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29th of August, 2009, 13:58
Name: Deskal

Dragonborn Sorcerer 2
Medium Natural Humanoid
High Imaskar (Reroll any Arcana check, take the second result)

Strength 18
Constitution 10
Dexterity 11
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 8
Charisma 18

Initiative +1

Passive Insight 10
Passive Perception 10

HP 27
-Bloodied 13
Healing Surges 6
-Surge Value 6

AC 16 (+4 Str, +1 level, +1 enhancement)
Fort 15
Ref 12
Will 17

Resist Cold 5

Speed 6
Action Points 1

Acrobatics 1
Arcana 7
Athletics 5
Bluff 5
Diplomacy 10
Dungeoneering 0
Endurance 1
Heal 0
History 9 (+2 racial bonus)
Insight 0
Intimidate 7 (+2 racial bonus)
Nature 5
Perception 0
Religion 2
Stealth 1
Streetwise 5
Thievery 1

29th of August, 2009, 13:59
Arcane Fire (Fire spells give vuln 5 cold on next spell)
Implement Expertise (Staff)

Class Features
Spell Source: Dragon Magic
Draconic Power (Add Cha to damage)
Draconic Resilience (Use Cha for AC when not in heavy armor)
Dragon Soul (Resist 5 Cold, ignore equal or lesser resistance with arcane powers)
Scales of the Dragon (+2 AC for encounter when first bloodied)

Racial Features
Dragonborn Frenzy (+1 hit when bloodied)
Draconic Heritage (Add Con mod to surge value)

Simple melee, simple ranged

Languages: Common, Untheric, Deep Speech

Normal Load 180 lbs
Heavy Load ??? lbs
Max Drag ??? lbs

Current Weight 19 lbs

29th of August, 2009, 14:00
General attack bonuses with implement: +4 Cha, +1 Level, +1 Expertise, +1 Enhancement
General attack bonuses in melee: +4 Str, +1 Level, +1 Enhancement, +2 Proficiency

Melee Basic Attack (Weapon)
Standard action, melee reach
Target: One creature
+8 vs AC, d8+5 damage
+1 to hit when bloodied

Dragonfrost (Arcane, Cold, Implement)
Standard action, ranged 10
Target: One creature
+7 vs Fortitude, d8+9 cold damage and push one square
Can be used as a ranged basic attack
+1 to hit when bloodied

Burning Spray (Arcane, Fire, Implement)
Standard action, close blast 3
Target: Each creature in burst
+7 vs Reflex, d8+9 fire damage, the next enemy to hit me takes 4 fire damage; the target gains vulnerability cold 5 to my next arcane attack before the end of my next turn
+1 to hit when bloodied

Dragon Breath (Cold)
Minor action, close blast 3
Target: Each creature in burst
+7 vs Reflex, d6+4 cold damage
+1 to hit when bloodied

Explosive Pyre (Arcane, Fire, Implement)
Standard action, ranged 10
Target: One creature
+7 vs Reflex, 2d8+9 fire damage; until my next turn, any enemy that starts or moves adjacent to the target takes d6 fire damage; the target gains vulnerability cold 5 to my next arcane attack before the end of my next turn
+1 to hit when bloodied

Ice Javelins (Arcane, Cold, Implement)
Standard action, ranged 10
Target: One, two, or three creatures
+7 vs Reflex, d10+9 cold damage and ongoing 5 cold damage (save ends)
Miss: Half damage
+1 to hit when bloodied

Elemental Shift (Arcane)
Minor action, personal
Effect: You can change the resistance granted by your Dragon Soul to one of the other damage types for the remainder of the encounter. In addition, one adjacent ally gains resist 5 to a damage type that you resist until the end of the encounter.

29th of August, 2009, 14:01
GP 160

Magic Staff +1
Enhancement: +1 hit and damage
Critical: +d6 damage
Carved out of one of the rare trees that manage to survive in the Imaskarian desert, the staff is bound with steel on all four sides and topped with a wrought-iron lion's head with two small garnets inset for the eyes. It is a traveler's staff, made sturdy and as much as weapon of war as implement of magic.

Magic Cloth Armor +1
Enhancement: +1 AC
Loose, off-white wraps that hang from Deskal's ample frame and fly about when he unleashes a powerful spell. A similarly-free flowing hood hangs over his back most of the time, but can be pulled up to shield him from poor weather or to hide his features. A red sash, tied at the waist, keeps everything in place when moving about or fighting.

Adventurer's Kit

10 Days Trail Rations

Everburning Torch

Ritual Book

Tarot deck

29th of August, 2009, 14:02
Appearance: Deskal is short for a dragonborn- barely six feet tall. Though (comparatively) small, he holds himself with an air of dignity, and most people find it hard not to treat him with at least a measure of respect. His scales are a burnished, glossy red hue, except on his hands, where complex emerald tattoos cover him from wrist to claw-tip. Though he possesses obvious strength, he moves with extreme care, as though the entire world around him were made of glass. He usually dresses in the loosely-robed fashion of the southern deserts, tied at the waist with a sash and a hood that can be pulled over his head if conditions warrant. He is virtually never seen without his deck of fortune-telling cards and notebook, which he scribes various observations into.

Personality: Ever inquisitive and curious, Deskal has a hunger for all forms of knowledge, but most especially about magic and the Spellplague above all else. His drive to learn often leads him to make decisions that are somewhat uncautious, of not outright foolish. He is very superstitious, placing great weight on omens, portents, and predictions- but, in a world of divinations, magic, and hidden lore, this is more a survival trait than peculiarity. Like all dragonborn, he holds his honor in high regard and never breaks a vow or promise, though he is prone to obeying the letter more than the spirit of such things. Though largely unconcerned with good and evil, he is far from callous; indeed, he finds such things confusing and hard to reason out, as purely logical solutions tend to lead to rather poor results, so he takes comfort in "higher" problems and leaves moral problems to theologians and philosophers. He is naturally solitary, but has no particular dislike of groups; rather, he neither seeks them out nor avoids them unless circumstances force him to do so. Though he realizes he isn't the most brilliant of scholars, he prides himself on dedication to his cause and meticulousness in paying attention to every detail (that he's interested in).

Backstory: (to be filled in later)