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16th of September, 2009, 10:07

One of the Old Races, the three adjectives most used to describe them would be decadent, debauched, and insane. They are taller than the average Valerian, the minimum height for a mature elf, male or female, being six feet in height, though a more typical height is six and a half to seven feet. They are possessed of a slender build, and have cat like eyes.
They are strictly carnivorous, and certain family groups have been known to eat prisoners and slaves.

They are legendary in their hedonism and sensuality, almost as much as their mastery of illusion and enchantment magics which they continue to practice up until the modern day and which is one of the main causes for their depleted state. Modern day elves have abandoned their grand cities of yore, retreating to delicate crystal and stone palaces that might hold up to fifty elves, all related to each other through extended bloodlines. Most elves are huge fans of bloodsports, and have been known to go to great lengths to obtain different races to pit against each other. The elvish civilization's traditional boundaries ran along what is now the northern part of the Valerian plain. They long contended with both the janni and the yuan-ti. There was an ancient noble line of elvish rulers, but modern rule tends toward the anarchic in the less organized and the democractic in the more organized communities depending on the level of organization. There is very little cooperation between the isolated family communities with the exception of the occasional diplomat or messenger. The elves have only strict taboo and that is that no elf may kill another. Elvish religion is little more than lip service which is paid to a wide number of gods, each one having domain over a very small area of life (Goddess of Revenge, God of Storms, Goddess of the Hunt, etc.). Truly though, an elf only ever worships him or her self.

Elves believe themselves superior to all other races, but especially those that that they refer to as the Young Races (orcs, humans, Aelfen, etc.). For many centuries, before the Cataclysm, they experimented with magical crossbreeding creating such aberrations as owlbears, chimera, harpies, and displacer beasts. Their most successful creation, however, were the Aelfen, half giant-kin that served as slaves and servants for the labor averse elvish culture of old. They hold great resentment towards both the yuan-ti and the janni, both of which they blame for the Cataclysm.

Elves were never a militant race, instead relying on deception, diplomacy and illusion to reach their goals. That is not to say that an elf is not dangerous in hand-to-hand combat, and some have spent centuries learning all there is to know about swordplay. When it comes to fighting, elves favor long and short swords, rapiers, and bows. The one exception is that elves are extremely defensive when it comes to their domains and will zealously pursue any trespasser.

The elves are an extremely long lived race, with some claiming to have been alive for 5000 years or more. Of course, verifying those claims is next to impossible, so even if the elf had only lived for 500 years no human would truly be able to gainsay them. Elves do not have a high rate of reproduction, and it is rumored that the last elf was born more than a century ago. Elves are only compatible with each other, thus no half-elf hybrids have ever been reported. It is possible that pre-Cataclysm elves experimented on their own kind, but the only evidence to support that is the near-elven appearance of the Aelfen.. The main cause of death for elves is suicide, generally brought on by madness generated from magical experimentation.