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1st of September, 2009, 09:00
Gwenn Aleanaca

Human Warlock 2
Medium humanoid
The Dalelands (Reroll any Nature check, take the second roll)

Strength 11 (+0)(base 11 for 1 point)
Constitution 13 (+1) (base 13 for 3 points)
Dexterity 10 (+0) (base 10 for 0 points)
Intelligence 16 (+3) (base 16 for 9 points)
Wisdom 8 (-1) (base 8 for 0 points)
Charisma 18 (+4)(base 16 for 9 points, +2 racial)

Initiative +2(+1 background, +1 level)

Passive Insight 10(-1 wis, +1 level)
Passive Perception 12(-1 wis, +1 level, +2 familiar)
Normal vision

HP 30(base 12, +13 con, +5*1 level)
— Bloodied 15
Healing Surges 7(base 6, +1 con)
— Surge Value 7

AC 14( +3 int, +1 level)
Fortitude 13(+1 con, +1 level, +1 racial)
Reflex 16(+1 class, +3 int, +1 level, +1 racial)
Will 17(+1 class, +4 cha, +1 level, +1 racial)
+2 to all OAs (familiar)

Speed 6 squares
Action Points 1

— Acrobatics +1(+1 level)
— Arcana +9(+5 trained, +3 int, +1 level)
— Athletics +1( +0 str, +1 level)
— Bluff +10(+5 trained, +4 cha, +1 level)
— Diplomacy +5(+4 cha, +1 level)
— Dungeoneering +0(-1 wis, +1 level)
— Endurance +2(+1 con, +1 level)
— Heal +0(-1 wis, +1 level)
— History +9(+5 training, +3 int, +1 level)
— Insight +0(-1 wis, +1 level)
— Intimidate +10(+5 trained, +4 cha, +1 level)
— Nature +0(-1 wis, +1 level)
— Perception +2(-1 wis, +1 level, +2 familiar)
— Religion +9(+5 trained, +3 int, +1 level)
— Stealth +1(+0 dex, +1 level)
— Streetwise +5(+4 cha, +1 level)
— Thievery +1(+0 dex, +1 level)

1st of September, 2009, 09:01
Feats & Features

Race Features
Bonus At-Will Power(Choose a 3rd At-Will power from your class)
Bonus Feat (You gain an additional feat at first level)
Bonus Skill (You gain training in an additional skill from your class skill list)
Human Defense Bonus (+1 to Fort, Ref, and Will defenses)

Class Features
Eldritch Blast (CHA) (use CHA sore for Eldrith Blast)
Fey Pact (Eyebite at-will, Misty Step boon)
Prime Shot (+1 ranged when closest to enemy)
Shadow Walk (Moving 3+ squares grants concealment to start of next turn)
Warlock's Curse (Once per turn (minor) curse nearest foe; deal extra damage to cursed foes)

Action Surge (level 1; +3 on attack granted by Action Point)
Arcane Familiar(level 1, human bonus; Gain a familiar)
Bonded Familiar (level 2; Communicate telepathically with familiar)

Armour Proficiencies Cloth, Leather
Weapon Proficiencies Simple Melee, Simple Ranged

Languages Common, Elven

Familiar: Therani (Falcon)
Speed 2, Fly 6 (hover)
+2 Perception
+2 versus all AOs
Hunting Falcon: Once per encounter, determine range of attack from Therani.
Soaring Spirit: Range limit of 40 squares.

1st of September, 2009, 09:01
At-Will Powers

Melee Basic Attack
At-Will ◊ Martial, Weapon
Standard Action — Melee weapon
Target One creature
Attack +5 vs. AC
Hit 1d4+1 damage
Attack +1 lvl, +3 prof, +1 enhancement; Damage 1[W], +0 str, +1 enhancement Critical 5+1d6 damage

Eldritch Blast
At-Will ◊ Arcane, Implement
Standard Action — Ranged 10
Target One creature
Attack +6 vs. Reflex
Hit 1d10+5 damage
Attack +1 lvl, +4 cha, +1 enhancement; Damage 1d10, +4 cha, +1 enhancement; Critical 15+1d6 damage

At-Will ◊ Arcane, Implement, Charm, Psychic
Standard Action — Ranged 10
Target One creature
Attack +6 vs. Will
Hit 1d6+5 damage, invisible to target until start of next turn
Attack +1 lvl, +4 cha, +1 enhancement; Damage 1d6, +4 cha, +1 enhancement; Critical 11+1d6 damage

Dire Radiance
At-Will ◊ Arcane, Implement, Fear, Radiant
Standard Action — Ranged 10
Target One creature
Attack +3 vs. Fortitude
Hit 1d6+2 damage, if target moves coser takes another 1d6+2 damage
Attack +1 lvl, +1 con, +1 enhancement; Damage 1d6, +1 con, +1 enhancement; Critical 8+1d6 damage

Misty Step
At-Will ◊
Free Action — Personal
Trigger A creature under your warlock curse is reduced to 0 hit points
Effect Can immediately teleport 3 squares.

Warlock's Curse
At-Will ◊
Minor Action — Personal
Effect You can place the Warlock's Curse on nearest visible enemy. Damage done to cursed enemies is increased by +1d6.

Encounter Powers

Encounter ◊ Arcane, Implement, Fire
Standard Action — Ranged 10
Target One creature
Attack +6 vs. Reflex
Hit 2d6+5 damage, target takes a -5 penalty to attack rolls until end of my next turn.
Attack +1 lvl, +4 cha, +1 enhancement; Damage 2d6, +4 cha, +1 enhancement; Critical 17+1d6 damage

Beguiling Tongue
Encounter ◊ Arcane
Minor Action — Personal
Effect +5 power bonus to next Bluff, Diplomacy, or Intimidate check.

Daily Powers

Dread Star
Daily ◊ Arcane, Implement, Fear, Radiant
Standard Action — Ranged 10
Target One creature
Attack +6 vs. Will
Hit 3d6+5 damage, target immobilized until end of my next turn.
Effect Target -2 Will defense (save ends).
Attack +1 lvl, +4 cha, +1 enhancement; Damage 3d6, +4 cha, +1 enhancement; Critical 17+1d6 damage

1st of September, 2009, 09:02
Magic Items

+1 Pact Dagger
Level 3 (680 gp)
Enhancement +1 to attack and damage rolls
Critical +1d6 damage
Medium, 5/10 range; Light Blade; Proficiency +3; Damage 1d4; Weight 1 lb.

Mundane Equipment
Adventurer's Kit (15 gp, 31 lbs.)
Plain Clothes (WORN) (1 gp, 4 lbs.)
Fine Clothes (BACKPACK) (30 gp, 6 lbs.)
Potion of Healing (2) (POUCH) (100 gp, - lbs)
Coin (POUCH) (23 gp, 41 sp, 21 cp)

16th of September, 2009, 02:54
Gwenn made the most foolish decision of her life when she was 13 years old. It was a simple mistake, one that countless 13-year olds could have made, and it's heartbreaking in its innocence. Gwenn trusted her best friend to never, ever betray her.

Gwenn grew up raised only by her father, her mother having died shortly after Gwenn's birth. Her father was a simple man, and in the town of Goatsmeet she was rarely seen although her father did go to town often to trade. Instead, she spent much of her time walking the lands around her house. Children in the town used to say she was looking for a friend.

In truth, she had already found one. As a child, she found that if she went to a certain point and sat on a particular rock in the shade of a massive oak, she could speak with a being called Therani. Therani was kind, intelligent, and lonely, three traits that guaranteed she would return often to talk with it.

Over the years, Therani taught Gwenn stories, and maths, and secrets known only to those touched by the fey. It taught her how to talk to people, and more importantly how to get them to believe you even when they shouldn't. What it didn't teach was common sense or decency, and so she never wondered if she could trust a being that had taught her to lie and deceive.

That fateful day came, and she found herself seating on the stone calling out for Therani. It never came. After an hour, she was just preparing to leave when Therani's voice rang out, saying it was sorry for the delay.

"It's getting harder, Gwennie. I love our talks, but getting through is a strain. And yet…" This was the bait, and after years of training Gwenn for this moment it was so very easy to set the hook.

"What, T? And yet, what?" The tone of voice is key. It's the tone of a child, worried she'll lose her only real friend. If Therani had a body, it would be flipping with joy.

"I think I found a way we can talk together whenever we want. It would be easy, Gwennie, just as though I'm always with you. No more rock jabbing your bum, not more shivering in winter! But I'm not sure we should; it's asking a lot of you…"

"Just tell me what to do, T! That would be wonderful!"

There's no mouth for Therani to grin, but in later years Gwenn imagines she can see it just the same. "You have to agree, Gwenn. Just like in the old stories. Say you accept me and, here's the nasty part, you need to spread a bit of blood on the rock. Just a small cut, but it's still much to ask."

Gwenn never hestitated; she gashed her finger open on a sharp bit of the rock and let three drops fall. When the third drop hit, the stone flowed like water and revealed a cavity. Inside was a dagger, flowing elven words etched into the blade and a leaf shape to the blade. "Take the dagger, Gwenn. It's yours."

She did, and she felt the bars fall on her soul. Out of her soul, a piece was formed and it burst from her as a falcon. The falcon flapped twice before settling on the rock, and when its beak opened Therani's voice came out. "Hello, Gwenn. It's good to finally see you." And looking into those eyes, she realized the truth. The acceptance, the blood, the taking of the dagger; they were a prison. A soft prison for now, but one that she could not escape.

Now 19, Gwenn has decided it is time to leave Goatsmeet and see the world, and the current problems are just the jumping-off point she needs to make on her own as an adventurer, that most exciting of professions…

Gwenn is strange mix of cynicism and girlishness. She loves the finer things in life, soft dresses and pretty jewelry. Scene of beauty make her stop and stare, and she still squeals in delight when playing with domesticated pets. At the same time, she keeps herself distant from others. After the betrayal of Therani, she refuses to leave herself vulnerable again. She is pleasant to talk with, but will quickly stop a conversation if it turns towards areas she does not want to discuss.

Gwenn is a tall, slender girl. Not a traditional beauty, there's still an undeniable something about her that is a draw. She never had that draw until the day of the deal, and she suspects it is some type of glamour. In addition, she's noticed her eyes have a bit of a tilt to them that they didn't have as a youth and her ears seem to suggest a tapering at the top. She wears her hair long to hide her ears, because she fears she may be changing in some way. She favors long, flowing dresses in deep blues and dark greens, the finer the better. When travelling, she wears a simple blue dress, with a green cloak trimmed with gold-like thread, and comfortable shoes. A thin belt hangs at her waist, hanging from which is a curving, leaf-like dagger. The dagger has an emerald in the hilt that glows when she is using her fey gifts.

There are two big hooks for Gwynn, beyond her natural curiosity and love for fine things. First, there's something fishy about her familial past that I haven't worked out yet; run with it if you think of something good. Second, there's Therani. Why bond with Gwenn the way it has? What's it hiding from? And what danger is Gwenn in from that?

Character's Direction:
I've got two ideas of where, right now, I'd like to see Gwenn and Therani go. For Gwenn, she needs to learn to trust again, and I think that will be a large part of the party dynamic with her. For Therani, I would like to see it redeemed. It did something horrible by tricking a girl into letting it hide inside her, but the reason why and what it does to help Gwenn will determine who Therani can be. Perhaps it sacrifices itself for her? Mechanically, that would work best at a level-up, where I retrain out of the familiar feat and *poof* no more falcon. But it'd be more fun to see both paths work together, where Therani regain's Gwenns trust, and a true friendship forms between them.