feet, reduces falling damage to 2. Wire-fu rules reduce falling damage to 1. Ends movement in L10.

Siu-Juen maneuvers armored truck to perform an (almost) head-on collision into second from the rear SUV (fails another damage save, becoming inoperable). Collision causes 7 collision damage (AP 2) to all occupants in both vehicles (so 2 for Siu-Juen after collision resistance). Two occupants of SUV fail their damage saves and die. Other two succeed. Siu-Juen then bails out of truck on motorcycle, uses Surge of Speed to draw shotgun and little details to try to disarm Han as a free action, blowing shitloads of action dice in the process (success). Ends movement in BB19.

Preston full attacks occupants of second SUV from the front. First attack hits driver, who fails his damage save and dies. Second attack hits guy riding shotgun, who fails his damage save and dies. Third attack hits guy behind driver, who fails his damage save and dies. Fourth attack hits guy behind guy riding shotgun, who makes his first damage save. Fifth attack hits same guy, who fails second damage save and dies.

Samuel attempts to grapple Hans (success).

Security Detail (squad II): survivors make Morale checks (facing 1 tactical weapon) - V11 fails by 4, suffering 3 stress damage. V12 fails by 13 and must retreat. Then another Morale check (half of group incapacitated) - V11 succeeds. V12 fails by 8, but already suffering worse effect. V11 steps out of SUV as a half action and fires shotgun off the hip at Preston (miss). V12 steps out of SUV as a half action and retreats to U18.

Security Detail (squad III): Morale checks (facing 1 tactical weapon) - X11 fails by 16 and is forced to route. X12 succeeds. Y11 fails by 4 and suffers 4 stress damage). Y12 fails by 16 and is forced to route. Z11 succeeds. Z12 fails by 9 and is forced to attempt extraction. X11 steps out of SUV as a half action and routes to Z6. X12 steps out of SUV as half action and fires shotgun at Siu-Juen (hits, dealing 9 points of damage - DR = nothing: TKD quality forces Siu-Juen to make a Fortitude save = 20, success). Y11 steps out of SUV as half action and fires a three round burst from assault rifle at Preston (hits once, dealing 10 points of damage - DR = 4). Y12 steps out of SUV as a half action and routes to Z9. Z11 steps out of SUV as half action and fires a three round burst at Preston (hits once, dealing 9 points of damage - DR = 3). Z12 steps out of SUV as half action and takes a 5' step to AA11, then fires shotgun off the hip at Katsuri (miss).

Security Detail (squad IV): Morale checks (facing 1 tactical weapon) - EE12 fails by 3 and suffers 5 stress damage. FF12 fails by fails by 4 and suffers 1 stress damage. Second set of Morale checks (half of group incapacitated) - EE12 fails by 2 and suffers 6 stress damage (passes first stress threshold and is now shaken I). FF12 fails by 3 and suffers 5 stress damage. EE12 steps out of SUV as half action and fires shotgun off the hip at Sung (miss). FF12 steps out of SUV as half action and fires three round burst at Sung (misses).

Round II

Greff attempts to escape grapple (failure).

Driver puts car in park, steps out of car as half action, assuming coiled stance (Brawling Basics). Takes two 5' steps to CC14 and executes wallop (Boxing Basics) on Sam (hits, dealing 14 damage - DR = 12. Reflex save vs. wallop = 18, failure. Sam is drunk for 2 rounds.

Sung's action.

Greff - 31
Driver - 29
Sung - 27
Katsuri - 25
Siu-Juen - 21
Preston - 20
Samuel - 15
Security Detail - 10]


26th of January, 2010, 06:01
His hand a blur under his jacket, Sung drew his revolver, leaned out of the car, and firing off two shots with his revolver at the two thugs who had the temerity to fire at him.

After the devasting explosions of the rocket launcher, the revolver seemed down right quiet by comparison.

[ooc: quick-draw revolver; two half-actions to fire a shot at each of EE13 and FF13. -1 to each attack for firing one handed due to recoil- attack #1 [roll0]; attack #2 [roll1]; damage 1: [roll2]; damage 2: [roll3] ]

26th of January, 2010, 12:26
Preston moved quickly down to the thick of the action, leaping over the agitated occupant of the first van and landing on the third van in the sequence. As he did so, he flipped over in a cartwheel, hands spread wide, pistols taking aim at the closest enemies, those directly underneath his path. It felt like slow-motion to the gunslinger, as each milisecond dragged out. The recoil from each pistol shot sent visible shockwaves up his arms, but the bullets flew about as straight as he could manage given his movement. He landed on top of the third van in line, pistols at the ready to take down any and all armed opposition.

[Half action - move to Z11 using full 50 ft of movement (including vertical movement per wire-fu). Half action - attack mooks at X13, Z10, AA11. Modifier is +10 (+11 Base -4 Two Weapon Mastery, +1 CQB, +2 laser sights) for all three shots. Damage is 1d12 AP2 per attack. I assume you're tracking ammo closely, so each pistol has expended 4 rounds at the completion of this action.]

26th of January, 2010, 14:07
Kat dropped the rocket launcher and stepped up to the edge of the building. Quickly taking in the mayhem around her, a slight half smile formed on her lips. She stepped off the ledge, and as she descended through the air she pulled the katana out of the sheath that was strapped on her back. She landed gracefully on her feet, her knees bent slightly to absorb the shock. Kat broke into a full on run jumping nimbly over Preston's head and landed smoothly in front of him, still running as if Preston had not even been there. She headed directly for the enemy in front of her and leaped through the air just before she reached him. She made a slash at the man's head as she passed above him and landed on the other side. Closing the gap between her and the guard that was now in her line of sight Kat brought the sword over her head to deliver a brutal, top-down slice.

[Surge of Speed to reach Q10, then half action move to reach X10, using Combat Offense on the way to make a final attack on V10. Attack [roll0], damage [roll1].

Then, attack Y10. Attack [roll2], damage [roll3]]

26th of January, 2010, 14:14
[previous round: pin Greff with my free benefit, spend an action die on Reflex [roll0]]

Samuel pivoted, bringing Greff between himself and the bodyguard, and backed away, still on top of the car.
Although it was hard to discern from his now impassive face, he was somewhat worried about the bodyguard.

Not the mooks with the guns, though.

[opposed athletics [roll1], on success move 1 sq E]

28th of January, 2010, 09:11
Siu-Juen tossed his Winchester to the curb nearly as soon as he unloaded the other barrel, and dismounted his bike, drawing his sidearm as he did. It was a QSZ92, a PLA service pistol, very sturdy for its size, which made it perfect for what he did next: he charged into the fight, diving over the hood of the Mercedes and smashing the barrel into the bodyguard's jaw.

[Half action: fire a slug at the bodyguard. Attack 14 (into melee, both hands, error 1-3), Damage 8 (Takedown DC 8, 18 if wounded). (From OOC (http://online-roleplaying.com/forums/showpost.php?p=363206&postcount=842))

Free action: drop the empty shotgun in BB19. Surge of Speed to dismount (5 ft.) and move to CC15. I don't think I have the move to wire-fu onto it, though, so I'll use Athletics/Speed Push: [roll0] vs. DC 20 for another 5 feet for 1 minute, after which I take 1d6 subdual damage that can't be healed tonight. Incidental action: draw the Beretta/Brass Knuckles ("QSZ92").

Half Action: pistol-whip the guard. Attack [roll1] (+1 higher ground? I'm not sure if Spycraft has circumstance bonuses), Damage [roll2] plus [roll3]]

28th of January, 2010, 11:59
Quick as lightning, Sung drew his Redhawk and pushed it through the driver's side window, firing two quick shots at the guards trying to riddle his car (and him) with holes - one of them took a bullet square in the shoulder and reeled backwards, yelling obscenities.

Katsuri raced down the sidewalk, launching into the air right as she reached Preston. She somersaulted over his head and continued spinning, her blade glinting with multifaceted red light from the many fires she had started moments ago. Her aerial acrobatics carried her right over one of the bodyguards - she took his ear off at the base, causing him to shriek in pain, but she cursed quietly as she landed on the other side. She enjoyed toying with her prey, but just now she was going for arterial strikes. She took two more steps and thrust her sword straight forward, attempting to skewer the next minion down the line.

Her contempt had gotten the better of her, and she wasn't expecting him to dodge out of the way so easily. She was doubly surprised when he used her momentum against her, striking the sword out of her hand with a clatter right in the middle of her lunge before twirling the gun back around and squeezing the trigger. The guard behind him leveled his rifle in her direction at the same time, and she gasped and took a step back as two bullets impacted against her duty vest, right over her heart.

Preston kicked off right as Kat flew over his head and whirled through the air in a different direction, both guns blazing - he still wasn't wasting a single bullet, but he was moving so quickly that he didn't have time to line up headshots. Every bullet found a man, and they all sprawled backwards, nearly dropping their guns on impact, but when he landed on the one intact SUV in the middle of the fray, they were all recovering and returning fire. He grimaced as his vest absorbed bullets and buckshot, but his mind was focused. He was the calm center of a raging storm.

On the other side of the street, Sam was doing his best to drag Greff away from the Mercedes, but Greff's driver wasn't exactly making it easy. He had climbed up on the sedan where Sam was wrestling with the arms dealer and kept darting his fist forward every time Sam's wide forehead was exposed enough. Siu-Juen directed a wild shotgun blast at the persistent defender before dropping his Winchester and leaping into the melee. Afraid to hit Sam or Greff with another stray shot, he instead tried to knock out the driver with the butt of his pistol, but the man casually drove him backwards with an open-palm strike that nearly knocked the pistol out of his hand.

[Sung Quick Draws revolver and fires once at each bodyguard in front of him - misses E13 and hits F13 (who makes his damage save).

Katsuri burns a Surge of Speed to reach Q10, then a Standard Move to reach X10, using Combat Offense to make a final attack on X10 (hits, X10 makes damage save). Standard attack on Y10 (error, which I'm activating - Katsuri drops her katana in her square).

Siu-Juen fires shotgun at driver (miss). Drops shotgun in in BB19, Surge of Speed to dismount and move to CC15, using Athletics (Speed Push) to gain extra 5 ft. of movement, drawing Beretta along the way. Standard Attack to 'pistol whip' driver (miss).

Preston Standard Moves to Z11, then half action to make three attacks (two from Two Weapon Mastery). X13 - attack roll 15 (hit), dealing 6 points of damage (makes save but is sprawled). Z10 - attack roll 15 (hit), dealing 3 points of damage (makes save but is sprawled). AA11 - attack roll 26 (hit), dealing 4 points of damage (makes save but is sprawled).

Samuel pinned Hans last round and made his Reflex save after spending an action dice. This round - succeeds opposed check, moves with Hans to BB15.

Security Detail (squad II): V10 spends half-action aiming and bracing (Marksmanship Basics) and then fires a three round burst from his shotgun at Preston (hits twice, dealing 7+12 - DR = 7 points of damage. Preston makes two Fortitude saves to avoid becoming sprawled - success). U18 continues retreating to V20, then spends half-action aiming/bracing.

Security Detail (squad III): Z6, Z9 continue their Route, disappearing around a corner (off the map). AA11 Stands Up, takes a 5' step to BB11 and fires shotgun at Preston (hits, dealing 13 - DR = 7 points of damage - Preston makes save to avoid becoming sprawled). Y10 spends half action aiming/bracing, then targets Katsuri with three-round burst (miss). Z10 spends half action Standing Up, then targets Katsuri with three-round burst (hits twice, causing 12+12 - DR = 14 points of damage). X13 Stands Up as half-action, aims/braces as half-action.

Security Detail (squad IV): EE13 spends half action aiming/bracing, then fires three round burst at Sung (miss). FF13 spends half action standing up, then fires thee round burst at Sung (miss and error - Sung activates it, causing the gun to misfire (half action to clear).

Round III

Greff attempts to escape pin (Sam's opposed Athletics check - 20, failure).

Driver makes two unarmed attacks on Sam, tacking wallop trick onto each (hits once, dealing 13 - DR = 11 points of damage, but Sam uses Spirit Basics to reduce this to 5 points of damage. Sam needs to make a DC 15 Reflex save to avoid being drunk - 18 with action die, success).

Sung's action.

Greff - 31
Driver - 29
Sung - 27
Katsuri - 25
Preston - 23
Siu-Juen - 21
Samuel - 15
Security Detail - 10]


29th of January, 2010, 00:28
"Get him in the car!" Sung shouted to Sam, as he continued to try to hold off the security guards with his trusty revolver.

I really should learn how to use a submachinegun one of these days. If any situation warrants automatic fire, this is it!

[ooc: two more shots, one each at EE13 and FF13; first attack roll: [roll0] first damage roll: [roll1]; second attack roll: [roll2]; second damage roll: [roll3] If either attack hits, each mook must make a DC save equal to damage done or be sprawled.]

29th of January, 2010, 05:44
[activate spirit basics on the attack that hit, reduce by 6 points to 5; I'm assuming this reduces the reflex save by 6 as well, to 15 - if so, spend an action die on the reflex save [roll0]]

Sam wrestled with Greff, becoming more and more unsettled with the difficulty he was having. The bodyguard, especially, had incredibly powerful strikes for his size; hopefully Siu-Juen could distract him long enough.
He moved toward the car, shifting his weight slightly. Soon he should be able to settle this.

[Athletics to move 5' SE [roll1]]

29th of January, 2010, 06:13
Siu-Juen's pistol slammed just short of the bodyguard's jaw, into his shoulder. Not only did he not seem to be hurt, he did not even seem to notice; he continued to stoically pound on the back of Samuel's head. Being ignored was a grave insult to Siu-Juen's dignity, more offensive than any attack, and he took it very poorly indeed.

"Look at me, gweilo!" he yelled, kicking the bodyguard in the shoulder as soon as his centre of gravity shifted too far forward. The bodyguard slipped onto his back, giving Siu-Juen the chance to leap off the hood of the vehicle and beat him savagely with the barrel of his gun.

"Fuckin' do it!"

[Half action: trip the bodyguard. Opposed Acrobatics (Dex) check: [roll0].

If that works, 5-foot step to BB14. Half action: pistol whip the bodyguard again. Attack [roll1] (and he's vulnerable, so no dex or dodge bonuses to defence), Damage [roll2] plus [roll3]]

29th of January, 2010, 06:22
Preston leapt from the van and cartwheeled over the head of the shotgun wielding asshole, aiming is right hand pistol and firing into the blank expression on the mook's face, hoping he'd stay down this time. As he landed on the armored car, the triggerman quickly flicked his head to his left and shot the two bodyguards below, attempting to clear a path for Sam, Siu-Jen, and Sung.

[Half action - move to CC12 (a cool wire-fu no-handed cartwheel. Half action - attack mooks at BB11, EE13, FF13. Modifier is +10 (+11 Base -4 Two Weapon Mastery, +1 CQB, +2 laser sights) for all three shots. Damage is 1d12 AP2 per attack.]

29th of January, 2010, 06:22
If the bodyguard beats Siu-Juen's Acrobatics check, spend an action die to increase it: +[roll0]. Otherwise spend it on the standard attack: +[roll1] (explodes once!) If that's where the die goes, would I be allowed to change the attack to a called shot: -3/-6 to the attack for partial/moderate armour to ignore the armour's DR?

29th of January, 2010, 12:40
Kat quickly slid her boot under her sword, kicking it into the air; as the hilt became level with her shoulder she grabbed it, spinning to face the mook with the shotgun. She leveled her sword as she advanced on him, testing the katana's balance by slashing at the air in front of her. She ran the tip into the gut of the one-eared man - blood flowered out of the wound. A soft liquid sound filled the air as Kat pulled the sword from the man's body, and he slumped to the ground at her feet. Wheeling around, Kat jumped on the hood of the van. The fire that surrounded them made a silhouette out of Kat and the man below her looked up at the tiny woman with fear in his eyes. She swung the katana over her head and brought it down through the middle of his skull, bisecting him. The sword stopped at the bottom of his sternum and blood burst from her adversary like water from a popped balloon. Kat jumped off the hood and in a flash was standing beside Hans' driver.

[Will add description after I see the rolls. Picks up katana. Standard move to go up one square, attack V10 with mobile offense then finish move on X12. Standard attack on X13. Attack [roll0], Damage [roll1], on V10. Attack [roll2], Damage [roll3] on X13 (confirming with deadly precision). Uses surge of speed to move to CC13.]

30th of January, 2010, 02:30
While Preston continued peppering the southern group of surviving guards with .45 ACP, Katsuri raced around the northern group, her sword flashing and producing arcs of blood. She skidded to a halt next to Han's driver, who had just been knocked to the floor by Siu-Juen and was now being pistol whipped savagely. Greff was still doing his right best to scramble out of Sam's grasp, but the hulking martial artist expertly drew him backwards into the cruiser, slamming the door shut behind him.

[Sung fires once each at EE13 and FF13 - hits and kills both.

Katsuri takes standard move (picking up katana incidentally) with a stop at W10 to make a final attack on V10 - attack hits and kills him. Finishes movement at X12 and makes a standard attack on X13 - threatens, she confirms it, spending one use of deadly precision, killing him instantly. Then burns Surge of Speed to reach CC13.

Preston moves to CC12 and makes a standard attack + two final attacks via Two Weapon Mastery, targeting BB11, Z10 and Y10. BB11: attack result - 15 (hits, dealing 2 points of damage - BB11 makes his save, but ends up sprawled). Z10: attack result - 24 (hits, dealing 12 points of damage - Z10 fails his save and dies). Y10: attack result - 12, miss.

Siu-Juen tries tripping the driver (success - driver is sprawled). He then makes an attack with brass knuckles, expending an action die on the attack roll and tacking Called Shot onto it (hits for 6 points of damage, and driver makes his damage save).

Samuel makes opposed grapple check on Greff (success) and moves him to CC16.

Security Detail (squad II): V20 is still affected by Retreat, and his cover (dump truck) moved at the beginning of the round, so he has to resume Retreating. Double move to M19.

Security Detail (squad III): BB11 stands up and fires shotgun at Preston (hits, dealing 13 - DR = 7 points of damage, and Preston must make a Fortitude save to avoid sprawled = 8, failure). Y10 stands up and fires three round burst at Katsuri (miss).

Round IV

Greff attempts to escape grapple (Sam's opposed check - 38 and threat, which he confirms. Two benefits - re-establishes pin and standard move into back of cruiser with Greff, shutting the door behind him [oh snap]).

Sung's action.

Greff - 31
[B]Sung - 31
Preston - 29
Katsuri - 29
Driver - 29
Siu-Juen - 25
Samuel - 19
Security Detail - 10]


30th of January, 2010, 05:35
Hans' driver slammed his fist into Siu-Juen's wrist, knocking his sidearm out of his hand, and then he rolled back onto his feet as swiftly as he fell. He finished by punching Siu-Juen squarely in the gut, sending him reeling back. Siu-Juen's only counterattack as the driver stood was to reach into his wallet, and toss a few of his fake bills at the driver's feet. The man flinched only slightly, uncertain if this was a trick.

"It's joss paper," said Siu-Juen.

It was then that the driver realized that while moving back, Siu-Juen had grabbed the Type 54 submachine gun hanging tightly against his shoulder. A point of blue light was shining from the gun's laser sight, directly onto the man's chest.

"It's an offering for the dead."

In less than two seconds, Siu-Juen fired almost twenty bullets.

[Free actions: 5-foot step backwards, into a square that isn't adjacent to the driver. Drop the gun.

Surge of Speed to grab the Thompson M1928 ("Type 54") from its tactical sling.

Full round action for Autofire, six volleys. Attack [roll0] (No longer in combat, +2 for the laser sight, -6 volleys) plus two action dice: +[roll1] +11 (below), for a total of 37. Damage is [roll2] +[roll3] +[roll4] +[roll5] +[roll6] +[roll7] for every 4 that I beat his defence by, all AP 3--so probably 42-45 damage, AP 15-18.

And of course, toss some joss paper for no reason but to spout a one-liner.]

30th of January, 2010, 05:38
Needs more dakka! Spend my last action die on the attack: 2d8+2, which doesn't work anyways, so let's go to the OOC (http://online-roleplaying.com/forums/showpost.php?p=363378&postcount=889): +11

30th of January, 2010, 05:57
Preston had had about enough shotguns to the chest. He stood and looked at the shotgun-wielding mook standing below him, raised both .45s and unloaded on the guy.

[Half action - stand up. Half action - attack mook at BB11 three times. Modifier is +10 (+11 Base -4 Two Weapon Mastery, +1 CQB, +2 laser sights) for all three shots. Damage is 1d12 AP2 per attack.]

30th of January, 2010, 06:08
[activate threat, 2 benefits are pin and move, move into back of car with Greff]

Samuel and Greff struggled, Sam trying to maneuver him into the cruiser while still keeping an eye on the bodyguard.
Thinking of a trick, Sam reduced the pressure on Gref, slightly, allowing him to very nearly break out. As Greff moved to take advantage of this, Sam immediately and violently put him back into a lock, taking advantage of his shock to turn back into the cruiser, opening the door and throwing both himself and Greff into the backseat.
The door locked with a click, and Sam allowed himself a light grin. Finally.

He then proceeeded to "suppress" Greff.

[on this and further rounds (assuming we're just in the back of the cruiser), athletics/grapple check, and spend benefit first on resuming a pin (if Greff has broken it) and then on injure opponent for 2d6+5 subdual]

30th of January, 2010, 07:53
Even before Samuel had closed the door of the cruiser, Sung stomped on the accelerator and spun the wheel.

"I have the package!" he shouted into the headset. "I have the motherfucking package!"

[ooc: drive check: [roll0] in the general direction of away. Will turn on the police radio to try and determine which way the police are coming and avoid them.]

30th of January, 2010, 10:15
Kat slashed at Hans' driver lacerating him in several places. She then stepped quickly out of the way so Siu-Juen could finish the job.

[Attack [roll0], Damage [roll1]; Begin moving away making final attack as I go. Move to AA13. Attack [roll2], Damage [roll3] ]

30th of January, 2010, 10:16
[spend action die to increase attack on first one [roll0] ]

30th of January, 2010, 12:52
Tires screeching, Sung's cruiser zipped down a side street and out of sight with Sam and Greff still struggling in the back seat. Preston leveled his Mark 23 at the irritating shotgun wielder's head and fired once, splitting it open like a melon. He then raised his other pistol, snapping off a second shot which took down the last nearby guard. He pivoted on his heel and fired off once more at the lone remaining guard as he fled the scene up Boundary, clipping him on the shoulder but failing to slow his retreat. If anything, he was running even faster.

Katsuri delivered two brutal cuts on Han's driver before springing away. The driver hopped up, slamming his fist into Siu-Juen's and knocking the gun out of his hand. He then delivered an open-palm strike against the stuntman's chest, sending him reeling backwards. Siu-Juen flung a wad of brightly colored paper at the man's feet - the move was completely unexpected, so naturally the man stared at the currency for a moment before sneering.

"You think you can buy me off?"

"It's joss paper," Siu-Juen replied, and the driver's eyes widened as he noticed the Type 54 that his foe had produced in that split second of confusion.

"It's an offering for the dead."

Rata-tata-tata-tata-tata-tata-tata-tata! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKVH-WyTjBM)

The driver stood in place and gyrated back and forth like a rag doll, limbs shaking loosely as he took bullet after bullet. Finally, Siu-Juen laid off the trigger for a moment to let the man slump to his knees. He scowled and squeezed off a final, vindictive burst, perforating the driver's skull and throwing him backwards onto the pavement into a pool of his own brains and blood.

Katsuri and Preston were both staring at the gangster with raised eyebrows. The three of them were alone for a moment to survey the damage that they had caused. It had been quick - Preston could still see the trail from Kat's second rocket hanging in the air, now mixing in with plumes of ash and smoke emanating from all of the burned out vehicles on the blacktop. Corpses and shell casings littered the ground.

The silence was broken after only a few seconds by the wail of sirens in the distance.

[Sung drives like a maniac off the map (success).

Preston stands up as a half action and makes a standard attack + 2 final attacks, beginning with BB11: first attack result is 30 and a threat (damage 4, don't waste an action die confirming it because he fails the damage save). Next attack vs. V10 - attack result is 18 (damage 10, V10 fails save and dies). Third attack vs. V20 (no other targets in sight) - attack result is 20 (damage 3, V20 succeeds his save).

Katsuri makes a standard attack on Driver, hitting and dealing 11-3 = 8 damage (driver fails his first damage save, however he has the 'tough' quality at least once and ignores it). Katsuri moves away, making final attack on the way, which hits and deals 8-3 = 5 damage (driver fails his second damage save, but he apparently has 'tough' at least twice; he ignores this failed save as well). Katsuri finishes move in AA13.

Driver stands up as a free action (Rolling Basics) and punches Siu-Juen twice, tacking called shot (-6) onto each (hits both times, dealing combined 27 points of damage).

Siu-Juen takes a 5' step back to AA14 and drops his pistol. Then he pulls out his Tommy gun via Surge of Speed and executes an Autofire on Driver, burning two action dice in the process. Beats Driver's AC by 19, subjecting him to 5 of the 6 volleys - total of 29 points of damage after DR. He failed his final damage save on the third volley, just in case you care how much overkill that was.

Sam's opposed grapple check is a success - he deals 5 points of subdual damage to Greff. I took the liberty of just having a bunch of opposed grapple checks to determine that you knock him out for 6 rounds on the third opposed grapple check (so about 12 seconds after Sung peels out of the combat zone). At this point, he's helpless so you can apply as much subdual damage as you want. Refer to table 5.9 (p. 339) for more details.

Security Detail (squad II): V20 flees the scene, taking a run action east and off the map.

End of meaningful combat.]

30th of January, 2010, 18:13
Siu-Juen lifted his service pistol off the pavement, along with most of the joss paper. He tossed the bills into the burning husks of the civilian cars.

"This shouldn't have happened," he muttered, rotating the pistol listlessly. "But—it was an accident. We'll make it worth it."

Abruptly, his eyes snapped to the direction of the sirens. He ran towards his bike, rushing to get it back into the truck. "Fei! We're done now."

30th of January, 2010, 19:44
Preston very quickly policed up all the brass from his pistols, pocketing all the shell casings to avoid leaving too much evidence behind. He grabbed a few of the weapons from the arms deal that were in decent shape and ran back to his car. As he drove off he attempted to blend in to normal traffic and to not appear like he was running away from the scene, all the time making his way towards Greff's scheduled meeting.

31st of January, 2010, 05:08
"What did you think was going to happen when they left here with a rocket launcher?" Ewan asked. "It isn't like it is a precision weapon. If our employers complain, I'll gently inform them that I was making use of individuals that they recommended, and equipment that they provided for the most part. It is a matter of a few civilian casualties as compared to with what will happen if we do not recover those immunizations. Hitting the convoy with the rocket launcher was a sound tactical move. You do not bring heavy firepower with you, just to politely walk up to an arms dealer and ask them to kindly surrender."

Ewan rapped his fingers against the table. "Looks like they have Greff and are moving on." He tapped into the radio set. "Clean up and get out of there," he said over the tactical channel. "HKPF shouldn't even catch sight of you."

31st of January, 2010, 05:53
"Whoa, frickin' awesome! It's like we hired Michael Bay or Uwe Boll," Case snorted after the latter director's name, "to do some special effects for us."

When he was finished he glanced on the scowl on Ewan's face and tried to muffle his absurd smile. "I mean, I've seen that kind of thing in movies, but never really thought I'd be part of it."

31st of January, 2010, 06:57
"Meh, I'm just sayin'. Anyway, I thought the launcher was for the Wo Pao group, later."
Kate stretched, yawning. "But yeah, you guys know what's alright, so whatever."

She watched the monitors a little longer. "Anyone else want a cinnabun? They're yummy."

31st of January, 2010, 12:28
Kat took a second to survey the damage. She removed a white cloth from her pocket and wiped the blade down before placing it in its scabbard. Kat made her way into the alley, careful not to leave a trail of bloody footprints. Quickly climbing up the fire escape she grabbed the rocket launcher and made her way back down to her bike. Securing the Gustav as best as possible she kicked the motorcycle to life and shot out of the side street putting as much distance between her and the scene as fast as possible.

31st of January, 2010, 12:43
Sung flicked a switch on his police scanner, which immediately bombarded the cabin with broadcasts.

"...eastbound on Boundary..."

"...I repeat, a 1014 and 783 on Boundary & Cumberland, multiple shots fired..."

"...southbound on Cumberland..."

"...all units respond immediately..."

"...westbound on Boundary..."

"...proceed with caution, suspects are heavily armed..."

"...northbound on Cumberland..."

He glanced in his rear-view mirror. Samuel was still subduing Greff, who was protesting and pleading in a thick German accent. The silhouettes of Katsuri, Preston and Siu-Juen were barely visible against the bright glow of the burning wreckage. He wasn't sure how any of them were in a chase, but they were being converged on from every side, so they would all have to be really good or the mission was probably blown.

He glanced ahead now. Yellow and green lights were flashing up ahead.

"...do not engage, I repeat, do not engage. Suspects are highly dangerous. Tactical units are assembling. Form a perimeter at all cross streets..."

Sung grinned involuntarily. Punching a hole in a police barricade so his teammates could escape was as good of an excuse as anything he could think of to start racing across pre-rush hour Kowloon City. He'd need to be brash, even a bit arrogant, to get the cops' attention.

He thought he could manage that.

[The above is all flavor - basically, I'm forcing a Surprise Chase, spending 4 action dice to set the number of pursuers and their tier. It's not a 'stock' Surprise Chase, as I'm using different NPCs, but the challenge should be similar. I will probably never use stock Events, by the way. The NPCs and challenges of each are too easy for this group.

Sung's Will save to avoid compulsion [subplot] - 14 vs. DC 18 (fail). Unless you feel like boosting that with an action die, you will be compelled to drag out the chase scene for a little while. In other words, Lead cannot go above 9 and you cannot choose the Victory benefit for 4 conflict rounds.

Oh, and I get one additional GC action die for activating another subplot, woo.

To the tune of Ready, Steady, Go by Paul Oakenfold (http://containmentsc.blogspot.com/)

The Predators - Six officers of the HKPD in three police cruisers

The Prey - Sung Hwan Kim & Samuel Hobb in a heavily modified police cruiser

your police cruiser - Size: L (2x3); OCC: 1+4; A/T: 5/6; MPH: 70/145; D/S: 9/+14; Cargo: 250 lbs; R/F: 7/G; Qualities: Redundant systems (crew), rugged Upgrades: Police Services Package; Structural Reinforcement; Run Flat Tires; Top Speed Increase I; Security Package I

Current street condition is crowded (partly because of traffic, partly because you're in an area of Kowloon that has pretty narrow streets). Starting Lead is 5 - neither Predator nor Prey have a significantly better Turning rating.

Am I missing anything? If not, go ahead and post your Strategy Card choice for the first round in your private thread, then your actual IC post. Don't include your strategy card modifier in the Maneuver roll - just tell me what the modifier is and I'll account for it during the round resolution.]

1st of February, 2010, 00:05
"I hope you're buckled in," he said to Sam as they came up on the checkpoint. As they approached it, he barely slowed down before leaning out the window and shouting, "Go fuck yourselves!" before stomping hard on the accelerator. That should create enough of a gap in the perimeter for the others to exploit.

[Maneuver/Drive: [roll0] ]

1st of February, 2010, 02:44
Sung barreled through a wide gap in the barely formed barricade, yelling obscenities out his window and catching a glimpse of the shocked look on the nearest police officer's face. Then he heard over the scanner, "...this is car 82, I am in hot pursuit of the suspects..."

"...negative, hold position..."

"...administrative plates - they look fake. 129, 53, please assist..."

Just like that, the game was on. Sung spared a quick glance in his rear-view mirror as all three of the HKPD units peeled out of their positions to give chase, but he was already weaving through the flow of early morning traffic, putting more distance between him and his would-be pursuers with every second.

[Predators chose "Go, Go, Go!"

Prey chose "Eat My Dust!"

Sung won the check by 11 after all modifiers (including +4 from having top MPH).

Advantages: Lead, Stress x2

Lead shifts to 6 (distance between nearest Predator and Prey - 300 feet).

All Predators take 5 stress damage.

Round 2 Begins.]

1st of February, 2010, 02:58
Sung swung the wheel around, finding an opening in the traffic, that led down a side street. It wasn't the most direct route to the rendezvous, but that was probably for the best anyway. It was obvious he had more under the hood than the local cops, so he might as well put it to good use.

[Maneuver/drive: [roll0] ]

1st of February, 2010, 03:11
"...he's taking a side street, watch out!..."

The pursuing cars all screeched to a near halt, caught off-guard by Sung's sudden detour. They veered back on course at the last possible second, making the turn but losing precious ground in the process.

"...that was close..."

Indeed, the lead car had nearly swerved into oncoming traffic.

[Predators chose Attack Run.

Prey chose Detour.

Sung won the check by 7 after all modifiers, and opts to spend his free Crisis advantage from Defensive Driving.

Advantages: Lead, Room, Crisis

Lead shifts to 7 (distance between nearest Predator and Prey - 350 feet).

Maneuvering room changes from crowded to close.

Lead Predator's Maneuver check to avoid crisis - 33, success.

Round 3 Begins.]

1st of February, 2010, 03:19
"Bah! You drive like my grandmother!" Sung shouted, though he was pretty sure the only ones listening were the rest of the Ops team... and Ewan.

Pulling back on to a main street, he threaded the cruiser through the lessened traffic, waiting to see if his pursuers could keep up with him.

[Drive/Maneuver: [roll0] ]

1st of February, 2010, 03:20
[spend an action die: [roll0] ]

1st of February, 2010, 03:33
"...not letting this asshole get away..."

Sung watched in astonishment as the lead HKPD cruiser matched his speed, taking equal advantage of the lighter traffic and closing the lost distance from his earlier maneuver in a matter of seconds.

"...do you have a clean shot?..."

[Predators chose Redline

Prey chose Weave

HKPD won the check by 12 after all modifiers (including Sung's +6 from having top MPH). They opt to spend their free Crisis advantage from Offensive Driving.

Advantages: Lead x4

Lead shifts to 5 (distance between nearest Predator and Prey - 250 feet).

Sung succeeds his Crisis check.

Round 4 Begins.]

1st of February, 2010, 03:46
"Assholes," Sung muttered, then hit an on-ramp for the free-way, cut across two lanes of traffic, hit an exit-ramp, and made a sharp left hand turn in an attempt to put some distance between himself and the cruisers.

"Stop playing around and finish up," Ewan barked into Sung's ear. "You need to get to the rendezvous point five minutes ago."

1st of February, 2010, 03:48
[maneuver: [roll0]
action die from Ewan: [roll1] ]

1st of February, 2010, 03:56
The cop's triumph was short-lived as Sung hit the practically empty highway and really put pedal to metal.

"...negative, he's gaining ground again..."

The yellow and green lights were growing more distant in his rear-view mirror, and more importantly, Sung was starting to come off of his speed high, partly due to Ewan's crisp command. He gripped the steering wheel firmly, once again in complete control. He had the mission objective in his back seat. People were depending on him to end this thing sooner rather than later.

[Predators chose Attack Run.

Prey chose Outfox.

Sung won the check by 9 after all modifiers.

Advantages: Lead x3

Lead shifts to 7 (distance between nearest Predator and Prey - 350 feet).

Round 5 Begins. Sung is no longer under the effect of his compulsion.]

1st of February, 2010, 04:06
Sung swung the car back off the exit ramp, came around a loop and headed back in the opposite direction. He figured that the police wouldn't quite be anticipating that particular maneuver. "Try to keep up now, fuckers."

Ewan, on his end, nodded his approval. "Time to lose the heat, and start heading back to where you need to be."

Sung's action die: [roll0]
Ewan's action die: [roll1] ]

1st of February, 2010, 04:07
[Maneuver roll: [roll0]
Exploding action dice: Sung's: [roll1] [roll2]
Ewan's: [roll3] ]

1st of February, 2010, 04:17
[Predators chose Shortcut.

Prey chose Double Back.

Sung won the check by 19 after all modifiers (did you know? - action dice explosions ignore result caps).

Advantages: Lead x5

Lead shifts to 10 (Sung achieves Victory - I'll let you describe it though).

End of Chase Conflict.]

1st of February, 2010, 11:05
Sung swung the cruiser in front of a delivery van, placing it between himself and the cruisers. When they ad lost sight o him, he quickly exited the freeway and got on a side street heading back the other way. The cruisers were so intent on trying to minimize Sung's obvious horsepower advantage they never even considered that he might be behind them, going in the opposite direction.

By the time they realized their mistake, Sung was already pulling into a side alley where he would be delivering Hans to Tian's lieutenant.

1st of February, 2010, 12:29
[this whole sequence occurs before & during Tactical's antics on Boundary & Cumberland]

The Ops Center was awash with the artificial glow of a half-dozen large monitors (all clustered around one particularly massive 72" LCD display). Alicia and Case occasionally glanced over at Katsuri's display or Siu-Juen's, especially when one of Kat's rockets obliterated something, but for the most part they were focused on the coverage Case had provided of the parkade on 72 Guan Road.

Almost as soon as Case had brought up the cameras (twelve in all), the people he could only assume were the Wo Triad hit squad arrived. He motioned Alicia over (she was busily tweaking settings on her video bugs to account for all the unexpected flare), and they both examined the opposition through the two street-level cameras.

They pulled up to the entrance in two blue vans, but didn't enter yet. Case watched as a cluster of individuals on racing bikes entered the frame moments after the vans pulled over. One of the bike riders pulled up next to the lead vehicle and stopped. There was some sort of exchange, and then the rider kicked off, speeding out of the frame. The rest of the bikes followed him, and the two vans continued into the parkade.

The parkade itself was a continuous two-way ramp that circled from the first to the fifth floor. There was a sixth floor as well according to the building plan that Case had obtained, but it was only accessible via elevator. The remaining ten camera views were each placed on opposite ends of the parking levels, giving Ops a clear view of unfolding events as the two blue vans continued on up to the third floor of the parkade.


[this map shows the third floor of the parkade, but the second, third, fourth and fifth floors all have identical layouts. Also, I realize that the arrows make it look like the ramp is one way - I need to correct that in the final print.]

The vans pulled into empty parking spots fairly close to the ramp going up to the fourth floor, and several men stepped out. The leader was easy to pick out as he was giving commanding gestures to the others. He wore a worn out business suit, had slicked back, oily black hair and a shrewd, almost arrogant look about him that was apparent even across the grainy camera footage.


His blazer jacket was carelessly unbuttoned, and as he walked by the nearest camera, Alicia could clearly see the silver handles of four pistols sticking out of shoulder holsters.

Eight other men got out of the vans. Five of them followed the apparent leader as he began surveying the area and assigning positions for what was apparently his fire team, while the other three began walking back down the circling ramp towards the second floor, duffle bags in hand. One of the three walkers looked directly at one of the cameras as he passed out of sight, and when the walkers appeared again in another camera, he was not with him.

Suddenly, the previous camera view went blank. Case blinked, and tried to recall it to the screen.

"Signal lost? Damn, I think he's shutting us out."

Indeed, the next camera down the line went blank almost as soon as Case realized what was going on. He didn't even bother trying a workaround - the man was probably physically cutting wires, or maybe deploying a localized EMP. No amount of hacking skill could circumvent that strategy.

Whatever the third man was doing, he left the cameras on the first floor alone, so Ops had a decent view of the remaining two walkers exiting the building. Case watched them enter the frames of the street view, and decided to risk using the pan-tilt-zoom to track them across Guan Road as they crossed to the opposite side. A few moments later, they disappeared through an alley behind a run-down apartment building. He left the camera pointed in that direction on a hunch.

Meanwhile, on the third floor, the leader was now tapping his foot impatiently as he watched the same scene on the street below that Case was paying attention to. Alicia wondered briefly why Greff would pick a parkade with security cameras and open, 360 degree views from exterior to interior as a place to conduct illegal arms dealing.

Then, the last feed on the third floor turned to static.

"That's it, we're blind," Case muttered, obviously irritated.

[many Notice checks were made to bring us this information]

1st of February, 2010, 16:18
Hidden just behind a jumble of cardboard boxes was Tian's jet-black sedan, and leaning back in a velvet seat was her lieutenant, Baojia, napping with his sunglasses on. Sung woke him by flashing his headlights twice; Baojia took the glasses off, sighed, and popped the trunk open.

1st of February, 2010, 16:57
After being let out of the cruiser, Sam quietly carried Greff to the trunk.
"Should be out for a while."

Leaving it at that, he returned to the cruiser. Would be nice to finally relax for a little while.
He considered the "healing nanotech" some of the rest of the team had provided, mildly suspicious. Probably wouldn't end up hurting any...

7th of February, 2010, 02:35
Case spoke into his headset microphone. "Guys, the meet appears to be set for the third floor at the garage on Guan Rd. The first floor cameras are working. I watched two guys walk out the carpark and into an alley across the street. The second floor cameras have been blacked out, I suspect by actually cutting the physical wiring. The third floor cameras have also been cut, so we're blind here in HQ.

"There are five guys, for sure, with the bossman, a slick-looking smug bastard, and the two that crossed into the alley. There is one other guy around. He cut the wires for the cameras, so I don't know his whereabouts. I'm guessing, since I didn't see him exit across the street, that he's back up with big boss-dude. Boss dude looks like trouble. His got pistols, at least four of them. Preston, you're the pistolero of the group. I'd watch my ass if I were you. He looks just as cocksure, erm...confident, as you."

7th of February, 2010, 05:33
"I don't recognize him," said Tian. "Though as I rarely deal with the Wo Group, that doesn't necessarily make him insignificant."

8th of February, 2010, 05:44
Alicia continued watching the remaining cameras while Case delivered the initial report. From the looks of it things were pretty quiet on the street level. She panned the wall of monitors quickly. Her eyes came to rest on the monitor that Case had facing the apartment building across from the parkade. She was staring blankly at the screen as her mind raced over the job ahead of her team when an odd flash coming from the third floor window caught her eye. She quickly enlarged the image and peered hard at the monitor as she tried to will her eyes to see, but it was too dark. She could tell the curtains were drawn back, but that was all, so she waited.

A car passed below with its fog lights on, and she got a brief but perfectly clear view of a man standing at the window, staring back at the parkade through a pair of binoculars.

"Guys, it looks like we are not the only ones who have eyes on the place."

9th of February, 2010, 23:19
"Cute," Ewan said. "Next time, hopefully we'll get to blanket the area with our own surveillance." He shook his head. "They obviously know what they are doing."

He paused, looking at the place that Alicia had pointed out. "HKPF?" he asked, rhetorically. "Not that it matters. Team, quick heads up that you are going into a blind situation with an unknown spectator. The mission objective hasn't changed, we want at least one prisoner, so not a total bloodbath, understand? Good."

11th of February, 2010, 23:35
"Yeah, I don't think that's it." Case replied. "Those two goons crossed the street and went across the alley. I'd bet that's them setting up shop as lookouts. It may be to our benefit to send someone like Katsuri up to dispatch them before we turn up for the meet. I think we'd tip them off by not showing up in the now-smoking hulks of twisted steel that recently passed for vans."

13th of February, 2010, 06:35
...and in fact it worked oddly well. Strange. Took its sweet time, though.

Sam tapped at his headset. "We on for the parkade?"
He listened to the updates, then nodded to Sung. First, these new spies, then the outliers around the core group.
Going in blind, but that's alright.

[so, first take out these guys across the street?]

15th of February, 2010, 09:09
Tian nodded, then leaned forward to the receiver. "Sung, there's been a change of plans: don't drive to the parkade until either Katsuri or Preston have eliminated the observers. Just be close enough to enter the moment you're signalled. It doesn't matter if you avoid being spotted, if the target is tipped off by twenty minutes of radio silence."

16th of February, 2010, 04:43
"I'll drop you a couple of blocks away. They," he said, tapping his earpiece, "want me to stay out of sight to start. That's fine by me. You might be used to this sort of thing, but I'm definitely not one for getting shot at.."

16th of February, 2010, 06:55
Ewan designated a new rendezvous point one block north of 72 Guan, a parking lot well off the main street. Sung and Samuel arrived first, naturally. Sam stepped out of the squad car and straightened his jacket, watching Sung depart. A few minutes later, Preston and Katsuri pulled in nearly simultaneously, killing their respective engines and joining up with the martial artist wordlessly.

The three of them began walking south at a brisk pace, choosing a poorly lit alleyway that ran parallel to Guan Road. It would take them right behind the apartment building where the watchers were waiting, unaware of their imminent peril.

Case's voice came over the main channel clearly. "They're on the third floor...I count six windows, and they're at the third from the left-that is, north."

[We are beginning a new session - all per session abilities are reset in Unit Status. How do you want to enter the apartment? There is a fire exit door in the alleyway directly behind it, which would need to be unlocked and the alarm disabled. You could also go through the front door, but you'd be more visible. There might be other access points, but those are the most obvious.]

16th of February, 2010, 08:10
As Ewans words echoed in her ear Kat looked up at the building quickly taking in her surroundings. "I can try to get in through the back by picking the lock. I don't have everything I need so there is a slight possibility that I might set of the alarm which obviously would alert them to our presence."

16th of February, 2010, 09:20
Preston looked around quickly, but nothing stood out at first. "Is there a fire escape? Just some way to go up and get in that way. Doesn't even have to be this building. I'm sure either Katsuri or I could make a jump as small as from one building to another."

18th of February, 2010, 04:36
There was indeed a fire escape. It would be a bit of a jump or climb to reach the lowest rung, and halfway up there was significantly more light filtering into the alleyway.

20th of February, 2010, 06:33
Spying the fire escape Kat calculated the difficulty of the jump. "Either way is fine - let's just be quick and quiet about it."

21st of February, 2010, 13:08
The locked emergency exit was disregarded as Preston, Katsuri and Samuel each measured the distance from where they were to the bottom rung of the fire escape. Preston went first, kicking off the nearest wall and easily grabbing onto the rung with both hands as he came around. The ladder shuddered and creaked a little bit, causing Kat to tsk at him as she prepared for her own jump. She barely made it, but began clambering up in total silence, shunning the light as best she could as she reached the third floor a second before Preston.

Samuel sighed at the gratuitous one-upmanship before making a graceful standing jump. He barely had to jump at all, tall as he was, to reach the ladder, and a moment later he was at the top with the other two.

Katsuri eased the window open as quietly as she could - on the other side was a poorly lit, carpeted hallway that connected all of the apartments on this level. The three of them ghosted into the building, getting their bearings quickly and beginning to count doorways.

The florescent light directly over the target door was broken, so they stood in almost complete darkness around it as Katsuri snaked a fiberscope underneath.

On the other side of the doorway was a sparsely furnished, shabby sitting room with hard wood floors, a single bookshelf and a breakfast table with two cheap folding chairs carelessly tucked in. There was a closed door directly opposite from the front door, an open doorway to the left that Katsuri couldn't see into, and what looked like a hallway and another open doorway on the far right side of the room.


[Acrobatics (Jump) checks to reach ladder - Preston: 26, Katsuri: 21, Samuel: 29, all successful. Sneak (Hide) checks to ascend without alerting civilians - Preston: 22, Katsuri: 27, Samuel: 25.]

24th of February, 2010, 21:58
Preston nodded at Katsuri, letting his ego step aside for a minute while the trained burglar went about stealthily entering the room.

25th of February, 2010, 02:40
Kat gave the door a once over looking for any alarms or traps. Once complete she ruffled in her pack and pulled out her fiber scope and threaded it gently under the door. Pointing it up she checked out the door from the inside and gave a quick sweep of the room.

28th of February, 2010, 12:46
Kat scanned the interior quickly with her fiberscope, taking special care to look for any booby traps on the door. Satisfied after a moment that there were none, she pulled the scope out and put it back in her pack.

She retrieved a small multi-tool next, and set about unlocking the simple deadbolt. After a moment, they all heard a faint click, and Katsuri suppressed a self-satisfied smirk as she eased the door open, one hand resting on the sword hilt at her back as she led the way inside.

The scene to her left through the open doorway leading into the flat's tiny bathroom caused her to stop dead in her tracks.

A young couple, still in their night clothes, were sprawled lifelessly over one another in the shower stall. Blood was splattered against the far wall, and Preston could see two bullet holes in the yellow tile. They had clearly been herded in here and executed at point blank range.

On the other side of the room, one of the floorboards creaked, and the gunslinger's instincts took over. Before the other two had time to turn their heads, Preston had a Mark 23 cocked and aimed...

...at what appeared to be a nine-year old, pajama-clad girl, who was staring past the three of them at the grisly scene in the bathroom. She had a stuffed giraffe hanging limply in one hand, and her lips were parting, almost certainly to utter a scream of grief and terror.

Samuel heard a gruff whisper on the other side of the closed doorway even as all this happened - "Did you hear that?"


[Search [Perception] check - 23. Took 10 on Security [Disable] - 18 (-4 for no lockpicking kit), success. Sneak [Hide] checks: Katsuri - 28, Preston - 33, Samuel - 30 and threat.

Preston's action.

Initiative Count

Preston - 26
Samuel - 23
Katsuri - 23
Triad Marksmen - 20
Child - 10]

28th of February, 2010, 15:36
Samuel's eyes widened, slightly. Not good.

He barreled past Preston, a massive hand closing around the child's face.
No chance of convincing her that they weren't the killers. Bizarrely, he did have training for this sort of thing...

[i](surge of speed, move to D6, grapple [roll0], on success grapple, mute the child, on fail (yeah right) try again [roll1])

2nd of March, 2010, 09:24
Kat turned in the direction of Sam and the frightened child. She stared down into the wide terrified eyes that were overflowing with tears. "Your parents are dead and you will be too if you don't listen. This here is Sam and I need you to do as he says. He will do his best to protect you."

Kat then looked up at Sam - "It's a long shot but she might know something, try and keep her alive, please."

"Here we go." Kat said as she spun her leg into the air and forcefully made contact with the door right under the handle while simultaneously drawing her sword from behind her back.

[talk as free action, half action Athletics [smash] check on door, Surge of Speed to draw katana. If successful with smash, last half action to close with nearest mook, making 2 final attacks, one via Mobile Offense and one via Darting Weapon. -2 on all attacks, skill checks this round.]

2nd of March, 2010, 10:03
Preston followed the sword-wielding nut, drawing his second pistol as he moved. He did not waste any unnecessary bullets, hoping Kat's reckless blade-slinging would noiselessly dispatch the two bad guys that were presumed to be inside. If not, he was prepared to take any open shots.

Move into position in Sam's last position on the map. Provided Kat gets in, Preston holds any shots unless there is an open shot on a still-living bad guy. In that unlikely situation, Modifier is +10 (+11 Base -4 Two Weapon Mastery, +1 CQB, +2 laser sights) for two shots at one enemy.

7th of March, 2010, 02:20
The door flew open with a crack, wood splinters spraying inward as everything around the locked bolt shattered. One of the two gangsters waiting on the other side was one hand deep in a box of Wheat Thins; he turned awkwardly as Katsuri flowed into the room, her blade glinting as it trailed behind her.

He didn't even have time to scream as the katana sliced across his midsection, spraying blood, guts and salty crisps in every direction.

The other man lunged for a handgun lying on the table by the window, and was rewarded for his efforts with a hail of precisely placed .45 ACP in his back. He collapsed over the table as Preston followed Kat into the room, silenced pistols blazing.

Meanwhile, Sam had expertly dived toward the frightened girl, closing one massive hand around her mouth before she could scream and snatching her up from the ground. He took great care not to harm her, yet she struggled and placed surprisingly hard kicks in what would be his ribcage, had he not been wearing body armor.

Preston and Kat scanned the small room for more enemies, but the apartment was clear - the fight was over as quickly as it had begun.

The table that Preston's mark was now slumped over had several items strewn about it - an old-fashioned two way radio that now filled the room with low-pitched static ambiance, a couple of pistols with attached suppressors, binoculars and two heavily modded Dragunov sniper rifles.

After a moment, a voice broke the silence, coming from the two way radio.

"Huan, what is your status? I thought I heard a disturbance."

[Preston delays.

Samuel uses Surge of Speed to reach D6, then attempts a grapple against the child (success), then mutes her (success).

Katsuri activates Darting Weapon, then makes an Athletics [smash] check targeting the door (27, success) and then uses Surge of Speed to move to C4, drawing katana incidentally (I took this liberty since it was available). Last half action to make a standard attack against the Marksman in B5 (attack result - 13, miss), then two final attacks from Mobile Offense/Darting Weapon (attack result #1 - 23, success, dealing 9 points of damage; attack result #2 - 18, success, dealing 13 points of damage. Marksman fails second damage save).

Preston ends delay, takes 5' step into E3 and takes full attack on D3 (I took this liberty since it's the only place where you have a clear shot) and unloads on the Marskman in A4 (attack result #1 - 23, dealing 12 points of damage; attack result #2 - 30 and threat, dealing 9 points of damage; attack result #3 - 25, dealing 7 points of damage. Marksman fails third damage save.

End of Combat]

8th of March, 2010, 11:28
"Good work team," Ewan's voice came over the comm. "Colour me impressed. Now, can someone get a view of the how the opposition is set up so we can best direct our efforts?"