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  1. What are you talking about now? (OOC)
  2. Feeding MadDogMaddux a bone
  3. The Tiki Lounge
  4. The bowels of Ashtakala, The Demon Wastes; 10th Day of Barrakas, 993YK (Aros)
  5. The Barrier Peaks, CY 610, late Autumn (Malak)
  6. Civic Festhall, Sigil; The Second Lady, Fated, 130th year of factol Reus (Omnifrost)
  7. The Moors, Ruins of Wescote Manor, Mordent, Early Morning (Mizuki)
  8. The Burnt World of Athas, Day 1: Confusion
  9. The Burnt World of Athas, Week Two: Madness