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10th of April, 2009, 20:50

Name: Kindle
Player: Red
Caste: Zenith
Concept: Wandering Priest
Motivation: To lead a Holy Kingdom of the Unconquered Sun
Anima: When Kindle is iconic a winged woman with glowing golden eyes floats above and behind Kindle. In one hand she holds a sword of the noonday sun, while in the other a scale tips towards Just or Unjust depending on the viewer.

Intimacies: Feather, Unconquered Sun


Strength 2
Dexterity 4
Stamina 3

Charisma 4
Manipulation 3
Appearance 4

Perception 3
Intelligence 2
Wits 2

Abilities (* Denotes caste or Favored Ability)


*Melee 5


*Integrity 3
*Performance 2
*Presence 3
*Resistance 2
*Survival 5


*Investigation 2
*Medicine 3


*Athletics 2
*Awareness 2
Dodge 2


Linguistics (Native: Flametongue.)


Awareness (Listening) 1
Survival (Foraging) 1
Investigation (Finding concealed objects) 2



1st Melee Excellency (1 mote per die) [Melee] {Reflexive}
Call the Blade (--, 1 mote) [Melee] {Permanent}
Thousand Arms Prana (--, 1 mote) [Melee] {Permanent}
Perfected Battle Array [Melee] {Permanent}
Iron Raptor Technique (2 or 4 motes) [Melee] {Permanent}


Body Mending Meditation (10 motes) [Resistance] {Supplemental}
Ox-Body Technique x1 (one -1 and two -2 HLs) [Resistance] {Permanent}
Hardship-Surviving Mendicant Spirit (10 motes) [Survival] {Reflexive}
Elemental-Resisting Prana [Survival] {Permanent}
Steadfast Elemental Emperor Stance [Survival] {Permanent}


1st Medicine Excellency (1 mote per die) [Medicine] {Reflexive}
Wound-Mending Care Technique (10 motes) [Medicine] {Supplemental}




Artifact (Daiklave [Judgment]) 2
Artifact (Thunderbolt Shield [Clarity]) 2
Henchmen (Feather) 1
Influence (Chiaroscuro) 2


Priest (2 points)

Essence 3

Willpower 5


Compassion 2
Conviction 3
Temperance 2
Valor 2

Virtue Flaw: Broken Resolve

Bonus Point Expenditures

7 spent increasing Essence from 2 to 3
2 spent on modified Priest merit
2 spent to increase Melee from 3 to 5
1 spent to increase Athletics from 2 to 3
3 spent to learn 1st Medicine Excellency
3 spent to learn Wound-Mending Care Technique

11th of April, 2009, 10:45
Willpower 5

[X] [X] [X] [X] [X]


Compassion 2
[X] [X]
Conviction 3
[X] [X] [X]
Temperance 2
[X] [X]
Valor 2
[X] [X]

Health Levels: 10

[ ] -0
[ ] [ ] [ ] -1
[ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] -2
[ ] -4
[ ] Incapacitated
[ ] [ ] [ ] Dying

Essence 3
Personal: 14
Peripheral: 28 (35)
Committed (Artifacts): 6 (5 Judgment, 1 Clarity)
Committed (Charms): 1 (Thousand Arms Prana)

Anima Banner

1-3 [ ]
4-7 [ ]
8-10 [ ]
11-15 [ ]
16+ [ ]



Clinch Speed 6, Accuracy 4, Damage 2B, Defense --, Rate 1
Fist Speed 5, Accuracy 5, Damage 2B, Defense +2. Rate 3
Kick Speed 5, Accuracy 4, Damage 5B, Defense -2, Rate 2
Knife Speed 5 Accuracy 11 Damage 3L Defense +0 Rate 3
Judgment Speed 5, Accuracy 13, Damage 7L/2, Defense +3, Rate 4


Parry DV (Knife) 5 (Dexterity 4 + Melee 5 = 9/2 = 4.5)

Parry DV (Clarity) 8 (Dexterity 4 + Melee 5 + Clarity 6 = 15/2 = 7.5)

Dodge DV 5 (Dexterity 4 + Dodge 2 + Essence 3 = 9/2 = 4.5)

Parry MDV 4 (Charisma 4 + Presence 3 = 7/2 = 3.5)

Dodge MDV 6 (Integrity 3 + Willpower 5 + Essence 3 = 11/2 = 5.5)


Bashing: 2
Lethal: 1
Aggravated: 0


Worn clothing, slightly ragged
Knife in leather belt sheath
Judgment, Orichalcum Daiklave (Elsewhere)
Clarity, Orichalcum Thunderbolt Shield (Elsewhere)

20th of April, 2009, 20:35
My first memory is of Feather. I close my eyes and still see it. I’m being carried, can see the dirt and grass below me as we move. I am leaving almost everything I’ve ever known but I don’t feel sad about it. I hear Feather panting as she struggles to carry me while Luna’s half-face cuts through the occasional break in trees above. I look with tired eyes at her face, seeing the lines of weariness from walking for too long. “Feather,” I croak out, my voice tiny and frail, but with no fear. “Where are we going?”

She pants out her response as she continues to walk, never stopping as she speaks. “Somewhere better,” she huffs out, “Somewhere safer.” I don’t remember what it is we’d be safer from, but I accept her answer and fall back asleep. I remember several times being awoken by shouts, then she is running from pursuers I never see. She walked for Ages it felt like, always carrying me, never stopping except to eat or drink, only taking the occasional break if any. Always moving forward on the road to that mythical somewhere.

We reached that first town and I finally saw Feather sleep. I can still feel the fear I felt at seeing her close her eyes, not quite knowing what death was yet feeling assured this was it all the same. I cried after a short while and she quickly awoke to comfort me, somehow able to stay awake long enough to do so. How long had she been awake already, how exhausted must she have been? I have never had the courage to ask her, so I wonder even now.

The years have been a blur of travel. Feather has managed to keep us alive despite myself, for I’ve lost count of the times she saved or protected me at cost to herself. I recall all of the nights I spent alone in the forests or grasslands as I awaited her return, only occasionally sleeping with a roof over me. We kept moving West along the coastline as best we could, sometimes in the company of others, usually just the two of us. Feather took odd jobs as we went along, never faltering, never giving up on our dream. Sometimes we had enough to buy food or a room, once we even earned enough to get a necklace with a pretty jewel, but that was stolen long ago.

I have seen much of humanity in that time, whether in the cities or the wilderness. Feather and I have been helped by kindly whores and gigolos as many times as we have been cursed by them. Merchants have viewed us with pity and suspicion if not outright hatred. We have been harassed by guards and saved by them, spat on by nobles and gifted by them, hounded by gangs of children and accepted by them. I can no longer expect someone to behave in a certain manner when first meeting them, for I have seen too many different faces on the same person to judge them without knowing them.

But I had never met one of the Exalted before that day.


Feather told me she'd been hired by a mercenary to find some artifacts in an old tomb. While she is very skilled at finding and tracking people and information in the city, I excel in the wilderness. I don't really like mercenaries, they tend to be bullies with weapons and armor, but Feather said we'd be paid a good amount and these ones weren't so bad, so I helped. Feather found some clues to where it was, and then I lead her and the mercenaries to the tomb in about a week.

Well the mercenaries went in while Feather and I stayed outside with a couple of others. Three days later the leader and only a handful of men came back, covered in blood and ichor and carrying two items covered in cloth. The leader told everyone there had been some demons inside guarding the place, but they had the artifacts. So we headed back to Chiaroscuro where they were apparently supposed to bring them.

The leader said that since the two of us helped them find the place so fast he'd let use come with him to meet the client, a Dragon-Blooded sorcerer. I had never seen an Exalted before, and Feather wasn't going to just let me walk in by myself so we agreed.

For some reason, he wasn't too happy that the mercenary leader had actually found the artifacts. Or maybe it wasn't the ones he was looking for. They were speaking in Realm which I only know a few words of so I can't really say, but all of the sudden the sorcerer pulled out a sword made out of jade and flung the mercenary across the room into a bookshelf.

Then he started glowing green with all these thorns growing on him and he turned towards us. He switched to flametongue and started cursing us, saying that we were filth who couldn't even read simple directions. I can too read!

Then he attacked us too. He hit me dead center in the chest and sent me flying into the table where the artifacts lay. I've never hurt so badly, not even when I got attacked by a lion years ago. I coughed up blood and could feel a large welt along my torso where he'd hit me using the flat of the blade. Toying with me.

The artifacts fell to the ground with the cloth coming off, revealing a shield that gleamed gold with the light of the sun. A huge golden sword--a daiklave-- with runes engraved fell and embedded itself in the floor several inches nearby. But I was transfixed on the Dragon-born moving in to attack Feather, obviously just going to kill her instead of toy with her. I dragged my aching body up and grabbed the hilt of the sword with both hands, heaving its impossibly heavy weight with no success. I just knew I had to save Feather.

That was when the rays that were filtering through the window exploded.

Suddenly there was no room. No Dragon-Blooded or bookshelves, no artifacts or mercenary. Even Feather. In there place was this...Presence. My entire vision, my entire body was fused with that Golden presence as it encompassed and pierced me to my very soul and deeper. It was terrifying but not painful, like the blazing desert sun burning away my unwanted weakness.

"Hear me, my Daughter of Light, and know your purpose." The voice that spoke me had no speaker. It was as if I spoke the words to myself, but instead of my voice it was the baritone of a man, ancient in wisdom and experience. "You who have seen the best of Humanity and known its kindness. You who have suffered the worst of Humanity and felt its hatred. Know that I too have born witness to this, but in turning my back on Humanity in anger did I fall into weakness myself, but no longer. Know that you are my Chosen, my Voice in Creation. Go forth and bring my Judgment to the World once more."

Then I was back in the room, only now it was brighter. The sword which had previously been so heavy was now lighter than a grain of sand. I realized that the light was coming from me at around the same time I noticed the look of horror on the sorcerer's face. He howled in either fear or rage and charged me, and in an instant our swords were locked. But I kicked the shield off the ground into his stomach, sending him sprawling as I caught it in my off hand.

"The Sun has Judged you sorcerer," I heard myself say though I don't remember thinking those words. "Now face your sentence!" He rose up and charged again, but this time I was ready, and impaled him with the daiklave while blocking with the shield. As the last of his breath escaped, I whispered a prayer I had never heard, touched his forehead, and his body evaporated into dust. It all happened in a few seconds.

That was when I became myself once again. I looked at the pile of ash in disbelief, but then I heard Feather shout my name. I looked at her and all I saw was fear splayed across her face. I felt it grip me too, and I looked at myself in a mirror that was present and saw the brand of the Blasphemous on my forehead. I had become Anathema.

I screamed in horror and jumped through the window, fear gripping my heart. Feather shouted out for me, but I ran faster than I had ever ran, hoping I could get far enough away before the demon took control again and butchered Feather.

I ran into the desert and didn't look back, crying for a long time.

The Unconquered Sun

The daiklave and shield had been banished. I had learned their names in the days since my corruption, and had sent them to Elsewhere. The magics which now flowed through me unbidden kept me safe in the desert, protecting me from the heat of the sun and helping me find food and water in the barren desert.

The sun had set and risen several times now, but I was too distraught to keep track. The sea of sand was endless, stretching before me in all directions with nothing but the waves of dunes to break the monotony. Finally, during the highest point of one day, I fell to my knees atop a dune, holding my face to the sun. I just wanted it to boil me away, to blast my soul clean of the demon like it did the desert wastes.

I found myself muttering something, the prayer that I had never heard before. Only this was longer, the whole litany compared to the single verse from before. It was a prayer for guidance, and I spoke it until the sun set and rose again, my lips dry from the desert and my body sore from sitting in one place for so long. But my gaze was held on where the Sun reached its highest, and the words never stopped.

Finally the sun reached its zenith, and my prayer finished. And a ray of light blasted down onto me from above and hit the golden brand on my forehead. And then the voice came again, speaking to me through my own voice.

"I am the Unconquered Sun," he said in response to the question that burned deep in my heart. "And you are my Child, a Solar Exalted of the Zenith, my chosen priest, to lead the mass of Humanity in my name."

And then it was gone, the sun descending in the sky once more. But the brand on my forehead still glowed, and the light of my patron billowed around me still. I sat there for a long time, trying to understand what I had been told. In my heart I knew what the Sun had told me to be true. But it took a long time for my mind to wrap around it and understand just what I was supposed to do with that knowledge.

It was night when Feather found me. My banner was gone, but my Caste Mark was still glowing. I could tell that she had brought the mercenaries with her, but they stayed back, setting up a camp for the night to ward off the desert cold.

"Kindle," she asked, her voice as gentle as a spring breeze. "Kindle, are you alright?" I looked up at her and she offered me her hand. I looked at it, and tentatively touched it, then grasped it tightly as Feather pulled me up into an embrace. The warmth of her skin was so different from the Sun's warmth, but just as comforting. "Feather," I choked out after a moment.

"Feather, I don't know what to do. He...he told me I was supposed to be his voice and that I was his chosen priest of the Sun and I'm a Solar not an Anathema even though I have the mark of the Blasphemous on me and that I'm supposed to lead Humanity for him and I...and..."

Feather gently put her hand on my head even with the mark still blazing out, holding me tighter as I spoke and sputtered. "Shh. It's okay Kindle." We stood like that for a long time, neither of us moving as I just listened to the sound of her heart beating. Finally, I felt I could speak normally again, but I held onto Feather all the same.

"Feather, I don't think I can do this without you. I want to do what he told me. I want to make the world a better place. I just...don't know how." She ran her fingers through my hair as she responded. "I'll be right here with you Kindle, all the way. Always. No matter if you're a Solar or Anathema...we'll figure this out together. M'kay?"

"You promise," I asked like a child.


24th of April, 2009, 21:23
It was a small hamlet out in the middle of the desert that was far from deserving the name "Glory" it had bestowed upon itself. The mercenary company had decided to stop there for the day to resupply and rest on their long trek back to Gem. Now it was midday, and the company and their hanger ons had gone to sleep through the hottest portion of the day along with the townsfolk. Only the few unlucky sentries and one red-haired girl were still awake, and the sentries stayed in the relative safety of indoors.

Kindle sat in the sand several dozen yards away from the hamlet, her wooden staff resting across her legs as she stared up at the Sun. She still didn't feel overwhelmingly hot despite the way the heat radiated off the sand and the sun blasted across the desert. Ever since she had been Chosen and learned how to use her blessed magics, she had never felt uncomfortable underneath its gaze.

She wondered how Feather was doing, but knowing she was sleeping back at the inn provided little distraction from her thoughts. She muttered an ancient prayer to the sun under her breath, one she still didn't quite understand but knew was right to say. Suddenly Kindle stopped mid-prayer as she felt something moving towards her, the way the sand beneath her shifted telling her it was more than one entity. Her eyes shot open as fast as her body, staff held at ready as she looked to see several forms charging towards Glory.

She began to open her mouth to warn them away or challenge them, she hadn't decided which, when her gut turned in on itself as she saw that most of the forms coming towards her were wrong. They didn't move like men should, and the howling they let loose could never be reproduced by mortal tongues.

Hungry Ghosts.

The name resurfaced from her tutorís wizened old voice to identify that which charged her. She should be afraid of them for that many could rip a mere mortal apart in seconds. Indeed, a couple of months ago she would have been, but now she felt nothing but outrage at their presence. She shot out her right arm and began to grasp invisible straps and wrap them around her arm as if with a shield. "Forsaken Spirits!" she shouted out as she worked. "Know that you tread under the Light of my patron and sully Him with your presence! Return to whence you came or face his wrath!"

The hungry ghosts tore through the sentries before they even sensed something was wrong. Cursing her misfortune to be on the opposite side of the hamlet from these things, Kindle started running towards where the now-dead sentries had been overwhelmed. "Then so be it," she shouted as she slapped the last "strap" on her and with a blinding flash an enormous Golden Shield almost as big as Kindle appeared. On it bore the sign of the Unconquered Sun, a hollow circle with rays of sunlight around it.

"You face one of the Sun's Chosen, spirits," she shouted as she shot out her left hand towards the overhead sun, and one of the rays transformed into an ornate sword nearly as tall as the red-haired girl. From the largest building another woman, Feather, appeared from the doorframe with a club in hand, drawn by Kindle's voice. "With that said, know he shows no mercy towards your kind, but that I will send you along the proper path once again."

The undead hesitated for just a moment in the light of a Chosen of the Sun, but soon they began to assault the young Solar, seeming to find new courage somehow. "Kindle," Feather shouted as one of the Ghosts got slammed by the woman's club. "What in Mela is goi--" she didn't finish as the ghost she hit charged her instead, seemingly unhindered by the impact of the club. "Oh Danaa'ds tits!" she swore as the Ghost broke her weapon in two with just one swipe.

Then Kindle was there, daiklave slicing the ghost in two without any effort whatsoever as she deflected one, two, three different attacks with her shield. "I dunno Feather! They just came from the desert," was Kindle's response as she slashed another ghost. But both merely gathered themselves back together and resumed their attacks. For an instant, it looked as if the ghosts and dead men might overwhelm the exalt. But then Kindleís Caste Mark flared and a golden aura that almost sought to rival the Sun above exploded around her, engulfing both women and making the ghosts reel away in horror and pain at its light.

Suddenly a ghost was ripped from existence by a projectile. Before the other dead could react more began to fall from the sky all around them.

Arrows , Kindle thought. Someone else was here and they were skilled, from the way half the ghosts had been ripped from existence. Feather reached out and grabbed a large barrel filled with dates and brought it down atop one of the dead men. He reeled from the blow as the barrel shattered with the impact, but quickly recovered...just in time to be hacked into several pieces from Kindle's daiklave.

And as quickly as the whole thing began, it was over. From a nearby dune a pale woman descended, stopping just short of the Solar. She looked Kindle up and down before saying, "That was unexpected. But lucky. I am...The Valorous Princess of the Night."

The two dark-skinned women looked at the other with a look of confused awe for a brief moment. Kindle blushed and looked down at her feet at the strangerís words, her Caste Mark still blazing but her artifacts fading back into elsewhere. "Um...you're welcome," she responded meekly as Feather steps forward to look the Princess over. "What brings you here of all places," she questions the pale woman.

Princess tilted her head slightly. "I might ask you the same thing," she said shrugging. The Princess put her bow away and looked up at the taller woman, "The undead brought me here, specifically the ones we just slaughtered. Which brings me to my question. Why were you," The Princess indicates Feather, "attempting to combat said undead? Your exalted friend could have more than handled them."

Feather looks back at the still glowing Kindle who shuffles her feet a bit at the "Exalted" part of Princess' words. "First off, her name is Kindle. Mine is Feather. As for why I was fighting them, it's because we've been taking care of each other for a long time now. Exalted or whatever else you want to call her, that will never change." Kindle's head rose at that, the artifacts now fully disappeared from sight. She smiled a beaming smile that was like the warming rays of the Sun itself and stepped up beside Feather.

"That's right," she said. "I've been with Feather ever since I can remember. No way we'd let each other down." Then her eyes widen as something struck her. Her face became agonizingly hopeful as she asks, "are...are you Exalted as well?"

The Princess folded her arms and grimaced slightly for some reason. "I see, Kindle and Feather," she said, "No offense meant, I assure you. Yes, I am an exalt. I'd been following that group for some time now. Lucky you happen to be here. My powers are woefully poor at dealing with undead."

Kindle's face lights up impossibly more at Princess' affirmation of her Chosen status. "I'm excellent at dealing with undead and such things! That was one of the things the Sun gave me!" A couple of the mercenaries poked their heads out of the doorway, see Kindle glowing and Feather glowering at them, and quickly ducked back inside.

Kindle looked like a small child in her excitement towards Princess, a stark contrast to her well developed body. "What did the Sun say to you when you were Chosen?"

The Princess's eyes widened as she responds. "He...he didn't say anything. I just felt his touch, then his power welled up through me, bursting forth and..." The Princess shakes her head and rubs at her eyes, "I'm sorry, your banner is a bit too bright for me. But there's nothing we can do about that until it fades. What did the Sun tell you?"

"Oh," Kindle says, looking dejected at Princess' response. "He said that I was now his daughter of Light. I was Chosen to bring Judgment to the wicked for I had seen the worst of humanity first hand, to Hope to the just for I had also seen the best." Kindle looks pointedly at Feather with that last part. She jerks her head up to look directly at the noonday Sun above suddenly...

After a few moments, she looks back at Princess, eyes distant and...awed? Sad? It's hard to tell. "When I spoke to him again in the Desert..."

"He spoke to you again? Does he do this often?"

"Ummm..." Kindle began to feel a little uncomfortable with Princess' questions but continued. "Not...not really. I mean, he answered the biggest question I had and...well he gave me this power. It wouldn't really look very good if I kept asking him for guidance. I'm a big girl, and with Feather here I can get by without always looking to him like a lost child. After all, if that was what he wanted me to do he wouldn't have given me this power in the first place. Right?" she asks, looking between Feather and Princess. Feather nodded in agreement. "I think so at least."

The Princess stared at both the exalt and her companion, "I'm sorry. That was rude of me. It's just, I don't think the Unconquered Sun usually takes such a direct hand in his chosen. As said, he never said anything to me, I simply knew, and had to trust my instincts. I think you're more powerful than you give yourself credit for." Princess looked back the way she had descended. After a moment she turned back to the pair before her, "We need to leave."

"Leave," Feather asked, a bit of suspicion creeping into her voice. "Why is that exactly?"

The Princess bit her lower lip and sighed, looking past the two toward the tiny settlement, "How much do you know about the undead? They aren't like bandits, or thugs. That wasn't just a roving band of ghosts. They were sent here by a Deathlord, the Prioress of Bloodied Sands. When they don't come back she's going to suspect something is wrong. At best she'll send her pet Death Knight, at worst she'll come herself. We have two, maybe three days before more come to investigate, more powerful dead this time."

Feather's eyes widen at the Princess' statement, while Kindle's mouth dropped into a gasp. Kindle recovers first. "Then you're right, we need to leave and take all these people with us!" Feather looks down at Kindle and bits her lip. "I'm not sure these people will want to move Kindle..."

"Then I'll convince them! We can't just leave them here to die!"

Rubbing the back of her neck, the Princess looked at Feather, then at Kindle. "I...suppose not. But we don't have much time. So..." Looking to Feather The Princess shrugged helplessly.

Kindle moved off on her own into the inn spending a few minutes before coming out and then moving to each door and banging on it loudly, gesturing wildly to each person until finally they relented and moved out into the hot sun, the mercenaries vacating the inn as well. When she had gathered everyone she steps up onto a cart, her caste mark still glittering slightly on her forehead though none of the townsfolk seem to notice in the sunlight. They all regard the dead sentries and bodies in the street, not to mention the pale woman, with no small degree of suspicion.

Princess sat down on the warm sand, looking again to Feather, "Does she do this often?"

"Listen to me! The dead are on their way here and we have to leave quickly!" Kindle announced, wasting no time on pleasantries. As the crowd erupted into an uproar at this news Kindle began to speak to them all, leaving Feather standing next to the Princess.

"Not before she was Chosen, no. This is still only the third time I've seen her do it." She folded her arms across her chest, and with that white scars become obvious up and down the length of her arms. "So, tell me why you're really here. You could have easily eliminated most of that war band, so don't even try and tell me that you just happened to be waiting for someone like her," she gestures at Kindle.

"If you really want to help Kindle, you'll try to stop her from doing things like...that," The Princess gestures toward the crowd listening to Kindle. "We're not well liked in Creation, and the more attention we draw, the more likely someone will come along to silence us."

"And yes, actually I was waiting for someone like your friend there. Someone like her exactly."

Feather stands there for a while longer, arms crossed. "I know better than anyone else what it means for her if the Realm or some zealot Dragon-kin gets wind of her. She can fight, as you saw today...but she's not a fighter. Not really. And that scares me more than you can ever imagine. I wake up each day and I'm afraid that she won't be there when I do."

"But I love her. I love her more than I fear for her. More than I can fear anyone. So if she feels she needs to give a speech on what needs to be done, or try and convince some magistrate that he's wrong...I'll be there standing right alongside her. I try and keep her from lighting up like that...but she's...I dunno. Brighter. When she's explaining to someone the difference between justice and vengeance. Or stopping corruption and villainy."

"So let them come to silence her. They'll have to get through me first."

The Princess looked at Kindle, than back at Feather. "Anything that can harm her would swat you away with barely a thought. Protect her from herself. They...We, the exalts have an arrogance about them...us. One day she'll believe she can take on the underworld, and if she's not ready, you need to stop her. If only-" Weeping Princess stopped suddenly, inhaling sharply. Standing she wiped at eyes.

Feather stood watching Kindle, silent either out of respect for Princess' discomfort or not knowing what to say in response. Eventually Kindle stepped down from the cart, the crowd dispersing back to their homes and the inn, and walked over to the two women. "They're not too happy, but it seems this isn't the first time they've dealt with the undead so they're coming with us. The mercenaries aren't happy to be guarding townsfolk but, well, I convinced them otherwise."

"Don't we still owe them something," Feather asked. Kindle shook her head, "Davius is of the opinion that the two---er three of us stopping those ghosts is payment enough. Honestly, I think he just doesn't like having me around anymore." Feather scowled towards the inn.

"Well I'm gonna have to disappoint him," Kindle said. "Because I want to make sure these people make it to Gem or at least to someplace safer."

After regaining a bit of composure The Princess stood up and walked back to the two women. "I'm impressed. That's something I could never do. Our hunters don't need to eat or sleep, so we'll have to move quickly, and as soon as possible." Catching both the eyes of both the other woman The Weeping Princess grinned. "By the way, I'm joining your little group. You don't get a choice in this."

Then she pulls Kindle aside and lowered her voice. "Kindle,Ē she whispered, ďthere's something I think you must know. Something, between Exalts, that Feather shouldn't know."

"Ummm.....okay," Kindle responded, more than a little confusion in her voice but she turned to her companion. "Say Feather? Could you make sure that Davius isn't trying to harass the innkeeper out of payment again? He'll need the money since we're kinda forcing him to leave his livelihood behind." Feather nodded, though a look of worry crossed her face. Still, she headed towards the inn dutifully. As she watched the taller woman head toward the inn Princess turned back to Kindle. "Understand this, I'm telling you this because I see you making the same mistakes I did when I was first chosen by The Sun. I don't want you suffering the same consequences I did." The Princess inhaled sharply as she seemed to prepare herself.

"I am not The Valorous Princess of the Night, I am The Weeping Princess of Fate and Sorrow. I was sent here by the deathknight Red Famine to harvest this town for soldiers and other 'materials' for The Prioress of Bloodied Sands. But I used to be like you, a servant for the Sun. I believed in my cause, as you do, and I believed in my power, as you do. And when the Prioress found me, she took me, and tore the sun's light from my soul."

"This" The Princess gestures to the slowly evacuating hamlet, "This was luck, fortunate circumstances. We have a lot of enemies besides the undead. Know the limits of your powers, and trust Feather when she tries to warn you."

Kindle stared at Princess for a long moment, eyes initially wide with horror at her admission. At the end, she bowed her head low and stared at the ground, thinking on the words she had just been given, been entrusted with. She stared for a moment longer, the sounds of arguments coming from inside the inn. Finally she looked back up at the Weeping Princess. Slowly, almost tediously, she raised her shield hand and brushed it against the Princess' forehead, a light caress that traced a circle on it.

"You have suffered much, Princess. More than can be asked by any man or woman. And I thank you for your warning of cautiousness." Her hand drifted to press on where her own Caste Mark had burned not minutes before. "I am sorry we did not meet earlier. When you were still Chosen by the Sun. Maybe I could have prevented this, or at least sent you along the proper path."

"But I won't give up. I will never give up hope for a brighter tomorrow. I will never give up in my love for Feather. I will never give up in my duty as proclaimed by the Sun." She reached down to clasp onto one of the Princess' hands, her touch like that of a child. "And I will never give up on you. We can find a way to bring you back into the Sun's Light." She tilted her head to look up to the sky, the sun moving into the setting hours. "Even now his touch surrounds you and wishes to welcome you back."

As Kindle touched The Princess she flinched back. "Thank you Kindle. But I've committed too many atrocities in the name of the neverborn, my soul too twisted. The path of redemption is beyond me. Now, I can only hope for revenge. I'll travel and aid you as best I can until I've gathered enough power to strike back at the Death Lords and their masters."

Before Kindle can respond The Weeping Princess begins to move toward the inn, "Come on, I think your friend Feather has finally solved the issue at the Inn. I know I've said this, but we need to get moving, once the Prioress learns I've betrayed her...well, I don't want to think about it." Kindle followed after the Princess, glad that she now had another Exalt she could talk to and possibly learn from, but worried that she might not be able to help her from herself.

24th of April, 2009, 21:28
Description: Kindle was born in the Southeast and it shows in her lithe body and russet colored skin. She has curly red hair that sits atop her head but doesnít go past her neck. Her large grey eyes are often cast downwards, rarely meeting otherís gazes. She stands at 5 and half feet and only weighs roughly 120 pounds. While she moves with a grace and agility fitting her form, she doesnít seem too confident most of the time, almost constantly being near Feather. She smiles often however, with even the tiniest making people instantly trust her; expressions of true happiness have been known to melt the hearts of even jaded Guildsmen. While quite pretty, Kindle it usually too meek to acknowledge praise for her looks.

Kindle's clothing consists of a simple cotton sleeveless shirt, trousers she has outgrown in recent years, and sandals that are fraying apart on her feet. They could be described as weather worn at best, ragged being a more common description, and decrepit being the most accurate. While it still functions to keep the sun from scorching her skin and still provides some decency, it marks her as the copperless street urchin that she is.