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20th of August, 2009, 08:29
Character Sheet Format
This is generally the format I'd like to see with your character sheets. This has been adapted from Leadpal's format. Thank you Leadpal for doing all the hard work!

You can look at a few characters that use similar layouts here (http://online-roleplaying.com/forums/showthread.php?t=10357), here (http://www.online-roleplaying.com/forums/showthread.php?t=9794), here (http://www.online-roleplaying.com/forums/showthread.php?t=9975) and here (http://www.online-roleplaying.com/forums/showthread.php?t=9807).

Character Name

Race Class X
Size origin type

Strength XX (+X) (base XX for X points)
Constitution XX (+X) (base XX for X points, +X racial)
Dexterity XX (+X) (base XX for X points)
Intelligence XX (+X) (base XX for X points, +X level)
Wisdom XX (+X) (base XX for X points, +X racial)
Charisma XX (-X) (base XX for X points)

Initiative +X (+X dex, +X level)

Passive Insight XX (+5 training, +X wis, +X level)
Passive Perception XX (+X wis, +X level)
Normal vision, or otherwise

HP XX (base X, +X con, +X*X level)
— Bloodied XX
Healing Surges X (base X, +X con)
— Surge Value X

AC XX (+X armour, +X shield, +X dex/int, +X level)
Fortitude XX (+X class, +X str/con, +X level)
Reflex XX (+X class, +X dex/int, +X shield, +X level)
Will XX (+X class, +X wis/cha, +X level)
Resist X whatever
Immune whatever
Vulnerable whatever
Saves +X against whatever

Speed X squares, any other movement modes
Action Points 1 (no milestones)

— Acrobatics +X (+0 dex, -1 armour, +X level)
— Arcana +X (+0 int, +X level)
— Athletics +X (+5 training, +0 str, -1 armour, +X level)
— Bluff +X (+0 cha, +X level)
— Diplomacy +X (+5 training, +0 cha, +X level)
— Dungeoneering +X (+2 racial, +0 wis, +X level)
— Endurance +X (+5 training, +0 racial, +0 con, -1 armour, +X level)
— Heal +X (+0 wis, +X level)
— History +X (+5 training, +2 racial, +0 int, +X level)
— Insight +X (+0 wis, +X level)
— Intimidate +X (+0 cha, +X level)
— Nature +X (+0 wis, +X level)
— Perception +X (+0 wis, +X level)
— Religion +X (+0 int, +X level)
— Stealth +X (+0 dex, -1 armour, +X level)
— Streetwise +X (+0 cha, +X level)
— Thievery +X (+0 dex, -1 armour, +X level)

20th of August, 2009, 08:30
Feats & Features

Race Features
Feature (Short description)
Feature (Short description)
Racial Power (racial encounter/at-will/daily power; below)

Class Features
This (short description)
That (short description)

First Feat (level 1; short description, or included above)
Human Bonus (level X, human bonus; short description, or included above)
Second Feat (level X; included below)

Armour Proficiencies Cloth, anything else
Weapon Proficiencies Anything

Languages Common, others

General Features
Normal Load: ##
Heavy Load: ##
Maximum Drag Load: ##

Current Load: ##

20th of August, 2009, 08:30
(This sample only uses basic attacks to save space, since it's obvious how powers should look based on this. Underneath the regular power block is a list of where the modifiers are coming from.)

At-Will Powers

Melee Basic Attack
At-Will ◊ Martial, Weapon
Standard Action Melee weapon
Target One creature
Attack +X vs. AC
Hit XdX+X damage
Attack +3 lvl, +0 str, +X prof; Damage 1[W], +X str; Critical X+XdX damage

Ranged Basic Attack
At-Will ◊ Martial, Weapon
Standard Action Ranged weapon
Target One creature
Attack +X vs. AC
Hit XdX damage
Attack +3 lvl, +0 dex, +X prof; Damage 1[W], +X dex; Critical X+XdX damage

20th of August, 2009, 08:31
Magic Items

+X Weapon
Level X (value)
Enhancement +X to attack and damage rolls
Critical +XdX damage
Size, proficiency needed, range; weapon group; Proficiency +X; Damage XdX; Weight X lb.

+X Armour of Something
Level X (value)
Enhancement +X to AC
Power (Healing Surge) Action Type. Does this with your surge.
armour type; Armour Bonus +X; Weight X lb.

Item Worn
Level X (value)
Property Does this normally.
Power (Daily) Action Type. Can do this too.

+X Amulet
Level X (value)
Enhancement +X to Fortitude, Reflex and Will

List scrolls and the contents of your book, if any, along with values.

Mundane Equipment
Acount for the cost and weight of all mundane equipment here, as well as any descriptions locational information here. Here's an example (http://online-roleplaying.com/forums/showpost.php?p=349365&postcount=4).

20th of August, 2009, 08:32
I expect you to provide me with a physical description, a personality, a background outline, and a brief look at the character's place in the world, although you don't necessarily have to post this information (except the physical description) in your sheet; you can PM your concept to me and keep the background secret, if you prefer. If you do not have the campaign resources then PM me and I'll work with you to help determine a background. Or you can leave it generic and leave it to me to assign a specific mechanical background.

You don't need extreme detail, and I won't hold you to your concept exactly as proposed. Over time, I'm certain that everyone will develop new ideas for their characters. However, if you feed me hooks as to personal ambitions, allies or enemies I'll try and weave them into the game.